McMillan Running Calculator Now available as Iphone App, release, note by Larry Eder

Greg McMillan is one of the most sought after coaches in the country. He has taken his knowledge of coaching elite runners and provided it in ways that citizen runners can use each and every day. Many are familiar with the McMillan Running Calculator.

McRun application

Greg McMillan began working with Peter Abraham, one of the few marketing guys who gets how to promote and market the sport of running in this multi platform world we live in. Peter has been talking about this new app for a few months. 

It is pretty exciting to see an app that helps you improve and gives you information in junks you can understand. The McMillan Running Calculator is an example of an app that helps rather than clutters your daily runs. 

Buy it, use it, enjoy it. 

McMillan Running Company


September 18th, 2012 [email protected] 



"McRun" App Lets Runners Predict Race Potential and Discover Optimal Training Paces On-The-Go

Los Angeles -- Ever since world-renowned running coach Greg McMillan put his McMillan Running Calculator online, millions of runners have flocked to his website to predict how fast they can run their next race. Now, for the first time, his popular calculator is available as an iOS app in the Apple iTunes Store.

In partnership with marketing veteran Peter Abraham, McMillan has launched McRun, a simple and intuitive iPhone app that allows runners to understand their racing potential across distances from 400 meters to the marathon as well as discover optimal training paces for all the key running workouts.

"We've long seen the need for a mobile version of the Calculator," said Greg McMillan.

"With Peter, we were able to build a compelling app that is like having a coach in your pocket. We're super excited about the product."

Mobile functionality is on the leading edge of the technology landscape. Until now, there have been few apps targeted to runners who truly want to get faster and improve their times. McRun addresses this market in an elegant and simple way. The app promises to change the game in the running space.

About Greg McMillan

As the CEO of McMillan Running, Greg has coached Olympians and Boston Marathon qualifiers in addition to beginners. He brings a unique blend of science and experience to his coaching, and he's a leader in combining training and technology to make runners faster.

About Peter Abraham

Peter has spent 25 years creating marketing campaigns for Fortune 500 brands. He also has worked closely with leaders in sports--Nike, the LA Marathon, Red Bull--to build compelling user experiences.

To use McRun, runners simply choose a recent race distance, enter their time and hit

"Calculate" to see their equivalent performances for every major race distance. They

also can enter a goal time to calculate race pace, and most importantly, discover

optimal training paces for every type of workout--from speed intervals to long runs--

to help them achieve that goal.

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