USATF Day Three Quotes: Tim Seaman, John Nunn, Amanda Smock, Ryan Whiting, Michelle Carter, Mary Saxer, Jenn Suhr, Chris Carter, Ajee Wilson, Chanelle Price, from Amanda Brooks/USATF Communications

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Here is Day Three of USATF Quotes from the mixed Zone. Special thanks to Amanda Brooks and Susan Hazzard of USATF communications. 



Men's 3000m Race Walk

Tim Seaman, winner

In the last race of your career, you don't want to take too much risk race walking. I went out there, and I didn't want to take the lead to make sure it's a nice, fair, even race, and then John took the lead, and I was so ecstatic because he took the pace. It takes all the pressure off me. Nobody can sit and kick me. I decided I was just going to wait until I could push to the end. I made the push, and then he came back on me. I just put my head down and pushed my shoulders."

John Nunn, second place

"It was a good race. I knew Tim was in shape because he has been training for this Indoors since he knew that this was his last race. I know he really wanted it, so I didn't want to turn it into a sprint at the end, but unfortunately, it did. He went off, and then I went after him at the end, and I was just .2 seconds short.

"lt's been fun. I'm sad to see (Tim's career) end. We've had a good time over the years, and it has always been a battle. At the beginning of our careers, we hated each other. As the years have gone on, we've weathered the storm, and we've become good friends. I'm glad to see him do well. I can't complain. My time was the fastest I've walked all year, and I'm pleased. "

Women's Triple Jump

Amanda Smock, winner

"I was happy with my performance. I really like jumping in Albuquerque. The runway is fast. It feels good. I definitely would have liked a little bit further, but jump to get a spot on the world's team, but I'm looking forward to outdoors. I'm happy with my training. It's a good spot for me to be in."

Andrea Geubelle, second place

"I think it went well. I just wanted to try to get the kinks out. I was a little sore from yesterday. I'm getting somewhere. I'm making progress. I'm happy with it."

Men's Shot Put

Ryan Whiting, winner

"Mentally, I'm a lot more ready. Going into Sopot, I've got a lot more....this year. There's no reason I can't be a contender. I moved my bench press up to 60 and squared 704. I'm just getting stronger in general, I think that comes with age.

"The second throw, 21-33, it was a good start. I just knew what I was doing wrong, and I just tried to fix it on the last two. The other two guys just proved that no mark is safe in USA shot putting."

Women's Shot Put

Michelle Carter, winner

"Today was kind of hard for me. I struggled a little bit, but I'm just glad that I made the team and came out with a win. Now I just go home and focus on getting ready for Poland. I just going to work on my quickness, work on my timing. Of course, I'll sharpen up on my technique."

Women's Pole Vault

Mary Saxer, winner

"I am on cloud nine. I knew that I could clear the high that I cleared, but it was just a matter of doing it on the day. It's a great competition. The top girls are the ones who are normally in the hunt, and I just came out on top - first national title, a PR, and I'm so happy."

Jenn Suhr, second place

"Any time that you meet where you have to qualify, you can't jump to win. That's what I did last year, and that's why you can jump higher. Not having to jump a lot of bars and jump odd bars just to make sure I can get top two. It's a different type of jumping, but we're right where we need to be."

Women's 3000m Race Walk

Maria Michta, winner

"I came off the indoor mile just missing the national record by a second, and it keeps you hungry and fired up. I looked up the meet record and the indoor national record, and I knew it would be a long stretch at sea level, and this is altitude. I hit it for the first K, the race is 3K long. There is always next year and coming back stronger. I'm 20 seconds stronger than I was last year, and the whole field is getting stronger. Having Miranda on my heels was great to keep me awake, and it just lights the fire for Rio."

Men's Triple Jump

Chris Carter, winner

"I've been thinking about it and envisioning it for about a month now, so it just came to reality. This is the first step in my international career. It's my first time making the National Team, so from here my expectations are higher now."

Chris Benard, second place

"I got second by about 20 cm. I could have made the World Team, but I was one cm away from Worlds standards. Second place in long and triple jump is - for any other person - great. I didn't make the Worlds Team, so I'm happy with my season. This is the best season I have ever had. It's bittersweet."

Women's 800m Run

Ajee' Wilson, winner

"The goal was just to speed up, so my coach just told me to stay close second within striking distance and not let her get too far. I was on pace with her, so I wasn't sure how we would both be maintaining, so I just kind of waited until the last minute to see if she would die-off and then strike. I always have a little faith in my kick, but I was just getting a little timid coming into the last 100 because she was just going too strong."

Chanelle Price, second place

"I just lost the field. I tried to keep it honest and not worry about time. I just wanted to win and make that team. Ajee's finish is always great, I'm happy for her today. I'm happy we're on that team together."

Men's 800

Erik Sowinsky, winner

"I was really just trying to pull myself in the mix. With 300 to go, I still felt good. I put it down really well. I was kind of worried about running two days at altitude, but I did really well. I haven't worn a USA uniform before, so it will be the first time. I'm really excited."

Robby Andrews, second place

"I went out hard than I thought I could, but I swallowed it up with 300 to go and tried to get out of it as much as I could in the last 100. I just nipped second and third. I couldn't quite catch Sowinkski. He's ahead of the rest of the U.S., so good luck to him in Poland."

Nick Symmonds, third place

"I was just so tired coming in. I had a flu, a cold for the last few days. I was on the start list and saw that only three guys had the standard, so I was trying to hope that it was a race between me and Rutt for that second spot. I'm glad I'll be going. It will give me two weeks time to get healthy finally."  

Women's 1500m Run

Mary Cain, winner

"I feel really good about that. That was very exciting. I'm really happy it was a fast pace becuase it really gives you confidence for this World Championships. I mean the world record was broken this year. That's so awesome. It's just a matter of seeing what I can do. I am super duper pumped. I had no idea beforehand. I was nervous. Although I knew I had a really great shot, I still knew I really wanted to make the team."

Men's 1500m

Lopez Lomong, winner

"The race went really well. I really enjoy coming back here and lining up to represent and to try to make the team. I'm really excited to come back with a "W." I am looking forward to Poland. I looking forward to going out, and putting my jersey on and going represent this nation."

Will Leer, second place

"I had poor positioning with the last two or three laps to go. As a result I found myself running for second with Lopez Lomong with a free run to go. I'm definitely happy to go back to World Indoors again to represent Team USA, but it's a little bittersweet. I wanted a double repeat."

Women's 400m

Francena McCorory, winner

"I didn't get a good start, but I made it back up in the end. I'm definitely going to work on my start going into Worlds. I'm happy with the time that I put down on the boards."

Joanna Atkins, second place

"My main goal was just to run my race. Come out hard and come home strong. I'm definitely happy with the way I finished. It was a PR, and I feel good."

Natasha Hastings, third place

"Tough one - not exactly the result I had hoped for, but it's a season best. I'm going to get some good training in going into the next couple days, get ready for World Indoors and then get ready for Outdoors."

Men's 400m

Kyle Clemons, winner

"It feels great. I put a lot work into this year. Coming off of my senior season, I knew I wasn't really done with the sport yet."

Men's 60m

Marvin Bracy, winner

"It was a fight. I was a little scared. I got out, and I just ran and executed my race and didn't panic. I was able to push my way to the front and hold it at the end. I'm happy to make my first team on my first time trying and to go to Sopot and do the best I can."

Trell Kimmons, second place

"Man that was crazy. I'm just glad that I executed and calmed down a little bit. It's always good running with those guys. We just need to stick to the goals. I can't stop staring at this medal. This is honestly the first big meet for me.

"I just wanted to go out and execute and try to make the team. I'm just glad that I came out here and ran a good quality race. I think me and Bracy are going to go over there and go one and two. We both came out and gave a great show today, so I think it was a great race."

Women's 60m Hurdles

Nia Ali, winner

"The race was very exciting. I really just wanted to execute my start, which I think I did. I kind of blacked out a bit, and when I got midway, I said, 'Go, compete, and run off the last hurdle.'"

"I guess I put together my first race and then the semi race all in one, and made that my final, so it actually worked out. I'm excited, but definitely on my toes and ready to train."

"I am very excited for Worlds. I know I'm going to have to run fast.These girls definitely prepared me for that. The race was pretty fast."

Janay DeLoach Soukup, second place

"I did what I came to do. I cam to make the team. It almost doesn't even matter. We'll go back to the drawing board as soon as we are done here. We'll wrap it up, see what I need to work on, and just try to go and get it at the World Championships. I'm feeling in really good spring shape. I'm just hoping that I stay healthy for these two weeks that we have coming up and that I can come back fresh."

Men's 60m Hurdles

Omoghan Osaghae, winner

"It was hectic. I knew coming into it that we had a really good field. In my wildest dream, I didn't expect that. I had a really good warm-up here, and I just wanted to build it off that. Sure enough, as in track & field, it all fell apart, and I had to try and recover. Thank God I was able to recover, and that's what got it."

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