Sopot Diary: Day Two, Session Two, Saturday, March 8, 2013, by Larry Eder

Ashton Eaton comes oh so close, Sopot 2014, photo by

Ashton Eaton won the Heptathlon, but narrowly missed his own World record, showing once and again, that WRs are few and far between. Saturday, Day two of the Champs was a long and exciting day. Here are the events of the day, as they happened. More analysis later. 

Heptathlon Update. Pole Vault

Ashton Eaton cleared 4.90m, 5.00m on his first, missed once at 5.20m and then cleared 5.20m on his second attempt, he is on world record pace!

Women's 60m hurdles Semifinals

Semifinal 1/2

In the first 60 m hurdles, semi final, Sally Pearson, AUS won in 7.81, with Janay DeLoach Soukup, USA, 7.93, Tiffany Porter, GBR, 7.93, Cindy Roleder, GER, 7.96 were the four qualifiers.

Semifinal 2/2

In the second 60m hurdle semi-final, Nia Ali, USA, won in 7.88, with Cindy Billaud, FRA, 7.89, Nadine Hildebrand, GER, 7.96, and Yuliya Kondakova, RUS, in 8.03, all four qualified for the final.

Men's 60 meter dash

Semi-Final 1/3

Nesta Carter, JAM ran 6.50, SB. Richard Kilty, GBR, ran 6.52, PB, both qualified. Gabriel Myumvure, ZIM, ran 6.60, NIR for third. Trell Kimmons, USA, 6.62 in fourth. 

Semi-Final 2/3

Semi-Final, 2/3, Men's 60m dash: Femi Ogunode, QAT, 6.55q, Kimmari Roach, JAM, 6.55q, Bingtian Su, CHN, 6.57 SB, Dwain Chambers, GBR, 6.58,

Women's 1,500m Final: Aregawi wins!

Abeba Aregawi won the 1,500 meters going away. She took the lead at 500 meters and never looked back. Hitting the 800m in 2:09.44, the 1000 in 2:41.08 and 1200 in 3:13.37, Aregawi hit the 1400 meters in 3:45.37 (32.00), and used a 15.24 last 100 meters to win the championships in 4:00.61,

Women's 1,500m final: 1. Abebe Aregawi, SWE, 4:00.61,2. Axumawit Embaye, ETH, 4:07.12PB, 3. Rababe Arafi, MAR, 4:07.53, PB, 4. Sihalm Hilali, MAR 4:07.62, SB, 5. Nicole Sifuentes, CAN, 4:07.61, NIR, 6. Treniere Moser, USA, PB, 7. Luiza Gega, ALB, 4:08.24, 8. Svetlana Karamasheva, RUS, 4:13.89, 9. Heather Kampf, USA, 4:21.78

Women's Triple Jump, Final: Koneva moves on up! 

Ekaterina Koneva held a smaller and smaller lead, with her 14.46m jump, as Olga Saladukha came closer and closer, hitting 14.34m, 14.41m, and finally, 14.45m, but could get no closer, Kimberly Williams, of Jamaica, took over the bronze position late in the competition, as Koneva traded her silver in Moscow for a gold in Sopot! 

Women's Triple Jump, Final, 1. Ekaterina Koneva, RUS, 14.46m, 2. Olga Saladukha, UKR, 14.45m, 3. Kimberly Williams, JAM, 14.39m, SB, 4. Patricia Mamona, POR, 14.26m, 5. Yanmei Li, CHN, 14.19m, SB, 6. Kseniya Dziatsuk, BLR, 14.13m, 7. Yarianna Martinez, CUB, 13.99m, 8. Dana Veldakova, SVK, 13.75m, 

Men's Heptathlon, Final: Eaton must misses WR! 

Ashton Eaton ran 6.66 for the 60 meter days, then long jumped 7.78 meters, after a cautionary 5.90m LJ. In the Shot Put, Ashton threw 14.88m and kept on the pressure with a fine 2.06m high jump. Day two started with a fine 7.64 for the 60 meter hurdles, a Championship record, and a 5.20m pole vault. 

Eaton's agent, Paul Doyle told RBR that perhaps, Ashton thought he was on pace at 600 meters, when he was down, due to the clocks being some meters ahead of the actual line by some the meters. Eaton gutted out the last lap in 28.52, but it was just not enough! 

In the 1000 meters: 

Ashton Eaton leads, 30.35 for 200 meters, 62.25 for 400 meters, 1:34.55 for 600 meters, 2:06.20 for 800 meters, Eaton is pushing, he is looking close! Ashton Eaton runs 2:34.73, just missing the WIR! Eaton ran 28.52 for the last 200 meters! He gutted it out, and showed how tough his record really is!

Men's Heptathlon, Final, 1 Ashton Eaton, 6632, WL, (6.66, 60m, 7.78m LJ, 14.88m SP, 2.06m, HJ, 60mH, 7.64, PV, 5.20m, 2:34.72, 1000m) Andrei Krauchanka, BLR, 6303, NIR, (7.12 60m, 7.46m LJ, 15.42m, SP, HJ 2.21m, 60mH, 8.10, PV, 5.00m,  2:41.88, 1000m), 3. Thomas Van Der Plaetsen, BEL, 6259, (7.13, 60m, 7.67m LJ, 14.32m SP, 2.12m HJ, 60mH, 8.16, PV, 5.20m, 2:40.50 1000m), 4. Eelco Sinticolaas, NED, 6198, 5. Oleksiy Kasyanov, UKR, 6176,  6.Kai Kazmirek, GER, 6173,

Women's 400 meters Final

Francena Mccorory takes the 400 meters !

Running a near perfect race, Francena Mccorory, USA, slipped behind Shaunae Miller, BAH,  and Kaliese Spencer, JAM, at the 200 meter mark, and by 300 meters, had taken the lead and built on it down the final stretch, winning in 51.12, with Kaliese Spencer, Shaunae Miller and Justyna Swiety, POL, running into contention for a medal. Kaliese Spencer, JAM, held on, in 51.54, PB, for the silver and Shaunae Miller, BAH, held on for the bronze in 52.06. Justyna Swiety, POL, 52.20, took fourth, #sopot2014

Women's 400m final, 1. Francens Mccorory, USA, 51.12, 2. Kaliese Spencer, JAM, 51.54 PB, 3. Shaunae Miller, BAH, 52.06, 4. Justyna Swiety, POL, 52.20, 5.Patricia Hall, JAM, 52.51, 6. Joanna Atkins, USA, 52.55, 

Souleiman gets his gold in the 1,500 meters! 

Ayanleh Souleiman, of Djibouti, lead from teh start, hitting the 200m in 28.45, with Bethwell Bergin, KEN, leading at 400 meters in 59.21. Ayanleh Souleiman, DJI took lead back and never gave it up, hitting 600m in 1:28.41, and 800 meters in 1:58.96. The crowd was close, as Souleiman held off every attempt to lead, hitting the 1000m in 2:29.53. Aman Wote took the lead at 1200 meters, in 2:58.23. Ayanleh Souleiman took back the lead, hitting 1400 meters in 3:24.49, running 26.26 for the penultimate 200 meters. 

Ayanleh Souleiman used a 13.03 for the final 100 meters to win the gold in 3:37.52. Aman Wote, ETH, took the silver in 3:38.08, and Abdalaati Iguider, MAR, took the bronze, in 3:38.21. Nick Willis, NZ, just missed out of bronze, running 3:38.47 for fourth place.

Men's 1,500 meters, FINAL, 1. Ayanleh Souleiman, DJI, 3:37.52, 2. Aman Wote, ETH, 3:38.08, 3. Abdalaati Iguider, MAR, 3:38.21, 4. Ilham Tanuie Ozbilen, TUR, 3:39.10, 5. Jakub Holusa, CZE, 3:39.60, 6. Will Leer, USA, 3:39.60, 7. Homiyu, GER, 3:39.60,8. Bethwell Birgen, KEN, 3:40.66, Nick Willis, DQ (163.3 (b))

We were just informed that Nick Willis has been DQed for rule 163.3. 

Men's 400 meters! Pavel Maslak Wins! 

Pavel Maslak, CZE, ran the perfect race. Taking the lead, and not letting go, Maslak ran the classic 400 meter race, as Chris Brown, took second, and Kyle Clemons took third!

Men's 400 meters, Final, 1. Pavel Maslak, CZE, 45.24, NIR, 2. Chris Brown, BAH, 45.58 PB, 3. Kyle Clemons, USA, 45.74, 4. David Verburg, USA, 46.21, 5. Lalonde Gordon, TTO, 46.39, 6. Nery Brenes, CRC, 47.32

Women's High Jump Final, Tie! Kuchina and Licwinko! 

In an epic battle for the high jump, Maria Kuchina, RUS and Kamila Licwinko, POL, tied for first at 2.00m. Due to more attempts, Ruth Beitia, ESP took the bronze!

Women's High Jump, Final, 1. Maria Kuchina, RUS, 2.00m, 1. Kamila Licwinko, POL, 2.00, NIR, 3. Ruth Beitia, ESP, 2.00m, SB, 4. Justyna Kaspryzycka, POL, 1.97m, PB, 5. Emma Green Tregaro, SWE, 1.94m, 6. Blanka Vlasic, CRO, 1.94m, 7. Lavern Spencer, LCA, 1.94m, 8. Marie-Laurence Jungfleisch, GER, 1.90m, 8. Nafissatou Thiam, BEL, 1.90m, 

60 Meter Hurdles, Women, Final

Women's 60 meter hurdles: Sally Pearson got out well, with Nia Ali right next to here, and Nia Ali staying in control, wining in 7.80, a lifetime best! Sally Pearson, the prohibitive favorite, ran a fine race, but was just short of the win, as the Australian ran 7.85 for the silver. Tiffany Porter, GBR, was the bronze, in 7.86,

Women's 60m hurdles, Final, 1. Nia Ali, USA, 7.80 PB, 2. Sally Pearson, AUS, 7.85, 3. Tiffany Porter, GBR, 7.86, SB, 4. Cindy Billaud, FRA, 7.89, 5. Janay DeLoach Soukup, USA, 7.90, 6. Cindy Roleder, GER, 8.01, 7. Nadine Hildebrand, GER, 8.02, 8. Yuliya Kondakova, RUS, #sopot2014

Men's 60m Final

Richard Kilty surprised all but himself as the number three British sprinter (in their champs), won the 60 meters, in a perfectly executed race, with new US sprint senation, Marvin Bracy in the silver and Femi Ogunode in the bronze position. 

Men's 60 meter final, 1. Richard Kilty, GBR, 6.49, PB, 2. Marvin Bracy, USA, 6.51, 3. Femi Ogunode, QAT, 6.52, 4. Bingtian Su, CHN, 6.52, NIR, 5. Gerald Phiri, ZAM, 6.52NIR, 6. Dwain Chambers, GBR, 6.53, 7. Nesta Carter, JAM, 6.57, 8. Kimmari Roach, JAM, 6.58, 

Men's Long Jump Final

Wow! This one was amazing as Mauro Vinicius Da Silva, BRA, leaped 8.28m, a national record to unseat Jinshe Li, who had lead from the third round, with his 8.23m. Michel Tourneus, SWE, had jumped 8.21m for the bronze as Aleksandr Menkov, RUS, the world leader, was jumping injured. 

Men's Long Jump final, 1. Mauro Vinicius Da Silva, BRA, 8.28m, NIR, 2. Jinzhe LI, CHN, 8.23m, SB, 3. Michel Tourneus, SWE, 8.21m, SB, 4. Louis Tsatoumas, GRE, 8.13m, 5. Aleksandr Menkov, RUS, 8.08m, 6. Adrian Strzalkkowski, POL, 7.96m, 7. Luis Rivera, MEX, 7.93m, 8. Christian Rief, GER, 7.75m, 

Men's Pole Vault Final 

In a chess game from the outset, Konstandinos Filippidis, GRE, proved to be best at the game, as he cleared 5.80m on less attempts, to take the gold over Malte Mohr (silver, GER) and Jan Kudlicka, CZE, who pulled it out on his last attempt. A very strange year for the pole vault as Levallenie and Bubka watched from the stands. 

Men's Pole Vault Final, 1. Konstandinos Filippidis, GRE, 5.80m SB, 2. Malte Mohr, GER, 5.80m, 3. Jan Kudlicka, CZE, 5.80m, 4. Thiago Braz DA Silva, BRa, 5.75m, 5. Changrui Xue, CHN, 5.75m, 6. Robert Sobera, POL, 5.65m, 7. Augusto De Oliviera, BRA, 5.65m, SB, 8. Luke Cutts, GBR, 9. Yancheng Yang, CHN, 5.55m, 10. Jerome Clavier, FRA, 5.55m

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