[Audio] A Conversation with Andreas Thorkildsen in Copenhagen by Larry Eder, RunBlogRun

Andreas Thorkildsen is the 2004 and 2008 Olympic gold medalist in the javelin. Add to that his European medals and World Championships medals, and you have a man who knows his craft. Thorkildsen has thrown since he was 14 and has Age group world records. Watching him throw and compete, when he is on, is great sport as Thorkildsen is a fine competitor. Andreas had a tough last year, but as he told us in this interview, his Winter training has gone quite well. 

Andreas also loves his event. I remember an interview a few years ago about how much he enjoyed the javelin and how US high schools should get more behind the event. 

Andreas Thorkildsen, along with Kajsa Berquist and Wilson Kipketer, are the IAAF ambassadors for the IAAF AL-Bank World Half Marathon Championships. 

In this quick interview, Andreas Thorkildsen speaks about how to find young talent in the event, and when to get them started. 

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