"Why I am running the 2014 TCS New York City Marathon" Questions to NYC Marathoners, by Carolyn Mather/Running Journal


Carolyn Mather is the long time contributor to Racing South & Running Journal, two of our partners in the Running Network and the chroniclers, since 1974, of the Souther running culture. Carolyn, with her red hair and Southern charm, queried runners at the Javitts Center yesterday about why they were running the 2014 TCS New York City Marathon.

Here is what they had to say! 
  I spent yesterday afternoon and this morning doing a very random survey of people running the marathon on Sunday. My question was "Why are you running the marathon on Sunday?"
   Here are two dozen of the replies I got.

   "It is the best marathon in the world and my first". Kevin, Tampa Bay

   "Well I love New York City and wanted to come visit family and friends so it is my first and last marathon". Andrea, Switzerland

    "It is the only thing to do on Sunday if you live here". Tom, Bronx

    " Several reasons. I turned fifty this year, I am raising money for Lymphoma and in honor of my friend's son who dies last week."  Carol, London,England

     "It is the perfect one to do". Carl, London

    "I do not know-guess I don't need a reason". Justin, Latvia

    " I am turning 40 and want to celebrate my body and do something positive for myself". Rachel, Brooklyn

     " Before I turn 30 I want to do something for myself and recover from a very rough year. I am running with Team in Training". Alison, Brooklyn

     "Because I can and to celebrate being alive". Brent, Syracuse

     "To do something happy and positive with 50,000 like minded friends". Rita, St. Louis

     " Because it is NYC and a fantastic overview of the five boroughs. Nothing like it in the world". John, Charlotte

     " To be a part of this big event and to cross that finish line".  Loretta, Salt Lake City

     "' I needed a goal to keep running so promised myself a trip to New York to take part in this amazing event". Sean, Phoenix

      " To see if I can finish and still walk!!"  Jay, Tulsa

     " Because I want to be a part of something so much bigger than me". Harold, Toronto

      "I like to run and there is no better to experience my city". Anna, Manhattan
       "I am originally from New York and this is a homecoming for me".Tom, New Hampshire

      " This is the biggest event for marathons". Mathias, Germany

     " Was entered in 2012 then it was cancelled so I came back to run the best race ever." Jim, Scottsdale

      "I have always wanted to run here". Tomas, Sweden

       "I have waited four years to get into the race and now I am in. The people are so friendly and helpful here." Julie, Austin

       "Bucket list!!" Rosemary, Vancouver, Canada

      "My friend Melissa and I wanted to run here together and she has never been to NYC." Rachel, Las Vegas

       "For fun." Andres, Hungary

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