BMW Frankfurt Marathon focus:Moving on Up! Gelete Burka, debuts at Marathon, moves up from 1,500 and 5,000 meters! by Larry Eder

Geleta Burka has run 3:58.79 for the 1,500 meters and 14:31.20 for the 5,000 meters on the track. Her 30:53 on the roads for 10k, is the Ethiopian National record. She has competed in four World Championships and won medals at three World Indoor Championships (2008-gold at 1,500m, 2010-bronze at 1,500m, 2012, bronze at 3,000 m). 

Gelete Burka, 2011 NIKE Pre, photo by 

So, Gelete Burka is running her debut at the marathon on Sunday, October 27, 2013, at the BMW Frankfurt Marathon. She has pbs of 30:53 at 10k and 49:26 for 15k on the roads from 2013. She told us of a 48 minute 15k effort in 2013.

When interviewer Andy Edwards inquired about her goal at the BMW Frankfurt press conference, Gelete noted that  two hours, twenty minutes was her goal. When Andy noted that in both English and the mother tongue, German, there was a cautioned response. Two hours, twenty minutes is a huge time in the women's marathon, perhaps like the four minute mile was for men in the 1960s. 

Can Gelete achieve her goal? We shall have to just wait and see. But, as you wait, please enjoy my piece on Geleta which appears below! 

The following questions were answered in the BMW press conference on Friday, October 25, 2013: 

Q. #1: Geleta, how did you change your training to accomodate the marathon? 

Gelete Burka: I changed after Moscow and started training for the marathon . I was running Moscow at 1,500 meters. Before Moscow, I tried 5,000m. The 1,500m was better than 5,000m. It was not possible to run 1,500m, as it had been two years. I did not qualify for 5,000m. 

Q. #2 :How has it felt to start training for marathon?

Gelete Burka; The marathon is not like training for 1,500m. 1,500m is difficult, but marathon is endurance, training is way better than 1,500m. Yes, it is challenge, the challenge is big changes. It is difficult, (laughing). 

Q. #3: How does she feel about racing in Germany? 

Gelete Burka: I had good memory from 2009 in Berlin. I am looking for target time in Frankfurt. I would like to finish in 2:20. (Laughing). Yes, I am training for 2:20. 

(The below questions are from Victah Sailer and Larry Eder)

Q.#4: Why did you not run the 5,000 meters in Moscow? 

Gelete Burka: I had a problem with the Federation. I had arranged myself with 5,000 meters, and it was problem with my federation, so I did not run. 

Q. #5: Is it true that you are running this marathon because you lost a bet? 

Gelete Burka: Why Yes. I had a bet, if I did not medal in Moscow, I would run the marathon.

Q.#6: Will we see you on the track again at 5,000 meters and 10,000 meters? 

Gelete Burka: As there are no championships in 2014, I will race over the 10,000 and 5,000 meters. 

q.#7: Will you race over the hour on the track?

Geleta Burka: I might try to run over the hour race, yes. 


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