[Audio] My Thoughts on Rita Jeptoo by Larry Eder

I recorded this early Saturday morning. It had been twenty-four plus hours since I published the piece on Rita Jeptoo.

I have to admit that I was very touched by the kind words and thoughtful notes sent by compatriots in the media. Several keen observers as I call them, gave me thoughts to consider on both sides.

In the end, I made a decision to publish, and we published simultaneously in North America, Europe and Africa in twelve major media capitals. I also sent the article to key players in the industry as I felt it was of import.

World Marathon Majors responded as the leaders that they are. The IAAF notified Athletics Kenya, as they do in those cases and in accordance with their protocols. Now, the next move is by Rita Jeptoo and Athletics Kenya. 

Distance running, as I have said before is a national treasure in Kenya that should be protected. Out-of-competition drug testing, implemented in Kenya and Ethiopia, would show the world that, under close scrutiny, the clean athletes who take their time to develop into the great marathoners that one would expect will continue to come from Kenya and Ethiopia. The dirty ones will be found out and will pay for sullying their sport and their countries. Athletes in Kenya and Ethiopia have to see doping as not only unethical, but unpatriotic, as it puts an odor on any athlete from those countries.  

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