Mo Farah runs 8:07.85, new British two mile record, by Larry Eder

In the final race of the Sainsburys' Birmingham GP, Mo Farah broke Steve Ovett's nearly thirty six year-old record (short by days) for two miles of 8:13.11 with his fine 8:07.85. Mo Farah celebrated the second birthday of his two year old twins with his fine race. Using a four minute mile on the second half of the race, and finalizing the record with a 56 second last lap, Mo Farah broke his first British record while actually racing on British soil!


Men's two miles: Mo Farah's first British record on British soil! 

Fresh off his double wins at the European Championships in Zurich, where he won both the 10,000 meters and 5,000 meters, Mo Farah moved down and raced two miles today! 

The traditional finishing event in Birmingham DL is usually an event with Mo Farah. Mo Farah wanted to break the nearly thirty six year old record of one Steve Ovett, who on 15 September 1978, ran 8:13.11 for two miles. 

The pace was strong from the start, 62.41 for the 400 meters, 61:05 (2:03.46) for the 800 meters, and 61.59 for the 1200 meters (3:05.05) and the mile in 4:07 (60:36). Mo Farah, Zake Robertson were following pacers, Ismaeil Kombich and Geoffrey Rono, who lead through 2000 meters. 

1000 meters was hit in 2:35.24 and 2000 meters was hit in 5:06.73. Mo Farah took the lead right after that, and he used that fifth lap, in 60.93 to get back on record pace. 

Farah looked good as he built up a lead of 90 meters, and to the cheers of the British crowd, started his long run home. 

Mo Farah ran a 59.98 sixth lap, and was getting closer and closer to the record, as he hit the mile and one half mark in just around 6:11. 

Farah started to really move around six hundred meters to go, and as he came off the penultmate turn, Mo Farah focused on the job at hand.

Mo Farah, now ninety meters in the lead, hit the bell lap in 8:11. He had to run a 62.1 or better to get the record.

Running hard, Mo Farah took just over 56 seconds to take down Steve Ovett's name and add his own. 

Mo Farah ran 8:07.85, the AR, and World leader, overcoming his training partner's two mile leader from last February. 

This was Mo's first British record on British soil. The fans were delighted!

After his two mile, Mo Farah made these comments in the mixed zone:


"I was a bit tired going into it but I had to push myself to get that win but once I got into it, I got better and better. I was looking at the clock thinking 'I can do it'.


Last week has definitely given me a lot of confidence - I know I have a lot of speed on that last lap.


It's the first time I've competed in Britain since April at the London Marathon, so it was nice to give something back. The crowd kept pushing me along.


I have just one more race left at the Great North run and then I will have a bit of a break before getting ready for the track next season."

Two mile, 1. Mo Farah, 8:07.85, AR, WL, 2. Zane Robertson, NZ, 8:22.82, 3. Emmanuel Bett, KEN, 8:25.85, 4. Jordan McNamara, USA, 8:26.50, 5. Will Leer, USA, 8:27.15, 6. Andy Vernon, GBR, 8:27.55, 7. Thomas Farrell, GBR, 8:30.39, 8. Jonathan Hay, 8:38.66, 9. Thomas Lancashire, GBR, 8:43.77, 11. Lee Emmanuel, GBR, 8:50.18, #birminghamGP

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