Your adidas moment for 26 July 2014: Angela Tenorio, 100m silver, 200m bronze, the sprint goddess of Ecuador, by Larry Eder

On the night of 22 July, Angela Tenorio had her future in her own hands. She had been disqualified for a false start in the 100 meters, and her manager and coach had protested the false start. 

The IAAF allowed Angela Tenorio, after the 10,000 meters, to sprint by herself and see if she could run faster than 11.77, which would mean she could move onto the semi-finals. 

After much delay, Angela Tenorio, the pride of Ecuador, ran, by herself, the second fastest time of the rounds: 11.28! 

Angela Tenorio, photo by
" I was very sad after the disqualification", noted Angela Tenorio, after her sprint races. Her manager and coach had both filed a protest of her DQ, " I am happy, but I was calm." confided Angela Tenorio. 

When I asked why she was calm? " Well, most of the time, in South America, I find myself running by myself much of the time." This was not bragging, it was a statement of fact by one of the most promising athletes in South America, perhaps, the world. 

Angela Tenorio took the silver medal in the 100 meters, surprising the Form Charts that suggested Angela, while a fine sprinter, could not make it into the medals. Did she prove them wrong! 

Angela Tenorio trains with twenty of her friends, with her coach, in Quito, Ecuador. " I train with my friends, and we work very hard. But, we have fun." Angele Tenorio said, with a twinkle of mischief in her eyes.

The star of Ecuadorian athletics, Angela Tenorio goes back to Quito with two World Junior medals, in the 100 meters and the 200 meters. 

Tenorio has a pretty strong start, but her forte is her ability to run down the competition. Only Dina Asher-Smith, in the 100 meters, was faster. In the 200 meters, while her race was not as precise as the 100 meters, Angela Tenorio may have more talent over the 200 meters and 400 meters. 

Only time will tell, but for right now, Angela Tenorio goes back to Quito, Ecuador as the queen of her country's sprints. In September, she will be racing in Roverrietto and Rieti, two of Italy's most famous and storied meets, which call an official end to the season!

Angele Tenorio is that one in a million athlete with speed, strength and the looks of a world class athlete. She gets it and she likes to race and compete around the world. 

How good is she? 

Her sprinting ability is just being seen. Tall, strong and healthy, Angela Tenorio looks like the real thing! 

But, do not be surprised, if in Rio and Beijing, you see this young Ecuadorian sprint star move up to the next level, and that will turn some heads! 

Women's 100m, Tenorio (bronze), Asher-Smith(gold), Whitney (silver), photo by

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