All 50 State Championships: 2013 Track & Field compiled by Kevin Mangan

Okay, so you are into your second cup of egg nog, and Uncle Jack's stories about Christmas in 1955 are getting a bit, well, odd. Then, your second cousin's stepson's Russian wolfhound just took off with the tofu turkey, knocking over your favorite dish: deviled tofu gerbils from the olde country. Your life is crashing around you, and it's not even Christmas eve! 

Need a pick me up? Well, sports fan, why don't you just download the pdf we have here, compiled by Kevin Mangan, our industrious intern for RunBlogRun and American Track & Field. Kevin compiled the 50 state outdoor track & field championships for 2013, well, because he could. 

And we, the readers of RunBlogRun, and this editor, are the better for Kevin's endeavors. (An aside, for those of you about to accuse me of perhaps having had some Christmas cheer, please note, that I have not touched alcohol for six months now,due to my type 2 diabetes,which was recently discovered. Wineries have gone out of business, and sommeliers cry in pain and agony from the wines not opened and tips not made. I on the other hand, wail aimlessly at night, reading old copies of Track & Field News and munching on gluten-free nutbars embalmed with brown rice syrup. Oh, the torture.) 

So, enjoy the 2013 All State Outdoor Championships Track & Field pdf, compiled by Kevin Mangan. 

Thanks Kevin! 

Cain_Mary-NBGames13 copy.jpg

All 50 State Championships: 2013 Track & Field
compiled by Kevin Mangan

Download: All50TF-1.pdf

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