[Audio] Loren Seagrave, the RunBlogRun Interview by Larry Eder

Loren Seagrave is one of those coaches that I never tire of interviewing. I see Loren across the circuit each season, but he is running, or I am running, and we fail to catch up for more than ten minutes. 

So, this past summer, after the Weltklasse Meet, in Zurich, we sat down and chatted about training, the IMG academy, a bit on coaching in Wisconsin, and some thoughts his current crop of athletes. Seagrave is the former Coach at the University of Wisconsin, and is now the Director of Speed & Movement at the IMG Academy. 

At the present, Loren is overseeing the IMG Academy in Orlando, Florida. If you are serious about your sport, you should consider visiting the IMG Academy. Loren knows more about track & field than just about anyone on the planet. He has helped the likes of Dwight Phillips, Tianna Bartoletta and Darya Klishina.

Loren is one those few humans who can break complicated human actions into parts that can be observed, minute section by minute section. If there is a way to improve your hurdle form, your sprint start, you long jump takeoff, or perhaps, your shot put throw, Loren Seagrave will find it. 

I hope you enjoy this interview as much as I enjoyed speaking with Loren!http://www.imgacademy.com We encourage you to check out www.imgacademy.com! 

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