Sopot Updates, Sessions 3 and 4, (Saturday), from Alfons Juck, EME News

Nia Ali, 60 meter hurdles champion, USA, photo by

Ayanleh Souleiman, 1,500m champion, DJI, photo by

Pavel Maslak, CZE, 400 meter champion, photo by

Ashton Eaton, Heptathlon champion, USA, photo by

The second day had two sessions at the World Indoor Championships. Thanks to Alfons Juck, we have some of the less than obvious information on this fantastic indoor championships. 



SOPOT  - SESSION 3+4 (Saturday)




„I'm both happy with the win and disappointed I didn't get the world record. It will be good to take a break from decathlon this summer to get ready for 2015 and 2016", Ashton Eaton.

„In the last jump, I told myself it is now or never. I prepared to take off higher. My speed was good and that's how I jumped 8.28. You can't fear a foul," Mauro Vinicius da Silva.



Ashton Eaton second best ever heptathlon 6632 points. He is now having following titles in a row: World Indoors 2012, Olympics 2012, World Champs 2013, World Indoors 2014. That is very special in history of all events.

Pavel Maslak 45.24 in the 400 m is second best ever by an European indoors.



Richard Kilty winning the 60 m in 6.49 PB and as only second „white" sprinter in the history of World Indoors after Greek Haris Papadias 6.50 in Paris 1997.



Dwain Chambers 6th and Nesta Carter 7th in the 60m final.

World champion Aleksandr Menkov only 5th in the long jump final.

Nia Ali beating Sally Pearson in the 60 m hurdles by 0.05.



USA 4-1-1, RUS 2-0-0, CZE, GBR, NZL, SWE 1-0-1, 24 countries got medals.



USA 74, GER 38, POL 30, RUS 29, CHN 26, JAM 20, 41 countries got points.



Heptathlon, Pentathlon, 800 m women, 60 m hurdles women, Shot put women, 4x400 m women



Heptathlon 60mH, Heptathlon High Jump



YES: Vinicius, Whiting, Eaton, Adams

NO: Brenes, Iguider, Pearson


AGENTS (individual gold medals)

Paul Doyle and Alfonz Juck 2, Jos Hermens, Maurie Plant, Vera Michallek, Ulf Saletti, Olga Nazarova, John Regis, Mark Wetmore, Jochen Wetter, Mikhail Gusev, Valentina Fedyushina, only Nadine Broersen is listed without an agent.



5000 and 8000 (not an official figure).



HIGH JUMP: The poker ended with a tie, which is according to the latest rules possible. Kuchina and Licwinko were both happy for gold medal.


RELAYS: Stephenie Ann McPherson fastest split in 4x400 m women heats 50.92 coming from way back to allow Jamaica to qualify by right. Best male split was 45.38 by US Kind Butler.


RUSSIA: World leader in long jump Svetlana Biryukova did not compete due to illness.


CONTINENTAL RECORDS: In 4x400 m women heats Jamaica 3:29.43 CAC record and Nigeria 3:29.67 African record.


1500 M: Nick Willis again disqualified in world indoors final as 2008 in Valencia. Also Moroccan Rababe Arafi initially third in women 1500 m was disqualified for lane infringement.


RELAY: Bahamian anchor LaToy Williams was just „jogging" so the Olympic winners did not qualify for the final.


SHOT PUT: Valerie Adams winning streak now at 44 since 2010. The biggest current in our sport.



Europe total medals: Gold 8. Silver 7. Bronze 6. Total 21. The women's high jump saw Europe take the top 6 places in the 9 athlete final. Only 1 athlete was not European. All three athletes on the podium in the men's pole vault were European. Europe made up 8 of the 12 places in the final. Half of the women's triple jump field were European, with Russia and Ukraine taking gold and silver respectively.  There was only 1 European in both 400m finals, but Europe had the men's winner in Pavel Maslak. There was another European winner in the 60m. Gold medallist Richard Kilty was one of two Britons in the final, both finishing ahead of the 2 Jamaican finalists. In the heptathlon Europe won silver and bronze; silver medallist Krauchanka and bronze medallist Thomas Van Der Plaetsen both set national indoor records. The 8 man field had 6 Europeans. Europe won 3 of the 7 events. In both the men's long jump and women's 60mH, Europe had 5 of 8 finallists and won bronze. The women's 60mH final featured 2 Germans. Germany's Schwanitz won silver in the women's shot, where half of the 8 finalists were European. Sweden's Aregawi won gold in the women's 1500 m. A third of the 9 man 1500m final were European; 2 of African origin.


STATS (by Ken Nakamura)

W60mH: 7.81 is the second fastest W60mH semi the history of World Indoor.


W1500m: The winning margin of 6.51 second is the largest ever at W1500m in World Indoors. 4:00.61 is the third fastest time at W1500m in World Indoor.


WTJ: Since in 1991 WTJ was not a championships event,  the shortest winning distance in World Indoor was 14.47 from 1993.


WSP: Adams won third gold medal in WSP at World Indoor, tying Krivelyova for the most medals in this event at World Indoor. 73cm is the largest winning margin at WSP in World Indoors.


1500m: First gold (for that matter first medal) for DJI by Souleiman at 1500m at WICH.


Heptathlon: The winning margin of 329 points is the second largest in history of World Indoor; largest is 574 points by Eaton in 2012. The difference of 373 points between first and third is the third largest in the history of World Indoors. 7.64 by Eaton for 60mH is the fastest 60mH during Heptathlon at World indoors.


400m: Maslak became the first 400m European Champion to win the World Indoor. 45.74 by Clemons is the fastest 3rd place time at 400m in World Indoor. Chris Brown won record 4th medal at 400m.


60m: 0.00 seconds difference between 3rd and 4th at 60m at World Indoors ties the minimum recorded in 2012.


PV: 0cm difference between 1st and 2nd as well as 1st and 3rd is the smallest ever at PV in World Indoor.


LJ: 7cm difference between 1st and 3rd is the second smallest at LJ in World Indoors. Mauro Vinicius became only the third after Pedroso and Myricks to win multiple medals at this event at World Indoors

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