2014 USA Outdoor, Quotes from athletes, courtesy of USA Track & Field, photos from PhotoRun.net

Nicole Bush Stephanie Garcia, 2014 USA Outdoor, photo by PhotoRun.net

Here are the second day of mixed zone quotes from Amanda Brooks of USA Track & Field. Photos are from PhotoRun.net.

Day Two Quotes


Junior Men's Decathlon

Harrison Williams, Winner

"It's very motivating going into world junior. Last year was a little bit of a disappointment. I only got third at youth trials and that gave me a lot of motivation to come back and get a spot on the team."


On His Performance Thursday

"My highlights today were definitely the long jump, where I PRed by a foot, and the 400, where I PRed by more than a second."


Gabriel Moore, 2nd Place

"It's a great feeling. I made the world youth and that was a new experience, going out of the country. But this year is more motivation because it's in the U.S. and there are more U.S. fans. I'm going to be representing the best country in the world, so it feels great."


Junior Women's Heptathlon

Ashlee Moore, winner

On the Long Jump, Jav and 800 Performances

"In the long jump, I kind of got off to a rocky start. I didn't get on the board, and I felt like it just wasn't going to be my day. But my coaches told me just to go to my happy place and just try to compete. I didn't PR, but my goal coming in was to try to win every event, so winning long jump was really fun. I've never been in a hept competition where the first three have been so close like we were within a centimeter of each other.


"Jav was okay. I really wanted to throw 40 meters but I only threw 36. I was really disappointed in my 800. I didn't want to run slower than 2:30. I was really disappointed in that."


On qualifying for the Team USA World Junior team

"I knew going into the 800m that there wasn't really a way I wouldn't make it. Coming in, I felt I had a really good chance of making it. It's incredible because I've been coming to Juniors since my sophomore year in high school. I didn't have big expectations my sophomore year, but coming in last year, I was third going into the eighth event and finished fourth, so I was really disappointed. I came back this year with the attitude that nothing was going to stop me. Especially with the meet being in Oregon, and I'm going to Oregon. It's even better. It's amazing, and I can't describe how excited I am."


Shaina Burns, Second Place

"I'm really happy. It was an overall PR for me. I'm not a heptathlete who has one outstanding event. For me it feels like a creep up there. I'll get second or third in every event, so people don't see me coming. In the end, it all adds up and it's such a great feeling.


On the opportunity to represent Team USA at the IAAF World Junior Championships

"I'm so excited. This is one of my ultimate dreams to have a Team USA uniform. Down the home stretch in the 800, I had to keep my eye on Emily because we were so close for second and third and in my head every step I kept going, 'USA! USA!'"


Women's 800 Meter Prelims


Chanelle Price, Heat 1 Winner

"It was good. I just knew I had to get top three and wanted to respond when someone came up on me, but I didn't want to have to run too too fast."



Ajeé Wilson, Heat 2 Winner

"I just tried to run comfortably and run as relaxed as possible, so that's what I did."


LaTavia Thomas, Heat 3 Winner

"Everybody was telling me that I had an easy heat, but I wasn't really focused on that, I was trying to keep my strategy the same. But I don't think it was easy. I just wanted to come on the top three. To finish No. 1 in my heat was a plus."


Laura Roesler, Heat 4 Winner

"I knew it was feel pretty hard. I probably run more 800s than that whole field combined. So I went in expecting it to feel like a prelim, like a 2-flat race. I just need to secure my spot in the top three. I was in a pretty good heat, so I couldn't mess around."


Men's 800 Meter Prelims

Elijah Greer, Heat 1 Winner

"I feel a little tired. It was pretty hot, but I got the win and I'll come back tomorrow."


On his chances this weekend

"It will be a different race tomorrow. If you move too much, too early, who knows. If I time it right and race intelligently leave, who knows what will happen."


Men's Hammer Throw Final

Kibwe Johnson, Winner

"My series was inconsistent. It was the tale of two halves. I started off with a foul and my next two were over 74. My third was also 74 and just short of my best and it was pretty crappy so I really thought I had another meter or two in me. So I am not terribly happy. But the main goal was to win and I did that. It is good. I am glad I got it back. It really was the only goal. The rest was secondary."


AG Kruger, 2nd Place

"I started off pretty well and had two pretty good first round throws. I just did not get the timing for my last four rounds. It is what it is. I think I competed well. I just did not have it as well today. It still feels good. I know there is a lot more out there."


Men's Decathlon - Day 1

Trey Hardee, Day 1 Leader

"I started off alright. 10.38 is the fastest I've run in awhile. The long jump was not so good and my shot put was about a par, although I'm capable of throwing farther. My high jump was awesome. I got in a groove and almost cleared 2.08 (meters). and I tied my best decathlon mark. I didn't want to look at my lane assignment in the 400 which was good because I ended up in lane seven and that was tough. I took it out hard and was happy with the strenght I had at the end to close."


Women's 400 meters

Jessica Beard, Heat 1 Winner

"I think it's definitely different. Just because you have three. You have to tactically run smart. And then you know that 16 is going to turn into eight. I tried not to get too excited, to give too much too early. It felt good. I felt really strong. Finally what I felt in practice, I felt out there."


Natasha Hastings, Heat 2 Winner

"I felt pretty good. It was a pretty simple first round."



Sanya Richards-Ross, American Record Holder

"I'm looking forward to tomorrow. I'm going to really rest up tonight. It's going to be fast tomorrow, so I'm looking forward to it."


Men's 400 meters

Gil Roberts, Heat 1 Winner

"I felt good. I executed like I wanted to. I wanted to get through smooth in the top three and get ready for tomorrow."


Vernon Norwood, Heat 2 Winner

"I did it from the beginning. I just got aggressive and then held on."


LaShawn Merritt, Heat 3 Winner

"The 400 is always tough. Sometimes, the slower I run, the more tired I am. But it was good. It's my first time in Sacramento. I enjoy the weather and it's a nice track."


Torrin Lawrence, Heat 4 Winner

"It was a good race. I feel like I executed everything the way I was supposed to. I'm ready to come out here tomorrow and get something bigger."


Men's 1500 meters

Pat Casey, Heat 1 Winner

"I'm having a good season and I came in here fully confident. Anything can happen, but at the same time, I knew if I executed my gameplan and ran tough, it shouldn't be an issue. I'm feeling good, I'm ready for the final and I'm going for the win. It's going to be a lot of fun getting mixed up with these guys. It's my first USA final."


Leo Manzano, Heat 2 Winner

"First of all, I'm really happy to be here thanks to USATF. Today I just wanted to come out and qualify for the next round and get ready for Saturday. It was challenging, but when you compete against the best in the U.S. and the best in the world, you have to be ready."


Women's 100 meters

Bianca Knight, Heat 1 Winner

"This was my first 100m since April. I came here not really prepared. I need the races. My goal was just to execute my race and do what I needed to do to make it to the next round. Hopefully I'll run faster tomorrow."


Tianna Bartoletta, Heat 2 Winner

"The first race is always strategic. You just want to get through. I'm looking forward to tomorrow."


Alex Anderson, Heat 3 Winner

"It was cool. I was just getting a feel for the track. I've been having problems this season with execution and knowing where I am in the race."


English Gardner, Heat 4 Winner

"I've been working hard all season. I'm with John Smith now so things are different now. I'm learning and trying to piece the whole race together. Things are starting to click. It's becoming more familiar to me."


Women's Javelin Throw

Kara Patterson, Winner

"I'm very happy to be back on top of the USA after two hard years. I am ready to throw further, but I'm happy for now. It started off a little bit rough today, but I've had some experience turning things around. The women's javelin in the U.S. is so exciting. It's so awesome seeing younger college girls consistently throwing 57 meters. I'm like the old woman now but it's fun to be a part of it."


Brittany Borman, 2nd Place

"It was a great meet and great competition. I went out and PRed but Kara (Patterson) came back and got me. I had a good time out there.


Men's 100 meters

DionDre Batson, Heat 1 winner

"It's a very fun race. It's time to get ready for the bigger races. It's was a nice race, just shaking off the flight. It's a blessing to be here, just competing. Being here is very hard. Being able to run while here is very important."


Harry Adams, Heat 2 winner

"I'd didn't get out as well as I wanted to, but I closed well as I usually do, so I feel good about that.


Charles Silmon, Heat 3 winner

"It's been a hard season for me to adjust at the pro level after running in college. You just have to take it a race at the time. I'm going to compete to the best of my ability and see what happens."


Mike Rodgers, Heat 3 winner

"It took forever for us to run. I just tried to stay focused with the false starts in the other heats. I've been there, done that. I'm ready to run sub 9.8. I'm ready."


Women's Triple Jump

Amanda Smock, Winner

"The sixth title feels just about as good as the first. I'm thrilled to have the win. Of course, I would have like to jumped a little better. I had a great opener and then struggled with my run a little. Finally, on my last run I just found a little bit more speed and I could work through the jump a little better."


Ciarra Brewer, 2nd Place

On her first jump being her best

"I felt good but I was battling a bit with my ankle. It's just been bothering me a little. I just kept my mind focused and put some jumps out there. I just wanted to try to finish out the season strong. I'm thankful that God blessed me to be healthy."


On having USAs after NCAAs in a non-World Championship year

"It's just a little bit longer. My outdoor season was a bit shorter because of hamstring issues at the beginning. I don't feel like it was any different. After NCAAs, sometimes people's minds get shut down, so you just have to mentally prepare yourself to have one more meet. It just helps prepare me for next year with Worlds and hopefully the Olympics the year after that."


Women's Steeplechase

Aisha Praught, Heat 1 winner

"I felt really good, really smooth. The idea was to conserve as much energy as possible. Now it's time to rest and recover."



Emma Coburn, Heat 2 winner

"Just to run under 9:50 and be in the pack is always the plan in prelims. Our first 800 meters was even faster than we were at 3,000. I felt relaxed. I felt good. Now I'm going to rest up."


Women's 10,000 meters

Kim Conley, Winner

"I guess in an ideal world I could have caught her earlier, but I definitely was leaving a little something in the tank knowing that she's (Jordan Hasay) strong and has a great finish so I knew I needed a little something extra."


On what it meant to win in Sacramento

"Coming off that final turn, I had so many friends and family here that I had to finish it. Winning here is so meaningful I can't even begin to describe it."


Jordan Hasay, 2nd place

"It was a great effort. I gave it everything I had and came up a little bit short. It was fun out there and a great opportunity. The plan was to wait for Kim (Conley) to go and I executed the plan perfectly. She put on a great race and the crowd was a lot of fun."


Men's 10,000 meters


Galen Rupp, Winner

"I was just trying to run as easy as possible. I didn't want to make it any harder than it needed to be. Credit Chris Derrick for taking the lead for most of those laps. My plan all along was just to sit back and then go hard with a lap to go.


On his ability to remain consistent over a long period

Consistency and trying is obviously the biggest reason why I'm where I'm at today. Alberto's (Salazar) gradual progression in training--not loading my mileage up too early in my career and not giving me too intense workouts early on in my career--has been tremendous. When you get injured only in your career you miss a lot of time. Maybe trying to push the envelope early, doing more mileage all at once might give you a bigger reward if you can get through it. If you can get through it is the caveat. We always try to weigh the risk and reward. I'll just say we've been really smart with training."



Chris Derrick, 2nd place

"I wanted to try to run hard at the front; that's something I need to practice. I think I did okay. I kind of took stock of the situation with about six to go. I figured he (Galen Rupp) might sit on that and kick. I got heavy and for about 30 meters I tried to hold him off as he was preparing to pass and it was over pretty quick. I tried to get my legs moving, they were just a little dead."

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