2013 Brooks PR, Full Results from Brooks Running, notes on meet by Larry Eder

The 2013 Brooks Pr Invitational was the third event put on by Brooks Running to celebrate high school running. The idea was to invite the top ten athletes in events from the 60 meter dash to the two mile, and put them on a very fast track and let them run. 

The event was a huge success from the first year. This was for several reasons: a well-organized event, bringing many of the best high school athletes in the country, and the 307.5 meter over sized indoor track at Dempsey Fieldhouse at the University of Washington. 

2013.02.24_Brooks_PR Invitational_06166_LOW RES.jpg
Brooks PR 60 meter dash, photo by Brooks Running

Meet records were set in both two miles, both 800 meters, the boys 60 meter dash and girls 60 meter hurdles. Cameron Burrell, the son of Leroy Burrell, who held the 100m WR in the nineties, ran the National leader and meet record in the boys 60 meter dash!

In the girls 60 meter dash, Kali Davis-White went by Aaliyah Brown and won the 60 meters in 7.31 to 7.34 for Brown! 

The 60 meter hurdles were no different. Sasha Wallace went by Dior Hall, the national leader, just before the finish. Sasha Wallace ran 8.18, a meet record, with Dior Hall at 8.21! Both girls were flying and expect to see them go much faster! 

In the boys 60 meter hurdles, Aaron Mallet ran 7.80 to take Freddie Crittendon, who ran 7.82. Mallet just grabbed the race, once again, near the finish! 

Hannah Meier, photo by Brooks Running

Hannah Meier took the lead early in the 800 meters and never relinquished her position. Using her speed, Meier just hammered the field with her national leading 2:07.45, giving her a margin of two seconds over second place. Hannah had told us that she would like to get her 800 meter faster in 2013 and run a mile under 4:40. Many will recognize Hannah as a winner in Brooks PR mile in the past years. 

Tyler Smith, photo from Brooks Running

Tyler Smith used the lead from the front tactics to win the boys 800 meters, where 11 guys ran under 1:56! Tyler hit the 400 meters in 55 seconds and he was off! Running nearly even splits, Tyler ran 1:50.88 for the win! 

In the 400 meters, both the boys and girls races were tight, with the nod going to the girls 400 meters. 

Precious Holmes and Shamier Litte, Brooks PR 400m girls, 
photo from Brooks Running

Precious Holmes held of Shamier Litte, 54.37 to 54.65. Holmes and Litte came off the final turn together and just battled down the final straight, to the delight of the fans who were watching their every step. 


Brooks PR 400 meter, boys, photo from Brooks Running 

The two mile races were won very differently, but they were two of the highlights of the meet. 

Erin Finn takes the lead, photo from Brooks Running

In the girls race, Erin Finn was running her third and final two mile at Brooks PR. The 5,000m high school record holder had finished third in 2011 and 2012. In 2013, Erin Finn left nothing to chance. Hitting the first 400 meters in 73.91, Erin Finn took the lead and built a strong lead. By charging away, Erin made sure that her competitors, lead by Wesley Frazier, could not see her around the long turns on the oversized track at Dempsey Fieldhouse. Finn hit the mile in 4:59, one of eight times that she had been under five minutes. 

Erin Finn, winning the two mile, photo by Brooks Running

Erin Finn continued to dominate the race, and built up a lead of 35 meters. By the time Erin Finn hit the finish line, she had six seconds on the field, and set a new Meet Record of 10:08.24. Erin had told RBR before the race that she wanted to run under ten minutes, but most of all, improve on her third place performances. As her fifth race of the year, Erin Finn added to her bucket list: win a Brooks PR title. 

Bernie Montoya, photo from Brooks Running

Bernie Montoya told RBR the night before the race that he wanted to get under 4 minutes for the mile this year and get under 8:40 for two miles. But his immediate goal was to go sub nine minutes in the two mile. 

Jake Leingang took the pace out controlled, hitting the 800 meters in 2:19 and mile in 4:35. Then, Jake slowly began the grinding pace that had them run a mile in 4:19 for the second mile. 

Montoya and Thomson battling for the two mile title, Brooks PR, 
photo by Brooks Running

Bernie Montoya moved up from the back of the pack, to just behind Thomson and Leingang. With 600 meters to go, Jacob Thomson went by Montoya and Leingang. Montoya responded and Thomson made one huge move with 200 meters to go. Montoya woke up, started to accelerate, and held his final move until he came off the final turn. Looking up at the large video screen, Bernie Montoya sprinted away from Jacob Thomson, to win and run 8:54.65. Three buys under 8:57! 

The Brooks Girls Mile, Amy Eloise-Neale, Haley Meier, photo by Brooks Running

The afternoon before the Brooks PR event, RBR spoke with Haley Meier. Coming off a series of injuries, Haley wanted to get under 4:40 for the mile and do well in the mile. As the race began, it was quite evident that Haley Meier had one intention: she was going to steal the mile. Amy Eloise-Neal was upfront and controlling the race, but with 200 meters to go, Haley Meier gave Amy the only real challenge that she had in the entire race. Meier went by determined and held off Amy Eloise-Neal until the last fifty meters, when Amy Eloise-Neal showed that she was one miler who wanted the race more than Haley Meier. 

Tyler Gilley, photo by Brooks Running

The final event of the evening was the boys Brooks PR mile. HItting the halfway point in 2:07, the race picked up as the second half only took 2:01 for the winner. Four runners made attempts to take the race, and in the end, Trevor Gilley won in 4:08.24. Gilley used the mantra of the king of the boards, Eamon Coglan, who noted, if one wanted to win an indoor race, make one, big move. 

The Brooks PR invitational gives many of the top high school athletes a chance to run on a fast indoor track, meet some of their competition and enjoy a weekend away from home. The meet is continuing to grow in stature and interest by the top athletes in the country. In three years, the Brooks PR has become a fixture. 

Licensed to University of Washington Huskies
                                       HY-TEK's Meet Manager 2/27/2013 06:57 AM
                      Brooks PR Invitational - 2/24/2013                       
                    University Of Washington Dempsey Center                    
Event 1  Girls 60 Meter Dash
    Name                    Year Team                   Prelims 
Heat  1 Preliminaries
  1 Brown, Aaliyah               Frankfort, IL             7.45q 
  2 Washington, Ariana           Longbeach, CA             7.54q 
  3 Martin, Jada                 Lithonia, GA              7.56q 
  4 Harvey, Rushell              Richmond, TX              7.57q 
  5 Hill, Deanna                 Orlando, FL               7.71q 
Heat  2 Preliminaries
  1 Davis-White, Kali            Landerdal Lakes, FL       7.35q 
  2 Cunliffe, Hannah             Federway, WA              7.38q 
  3 Bouyer, Kennadi              University, WA            7.54q 
  4 Ries, Chyna                  Denver, CO                7.57q 
  5 Sant, Marybeth               Highlands, CO             7.60q 
Event 1  Girls 60 Meter Dash
    Name                    Year Team                    Finals 
Section  1 Finals
  1 Sant, Marybeth               Highlands, CO             7.47   7.466
  2 Martin, Jada                 Lithonia, GA              7.47   7.468
  3 Harvey, Rushell              Richmond, TX              7.49  
  4 Ries, Chyna                  Denver, CO                7.55  
  5 Hill, Deanna                 Orlando, FL               7.68  
Section  2 Finals
  1 Davis-White, Kali            Landerdal Lakes, FL       7.31  
  2 Brown, Aaliyah               Frankfort, IL             7.34  
  3 Cunliffe, Hannah             Federway, WA              7.38  
  4 Bouyer, Kennadi              University, WA            7.45  
  5 Washington, Ariana           Longbeach, CA             7.52  
Event 2  Boys 60 Meter Dash
    Name                    Year Team                   Prelims 
Heat  1 Preliminaries
  1 Burrell, Cameron             Missouri City, TX         6.73q 
  2 Popylisen, Greg              Highlands, CO             6.88q 
  3 Williams, Kendal             Jacksonville, FL          6.89q 
  4 Muhammad, Khalfani           Sherman Oaks, CA          6.93q 
Heat  2 Preliminaries
  1 Whitfield, Levonte           Orlando, FL               6.64q 
  2 Taylor, Tatum                Seattle, WA               6.67q 
  3 Brandt-Sims, Isaiah          Wenatche, WA              6.67q 
  4 Fulks, Kyle                  Katy, TX                  6.90q 
  5 Acy, Tremayne                Desoto, TX                6.93q 
Event 2  Boys 60 Meter Dash
    Name                    Year Team                    Finals 
Section  1 Finals
  1 Williams, Kendal             Jacksonville, FL          6.71  
  2 Fulks, Kyle                  Katy, TX                  6.84   6.836
  3 Acy, Tremayne                Desoto, TX                6.84   6.839
  4 Muhammad, Khalfani           Sherman Oaks, CA          6.86  
Section  2 Finals
  1 Burrell, Cameron             Missouri City, TX         6.61  
  2 Taylor, Tatum                Seattle, WA               6.63  
  3 Brandt-Sims, Isaiah          Wenatche, WA              6.64  
  4 Whitfield, Levonte           Orlando, FL               6.66  
  5 Popylisen, Greg              Highlands, CO             6.87  
Event 3  Girls 60 Meter Hurdles
    Name                    Year Team                   Prelims 
Heat  1 Preliminaries
  1 Hall, Dior                   Denver, CO                8.37q 
  2 Williams, Kendell            Marietta, GA              8.46q 
  3 Williams, Mollie             Clayton, NC               8.67q 
  4 Perry, Pattriana             Vacaville, CA             8.97q 
  5 Munford, Jordan              Rancho Cucamonga, C       9.01q 
Heat  2 Preliminaries
  1 Wallace, Sasha               Castro Valley, CA         8.40q 
  2 Ross-Ransom, Skylar          Houston, TX               8.42q 
  3 Morrison, Deshaunda          Calgary, --               8.56q 
  4 Michelll, Samantha           Reed City, MI             9.06q 
Event 3  Girls 60 Meter Hurdles
    Name                    Year Team                    Finals 
Section  1 Finals
  1 Williams, Mollie             Clayton, NC               8.66  
  2 Perry, Pattriana             Vacaville, CA             8.84  
  3 Munford, Jordan              Rancho Cucamonga, C       8.88  
  4 Michelll, Samantha           Reed City, MI             9.00  
Section  2 Finals
  1 Wallace, Sasha               Castro Valley, CA         8.18  
  2 Hall, Dior                   Denver, CO                8.21  
  3 Ross-Ransom, Skylar          Houston, TX               8.33  
  4 Williams, Kendell            Marietta, GA              8.35  
  5 Morrison, Deshaunda          Calgary, --               8.65  
Event 4  Boys 60 Meter Hurdles
    Name                    Year Team                   Prelims 
Heat  1 Preliminaries
  1 Crittenden, Freddie          Shelby Township, MI       7.82q 
  2 Malett, Aaron                Florissant, MO            7.83q 
  3 Liebel, Devin                Buckly, WA                8.39q 
Heat  2 Preliminaries
  1 Humphrey, Marlon             Hoover, AL                7.83q 
  2 Moore, Isaiah                Burlingtor, NC            7.91q 
  3 Zmuda, Daniel                Steilacoom, WA            8.12q 
  4 Anderson, Davon              Summerville, SC           8.37q 
Event 4  Boys 60 Meter Hurdles
    Name                    Year Team                    Finals 
Section  1 Finals
  1 Zmuda, Daniel                Steilacoom, WA            8.05  
  2 Liebel, Devin                Buckly, WA                8.28  
  3 Anderson, Davon              Summerville, SC          15.03  
Section  2 Finals
  1 Malett, Aaron                Florissant, MO            7.80  
  2 Crittenden, Freddie          Shelby Township, MI       7.82  
  3 Moore, Isaiah                Burlingtor, NC            7.96  
Event 5  Girls 400 Meter Dash
    Name                    Year Team                    Finals 
Section  1  
  1 Holmes, Precious             New Haven, CT            54.37  
  2 Litte, Shamier               Chicago, IL              54.65  
  3 Parrish, Deja                Plantation, FL           55.58  
  4 Over, Sydnee                 Windsor, CT              55.68  
  5 Ellis, Kendall               Ft. Lauderdale, FL       56.07  
Event 6  Boys 400 Meter Dash
    Name                    Year Team                    Finals 
  1 Rohani, Alex                 Beverly Hills, CA        47.89  
  2 Chambers, Marcus             Tacoma, WA               48.84  
  3 Foster, Theodore             Geneva, OH               49.52  
Section  2  
  1 Smith, Antwon                Cleveland, OH            48.87  
  2 Brown, Andrew                Tumwater, WA             49.15  
  3 Green, Jonnie                Ephrata, WA              50.12  
Event 7  Girls 800 Meter Run
    Name                    Year Team                    Finals 
Section  1  
  1 Meier, Hannah                Gross Pointe Farms,    2:07.45  
  2 Willard, Katie               Woodlands, TX          2:09.89  
  3 Haiss, Therese               Solon, OH              2:10.40  
  4 Anderson, Reagan             Greenville, DE         2:10.43  
  5 Farrow, Ersula               Gross Poirte Farms,    2:11.13  
  6 Clayton, Courtney            Rockton, IL            2:11.25  
  7 Morrissey, Jamie             Rochester, MI          2:13.54  
  8 Kurgatt, Stefanie            Tallahasse, FL         2:14.74  
  9 Hiltz, Nikki                 Aptos, CA              2:16.73  
 10 Davis, Kellie                New Haven, CT          2:19.25  
Event 8  Boys 800 Meter Run
    Name                    Year Team                    Finals 
  1 Smith, Tyler                 OH, OH                 1:50.88  
  2 Kinnaird, Tre'Tez            Louisville, KY         1:50.97  
  3 Arroyo, Andres               Orlando, FL            1:51.10  
  4 Dumford, Jacob               Westerville, OH        1:51.41  
  5 Bartelsmeyer, Amos           St, Louis, MO          1:52.28  
  6 Lee, Donnie Jr.              Northport, AL          1:52.93  
  7 Moulten, Bret                Corona, CA             1:53.50  
  8 Faure, Ricky                 Rock Springs, WY       1:53.71  
  9 Johson, Cody                 Felton, CA             1:54.76  
 10 Yoonis, Adel                 Marietta, GA           1:55.08  
 11 Jonsonh, Brad                Brookfield, WI         1:55.66  
Event 9  Girls 1 Mile Run
    Name                    Year Team                    Finals 
  1 Neale, Amy-Eloise            Snohomish, WA          4:45.89  
  2 Meire, Haley                 Gross Pointe Farms,    4:46.56  
  3 Maxwell, Anna                Santa Cruz, CA         4:47.37  
  4 Topham, Rebekah              Griswold, IA           4:48.66  
  5 Berkson, Maddy               Providence, RI         4:50.50  
  6 Kriegshauser, Courtney       Southlake, TX          4:50.94  
  7 Carlos, Carmen               Mobile, AL             4:51.52  
  8 Bates, Heather               Colorado, CO           4:53.45  
  9 Weisner, Kennedy             Saint Marys, PA        4:55.71  
 10 Lawson, Kelly                Carlsbad, CA           4:59.33  
 11 Rice, Paige                  Portland, OR           5:03.15  
 12 Leiher, Sydney               Beavercreek, OH        5:08.46  
Event 10  Boys 1 Mile Run
    Name                    Year Team                    Finals 
  1 Gillley, Trevor              Ft. Worth, TX          4:08.24  
  2 Hardy, Joe                   Seattle, WA            4:09.88  
  3 Baker, Brock                 Murfeesboro, TN        4:09.93  
  4 Marco, Chris                 Toms River, NJ         4:10.43  
  5 Burcham, Jacob               Ona, WV                4:10.93  
  6 Hirsh, Carl                  Brookfield, WI         4:12.01  
  7 Silva, Ryan                  Tuscon, AZ             4:12.89  
  8 More, Conner                 Ceder Springs, MI      4:13.52  
  9 Williams, Keith              Spokane, WA            4:16.11  
 10 Domanic, Robert              Carrollton, TX         4:17.10  
 11 Goodwin, Sumner              Spokane, WA            4:17.78  
 12 Gibson, Patrick              Bellingham, WA         4:18.16  
 13 Baptiste Tooley, Jean        Portland, OR           4:24.43  
Event 11  Girls 2 Mile Run
    Name                    Year Team                    Finals 
  1 Finn, Erin                   West Bloomfield, MI   10:08.24  
  2 Frazier, Wesley              Raleigh, NC           10:14.88  
  3 Efraimson, Alexa             Camas, WA             10:15.82  
  4 Knight, Katie                Spokane, WA           10:17.78  
  5 McConville, Julie            Hingham, MA           10:18.44  
  6 McLellan, Madi               The Woodlands, TX     10:22.23  
  7 Jensen, Katie                The Woodlands, TX     10:23.96  
  8 Colter, Jordyn               Greenwoods, CO        10:29.25  
  9 Hauger, Maria                Shakopee, MN          10:36.58  
 10 Abrahamson, Emma             Carlsbad, CA          10:39.70  
 11 Frazier, Ryen                Raleigh, NC           10:40.18  
 12 Olsen, Chandler              Woodinville, WA       10:50.97  
 13 Schwartz, Kelsie             Gross Pointe Farms,   11:05.48  
Event 12  Boys 2 Mile Run
    Name                    Year Team                    Finals 
  1 Montoya, Bernie              Yuma, AZ               8:54.63  
  2 Thomson, Jacob               Louisville, KY         8:54.88  
  3 Leingang, Jake               Bismarck, ND           8:56.86  
  4 Gardner, Andrew              Spokeane, WA           9:06.52  
  5 Perrin, Zack                 Flathead, MT           9:07.91  
  6 Hanney, Blake                Bafersfield, CA        9:08.28  
  7 Templeton, Aaron             Knoxville, TN          9:08.45  
  8 Abushouk, Bakri              Cary, NC               9:08.89  
  9 Sansone, Joe                 Ft. Worth, TX          9:09.24  
 10 Willmot, Taylor              Spokane, WA            9:09.58  
 11 DE LA Rosa, Estevan          Arcadia, CA            9:15.29  
 12 Fraley, Troy                 Kalispell, MT          9:16.01  
 13 Kromer, Ryan                 Hudson, WI             9:17.34  
 14 Wharton, Sam                 Tipp City, OH          9:17.42  
 15 Fernandez, Bryan             Goleta, CA             9:20.01  
 16 Perrier, Patrick             O'Fallon, IL           9:25.34  
 17 Riba, Alex                   O'Fallon, IL           9:36.04  

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