The Shoe Addicts present: Nikhil Jain, PUMA Sr. PLM, Running/Bolt, courtesy of Shoe Addicts, note by Larry Eder

The video above is an overview of the new PUMA product, presented by Nikhil Jain, who we call Nick. Nick is the Senior PLM on Running/Bolt for PUMA. 

In my thirty-five years of listening to shoe geeks, there are merely a handful of shoe people that can do a presentation like Nick ( I do remember Bruce Irvine about 1999, as you can appreciate, Cregg Weinmann and I have our list).

His reputation comes from about six years ago, when Nick, Cregg and I, looking for some space, dropped an entire bag of shoes in a crowded set of stairs in Boston Expo, Hynes Expo Center, and Nick went at it, not missing a beat. This guy is really good. In this industry, that is required. 

What is nice to see is another generation of shoe people are coming through the industry. That makes me smile. 

In truth, Nick is an example of the great people that we are lucky enough to work with in the industry. The Shoe Addicts filmed Nikh at the Running Event last week in Austin. 

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