RBR's Guilty Pleasure of the Week: Runnin' the Streets, comments by Jon Gugala, review by Larry Eder

So, I am trying to catch up on my emails, only 6,000 to go! Anyway, I find a note from Mr. Gugala, who, my son, Adam reminds me, writes very well. 

So, Jon sends me a note about the photo blog called Runnin" the Streets. It has taken me twelve days to post, sorry Jon. These women have something to say, and I am, to say the least mesmerized...


Runnin the Streets is the magnum opus of Erica Moore (800m World Indoor Bronze medalist), Phoebe Wright (5x NCAA Champ), Kathryn Seiferth (wedding reception dance champion, junior high lj champ, writer). Just their bios get you and I will now look at Phoebe Wright with even more respect! 

Their commentary is crisp, humorous, honest. The pictures are fun too. All they needed was my 1968 VW bus and their journey would have become an Odyssey. Read it, look at it, ponder it, repeat....thanks to Jon Gugala, for sending me a thoughtful note on this one....

The key, dear readers, in developing a blog or commentary site is to reveal just enough of yourself for the peeps to indentify. Well done, Runnin the Streets.
RTS is the idea of Erica Moore (2012 World Indoors 800m bronze medalist) and training partner Phoebe Wright (5th, 2012 Olympic team trials 800m). The two have embarked on an epic 7,200-mile road trip, and with a writer in tow, they're documenting it to show a side of track and field that isn't often highlighted (i.e. real life).

After completing their first week, they did a photo essay for us on it. And it's gorgeous. We thought it's something your readers might be interested in. Would you consider linking it through your social media?

Here's the link: http://bit.ly/Sa8Eoj

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