Tyson Gay wins 100m in 9.75 at the US Champs, by Larry Eder

Tyson Gay, 
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Tyson Gay is healthy for the first time since 2007. He is also fitter than he has been since Osaka. But most importantly, he has regained his confidence. In New York, Gay's coach, Lance Brauman told me that Tyson no longer has to run crazy fast in workouts to build up his confidence. Now, Tyson Gay runs the workouts needed to put him the place that gets him fit. And with his running is Des Moines last night, Tyson Gay is very, very fit. 


Tyson Gay, Round 1, June 20, 2013, 

photo by PhotoRun.net

In 2013, Tyson Gay has gotten healthy, gotten really fit, and regained the confidence he had in 2007. How does such confidence manifest itself? Lance Brauman, Tyson Gays' coach, suggested to me in late May that Tyson Gay gets it. Working hard, resting well, staying focused. Tyson Gay remembers what it feels like to be in shape, and the markers along that way to higher fitness levels, running just hard enough to build fitness, and giving the body time to recover so that he can race, when it is time to race.

The rounds went well for Tyson Gay. " I was a little sluggish in the second round. I think the heat got to me a little bit. But, I tried to put it together in the finals. I could have got a better start. But, it still worked out okay." 

In the semi-final, Tyson Gay did the job he needed, setting up the duel between himself and Justin Gatlin. Tyson Gay knows he is fit. " I think I am getting there. My semi-final was a lot more relaxed. I got out better. But, that is not bad, two 9.7s in one day. That's pretty tough on the body."

In the final, Tyson Gay got out okay, but by thirty meters, Tyson Gay was moving and by sixty meters, he had complete control. Tyson Gay executed well, and the race was his. He had the race won by eighty meters, and ran 9.75, still within himself. Justin Gatlin was second in 9.89, Charles Silmon was third in 9.98 and Mike Rodgers was fourth in 9.98. 

It has been five years since Tyson Gay won the USA Championships at 100 meters. "  "It feels good. It just shows when you're healthy, there's an even playing field." noted Tyson Gay to the assembled media after the race. 

The praise from Ato Boldon was even more precise: "If Tyson Gay can improve his start, he can challenge his American record. Tyson Gay can run in the 9.6s." 

Part of this new found health and new found confidence comes into play about his possible double. Tyson Gay is not sure if he will run the 200 meters. " I am going to see how i feel in the morning, base it off that. That's the plan. I was trying to get a good start in the finals. That is probably why I did not, because I was trying. I can put together a better race at the start. My semi-final was a lot better." 

More than anything, Tyson Gay realizes that he is in much better shape that when he raced in London.  "I'm feeling a lot better. I feel a lot stronger. My finish is a lot stronger. I have a good base under my belt. My coach says don't run fast in the semis, you can come back in the finals, so I felt confidence in him saying that. That gave me a little confidence going into the finals even though I was a little tired. Emotionally I feel good. I got to see my Mom in the stands. That always feels good. It feels pretty good with the victory. It always feels good to get a win."

How fast can Tyson Gay run? As Ato Boldon, ESPN announcer noted, Tyson Gay, as a healthy and confident sprinter, can run very, very fast. With Usain Bolt running 9.94 this same evening, to win his Jamaican Champs, Tyson Gay knows that keeping himself healthy is key.

Men's 100m Final, 1. Tyson Gay, adidas, 9.75, 2. Justin Gatlin, XTEP, 9.89, 3. Charles Silmon, adidas, 9.98, 4. Michael Rodgers, NIKE, 9.98, 5. Rakieem Salaam, adidas, 10.01, 6. Dentarius Locke, Florida State, 10.05, 7. Isiah Young, NIKE, 10.12, DNF, Trell Kimmons, #usaoutdoors, #showusyourwings, #desmoines 

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