Maurice Greene, on adidas Energy Boost, Training Sprinters, video from the Shoe Addicts, note by Larry Eder

Mo Greene, Olympic gold medalist, 100 meters, 
photo by

Maurice Greene is one of the great ones. His wins in 1997 and 1999 at the Worlds were impressive. His win in 2000 was spectacular. His win in 2001 may have been the best race he ever ran. " I think, if I had not strained, that race would have been, well, really fast..." Mo told us at the adidas Energy BOOST event on February 13, 2013. 

Mo Greene spends much of his time coaching, and also hosting a TV show on Eurosport on sports. When queried about doing a show over in the states, Mo smiled. 

Mo Greene, 2007 Millrose Games, 
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Mo Greene is a bit more laid back today. But one can see him, in full focus, lining up on the starting line. He knew he could win. He knew he would win. He willed himself. His brooding before a race, fascinating to watch, was how Mo Greene put himself in the spot, that sweet spot where one can take on the world. How few can call that strength out of themselves. Mo Greene could do just that, and he did, on several occasions. For those occasions, we, the fans, remember him. 

The swagger: Mo Greene, in the zone, 2007, Millrose, 
photo by 

The Shoe Addicts interviewed Mo Greene about the new adidas Energy Boost, and where it takes the adidas brand. Mo is a fantastic interview. Stay tuned for more to come! 

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