Kara Goucher Agonistes: Why Oiselle? from KaraGoucher.com, comments by Larry Eder

(Editor's note: The journey that Kara Goucher has taken, from good, but injured college runner, to packing up and moving to Portland, Oregon, to a bronze medal in 2007 Osaka 10,000 meters, to half marathons, marathons, a son, and now, a new journey, is fascinating. Her honesty and emotion is unique as well. 

Like you, I am fascinated with Kara Goucher's journey back to Colorado, and her conscious decisions to take some chances and find a real fit for her talents. Kara Goucher is not only a fine athlete, but an athlete with the charisma to have a career long past her elite running career. Sally Bergeson, the CEO of Oiselle is a very smart marketer: she let Kara Goucher pick Oiselle, and that is why the relationship could work. )
Why Oiselle?


Sally Bergeson, CEO, Oiselle, and Kara Goucher, 

photo courtesy of KaraGoucher.com and Oiselle

"I am so excited to finally be able to share some exciting news with everyone. Today

it was announced that I will be teaming up with Oiselle!   How did this happen?  

Well, Oiselle is the French word for bird and this is the story of how

I ended up in her nest.

I have been with Nike for 12.5 years. Twice during that time my contract has come up 

for renewal and both times I was with a Nike coach. So I chose to only negotiate 

new contracts with Nike and not speak with other companies. This past December 31st, 

my contract was up again. Once again, Nike wanted to renew, but I had just left my 

Nike-funded coach to return to Boulder and be coached by my college coaches. This 

meant I could explore other companies and options. After all, since Nike would no longer 

be funding my coach, I no longer had to be with them. I wanted to see what else was out 

there and see how other companies operated."

To read the whole blog entry by Kara Goucher, please go to:



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