Sopot Diary: Day Two, Session One, Updates by Larry Eder

Saturday came early for those of us from the Estados Unidos. But, the meet has been so compelling, and the crowd so excited, that we have ignored our jet lag to bring you this event by event coverage, just as I saw it! 

IAAF Technical Delegate David Katz told RunBlogRun that the "Sopot facility is the best indoor track & field facility that I have ever seen." With fine seating, great lines of view and a track three feet above the floor, the MONDO facility is fantastic and great viewing experience! 

Day Two, Session One

Heptathlon, Men, Day 2, Event 5/7

Heptathlon update. Ashton Eaton set a heptathlon Championship record with his 7.64 for the 60m hurdles, scoring 1074 pts for a 4727 total. Damian Warner, CAN, was second in 7.70 for 1059 pts and 4443 score. Olesky Kasyanov, UKR, is third with 7.85, 1020 pts, and 4536 total. Next up is the pole vault. 

60m hurdles, Men, first round

Round 1, heat 1

Pascal Martinot Lagarde, FRA won in 7.56.

Round 1, heat 2

Dominic Berger, USA won in 7.61 q. Sergey Shubenkov, RUS, was second in 7.62q. Andrew Riley, JAM was third in 7.66, q. 

Round 1, heat 3

William Sharman, GBR wins in 7.59, PB, q. Omo Osaghae, US, takes second in 7.61 q, and Dominik Bochenek, POL, was third in 7.68, q. 

Round 1, heat 4

In round 1, heat 4/4, 60m hurdles: Andrew Pozzi, GBR, 7.56q, equals his PB. Garfield Darien, FRA, 7.56q, Balazs Baji, HUN, 7.63 SB,q,

60 meters, Women, Round 1, six heats

Round 1, heat 1

Asha Philip, GBR, 7.18q, Dafne Schippers, NED, 7.19q, Natalia Pohrebniak, UKR, 7.30q. 

Round 1, heat 2

Shelly-Ann Fraser-Pryce, JAM, in pink head band and pink Nike spikes, runs 7.12, with T. Harrigan-Scott, IVB, 7.20 and Yasmin Kwado, GER, 7.27, all three qualified. 

Round 1, heat 3

Verena Sailer, GER, 7.13q, Michelle-Lee Ahye, TTO, 7.14q, Carina Horn, RSA, 7.36q,

Round 1, heat 4

Tianna Bartoletta takes heat 4, in 7.13q. Ezinne Okparaebo, NOR, 7.19, q and Veronica Campbell-Brown, JAM, 7.22, sb, q. 

Round 1, heat 5

Gloria Asumnu, NGR, 7.19q, LaKeisha Lawson, USA, 7.19q, Ruddy Zang Milama, GAB, 7.19q

Round 1, heat 6

Murielle Ahoure, CIV, runs 7.09 q. Sophie Paps, GBR, 7.22q, Franciela Krasucki, 7.25q, Anna Kielbasinska, POL, 7.31, PB

Men's 4x 400m qualifying

Heat 1

Jamaica takes lead over US, with Poland close. Poland, due to great handoff, takes lead on second leg, US gets back on 200m mark of leg two, and Jamaica grabs lead at start of leg three. US gets lead back and blows away Jamaica on last leg, winning in 3:04.36, with Jamaica 3:06.12, Poland, 3:06.50, and Ukraine a NIR in 3:07.54! 

Heat 2

Great Britain ran it safe. A 3:06.09, GBR stayed out of trouble, and Russia, Bahamas and Nigeria, fought for second, with Russia keeping it, in 3:06.53. 

Women's 4 x 400m qualifying

Heat 1

Great Britain and Russia dueled in a wonderful display of 4 x 400 meter running indoors, GBR wins 3:30.60 and 3:30.87, with Italy close at 3:31.99, NIR. Romania had a tough third handoff. 

Heat 2

In a fantastic second heat, USA was chased by Nigeria, Poland and Jamaica. USA relay legs were solid and professional, winning in 3:29.06, with Jamaica getting nod for second in 3:29.43, NIR, and Poland in third in 3:29.48, SB and Nigeria in fourth in 3;29.67, PB.

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