New Ironman insoles from Spenco Medical help endurance athletes conquer challenges, release from Spenco

Spenco is to insoles and foothealth what Xerox was to copy machines and reproduction of media. They have been developing foot healthcare products for decades. Spenco has been part of the running world for just about as long, as runners and athletes were some of the first to embrace their products. 

Truth is, most runners NEVER consider a preventative measures until after injury. But, small things, like, improving insoles in shoes, watching shoe use, and working on foot flexibility are a few of the things that a thoughtful runner and athlete does to take care of his or her feet.

In the Specialty running biz, accessories count for nineteen percent of  the sales in most running stores. Insoles can cost from a few bucks to several hundred dollars. 

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New IRONMAN® Insoles help endurance athletes conquer challenges  

Spenco introduces the most technically advanced insole ever made

WACO, Texas (Jan. 21, 2014) - It's race day, and many questions run through an athlete's mind. Did I train hard enough? Will I make the cutoff time?

Whether their feet have the support needed to perform comfortably shouldn't be one of those questions, thanks to a new line of premium performance insoles launched by Spenco and the IRONMAN® Franchise. IRONMAN RACE and IRONMAN TRAIN Insoles are now available as many athletes begin training for 2014.

"These are the most technically advanced insoles ever created; there's nothing else out there like them," said Jeff Antonioli, Spenco's vice president of sales and marketing.

The insoles offer a unique combination of cushioning and stability ideally suited to the demands of training and racing. Unlike the sock liners that come with athletic shoes, IRONMAN Replacement Insoles use better materials and cutting-edge technologies that cushion, stabilize and support. They incorporate Spenco® TOTAL SUPPORT® Technology and the patent-pending 3-POD™ Modulation System.

TRAIN insoles provide rigid arch support for demanding training. RACE insoles are lightweight with a flexible arch for race day.

Bill Reifsnyder, a former U.S. National Marathon champion, calls the insoles a smart investment for athletes to make in their feet, the foundation of their performance.

"The repetitive nature of endurance sports can cause even the slightest inefficiency in an athlete's stride to result in an injury over time," Reifsnyder said. "The Ironman RACE and TRAIN insoles provide runners with optimal support and cushioning, enabling them to stay healthy, improve their gait and perform better."

The insoles reduce friction, which can cause blisters. They can also extend the life of running shoes.

Antonioli said Spenco is targeting specialty running shops and other retailers, who have responded enthusiastically. The IRONMAN Insoles are available on the Spenco website. Both types retail for $49.99.

"The IRONMAN brand is synonymous with the ultimate endurance challenge, and these insoles deliver in helping athletes conquer their challenges," he said.

Spenco Medical Corporation
Spenco, a leading producer of high quality insoles and foot care products, helps people everywhere achieve its motto of Love Your FeetTM. Based in Waco, Texas, Spenco provides the most advanced sports medicine and first aid products available, as well as a line of premium shoes for men and women. Founded in 1967 by renowned foot care specialist Dr. Wayman Spence, Spenco earns consumer trust in its products by focusing on superior customer service to distinguish itself in the outdoor, sports, foot care and medical markets. Learn more about Spenco products by visiting spenco.comor calling 1-800-877-3626.

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