RaceRoster.com is launched, new Registration Platform enables Race Directors to sign up more runners through unmatched Referral System, release, note by Larry Eder

Running as a business and sport continues to grow. On Line registration is key to most races' success or failure. RaceRoster.com is one of the next gen companies, using new technologies and social media to engage the running community. We received this release last weekend, sorry for the delay! 

Newly Launched Registration Platform Enables Race Directors to Sign Up More Runners Through Unmatched Referral System

London, Ontario, Canada - August 23, 2012 - Race Roster is the newest and most exciting race management software in the endurance industry. This brand spanking new technology allows race directors to oversee participant signups, donations, and event revenue in one very well designed dashboard. Most importantly, it helps solve the biggest challenge leading up to a race - Marketing. 

Unlike any other registration system, Race Roster utilizes Facebook and Twitter to execute a marketing strategy that monetarily compensates participant referrals.  This system allows race directors to trim marketing budgets and ensure that their dollars are directly generating registrations. (Insert quote here from Brandon)

Race Roster is aggressively pursuing new customers with hefty referral bounties and sponsorship bonuses of up to $2000 for races that make the switch.  They also recently hired J.T. Service, Founder and Director of numerous races in California, as their CMO to lead marketing efforts on the west coast.  Not only is Service helping to market the product, but he is also a customer.  "I chose Race Roster because it is by far the cleanest looking and most advanced system in the industry.  No one is using a comparable registration referral system and it immediately provides race directors, such as myself, an advantage to sign up participants in waves."  Beyond Service's numerous events, growing races like the Northshore Marathon in Haleiwa, Hawaii and many others have already switched over.

To set up your race with Race Roster, please visit raceroster.com, or directly contact Race Roster's President, Brandon Laan at 519-868-1117.

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