National Champs Weekend: Pascal Martinot-Lagarde hurdles 7.49, WL at French Champs, by EME NEWS

Jimmy Vicaut, 2013 European Indoors, photo by

National champs abounded this weekend, here are the highlights of several championships from EME News. 






POLAND (Sopot): First ever competition in Ergo Arena confirmed that the track is fast for the World Indoor Championships. In men 60 m Dariusz Kuc clocked twice 6.60 in heats and finals. Second Remigiusz Olszewski 6.63 PB. In women 60 m life-time bests for top two Marta Jeschke 7.31 and Ana Kielbasinska 7.31. But the top result of the day in women high jump as Kamila Licwinko cleared 200 cm and equaled her national record, second Justyna Kasprzycka 194. Olympic winner Tomasz Majewski got 20.70 in the shot put, Karol Hoffmann 16.71 indoor PB in the triple. Angelika Cichocka achieved good 2:01.14 in the 800 m and in pole vault Robert Sobera 572 and Pawel Wojciechowski 562.


BELARUS (Mogilyov): Russian guest Lyukman Adams achieved Sopot standard 17.00. Anton Ivakin cleared 560 in the pole vault, he is also from Russia. From Belarus athletes to note Pavel Lyzhyn 20.20 in shot put, Maksim Lynsha 7.72 over the hurdles and Anis Ananenka 1:48.99 in the 800 m. In women events Maryna Arzmasava 2:01.97 in the 800 m and Alina Talai 8.02 hurdles. Combined eventer Yana Maksimava confirmed top shape with 193 high jump win. Also to note 666 by Volha Sudareva in long jump and 14.14 by Ksenia Detsiuk in triple. Solid shot put Yelena Kopets 18.74 ahead of Yulia Leantsiuk 18.70.


GERMANY (Leipzig): World champion David Storl confirmed good shape with 21.22 win, in women shot Christina Schwanitz 19.89. Verena Sailer fast over women 60 m with twice 7.14 in heats and finals. Top times also in hurdles finals 7.91 for Nadine Hildebrand and 7.95 for Cindy Roleder. In men hurdles Erik Balnuweit 7.60. In men 60 m Christian Blum 6.61 (6.63 heats and 6.62 semis) ahead of Lucas Jakubczyk 6.61 PB and Alex Schaf 6.64 with Julian Reus fourth 6.66 (but 6.63 in semis). Homiyu Tesfaye won the 3000 m in 7:58.09. Good long jump for Julian Howard 798 over Christian Reif 789. Kristin Gierisch 14.03 in triple and pole vault battle had Silke Spiegelburg winning with 461 and the same mark for Kristina Gadschiew. Third Lisa Ryzih and fourth Katharina Bauer cleared 451.


FINLAND (Rovaniemi): Good sprints for Ville Myllymäki 6.74 and Hanna-Maari Latvala 7.30. In women pole vault Minna Nikkanen 445 cm.


ESTONIA (Tartu): Anna Iljustsenko cleared 192 in the high jump to confirm her status as best Estonian female athlete. Marek Niit came from USA and won the 400 m in 48.44.


SPAIN (Sabadell): Excellent two meters by Ruth Beitia in high jump, she is the second best in the world behind Mariya Kuchina. Nuria Fernandez won the 3000 m in 9:12.63. Costarican guest Nery Brenes posted 46.78 in the 400 m heat.


FRANCE (Bordeaux): European champion Christophe Lemaitre won the national title in 6.63 in the 60 m. Even better World leader Pascal Martinot-Lagarde with 7.49 ahead of Ladji Doucoure 7.76. European junior champion Stella Akakpo won the 60 m in 7.30 PB ahead of Long Jump European champion Eloyse Lesueur 7.38. In good pole vault Marion Lotout 456 and Marion Fiack 451.


ITALY (Ancona): Great hurdling by Paolo Dal Molin 7.60 and Giulia Pennella 8.04 PB ahead of Marzia Caravelli 8.10 and 8.07 in heats. Fabrizio Schembri won the triple 16.78 over Fabrizio Donato 16.27. Also to note 4:11.98 by Margherita Magnani in the 1500 m and 18.23 by Chiara Rosa in shot put.


AUSTRIA (Linz): Great solo by Andreas Vojta 3:40.06 in the 1500 m. Beatte Schrott got the national title with 8.21 over the hurdles, decathlete Dominik Distelberger won two titles at 60 m 6.88 and 60 m Hurdles 7.94.


DENMARK (Skive): Caroline Bonde Holm good 435 pole vault clearance, Martha Traore 620 in the long jump, national junior record. On the men side Kim Christensen 19.02 in the shot put.


LATVIA (Kuldiga): Top mark of second day Madara Onuzane 186 in the high jump.


SWEDEN (Goteborg): Fast 60 m by Odain Rose twice 6.64 in semis and finals. Second Tom Kling-Baptiste 6.65 and third youth sprinter Austin Hamilton 6.76 and 6.72 in semifinals. Emma Green Tregaro produced high quality 195 in women high jump, Alhaji Jeng 555 in the pole vault, so no Sopot standard and Meraf Bahta 9:09.24 in women 3000 m.


NETHERLANDS (Apeldoorn): Dafne Schippers won the long jump 627 and clocked fastest 7.34 in the 60 m semifinals. Thijmen Kupers achieved 1:48.34 in men 800 m heats.


LITHUANIA (Klapeida): Marius Ziukas got 19:25.31 in the 5000 m walk.


HUNGARY (Budapest): Best result of first day 17.76 by Anita Marton in women shot put.


SLOVAKIA (Bratislava): Adam Zavacky did not clock Sopot standard with 6.71 win at the 60 m. Dana Veldakova achieved 13.90 in triple. Good walking 18:57.08 for Matej Toth at 5000 m and PB 12:43.73 for Maria Czakova in women 3000 m. Czech guests also no Sopot standards as Michal Balner cleared 550 in the pole vault, Jan Veleba 6.72 in the 60 m.

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