RBR Summer Mileage, Week Four, Day 2, Tempo Run, by Runblogrun.com

The Tempo Run is a great way to develop strength and endurance needed to be successful racing. The hardest part of a middle distance race is the third quarter. It is where you get tired and loose your focus. Tempo runs help you through the toughest part of the grind. Don't miss them. 

huddle, solomon.jpg
Molly Huddle, Duane Solomon, 
photo courtesy of Saucony communications
Tuesday: 1-mile warm up, 20-minute tempo run, 1-mile cool down. 

To determine your tempo run pace, add a half-minute to your present mile pace for a 5K. For example: if you currently run 19 minutes for a 5K, that's 6:10 pace. Add 30 seconds and your tempo run pace is 6:40-per-mile.

You might want to do your tempo runs, early on, on a track. Get some friends to do the hard sessions with you! 

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