[Audio] Rajne Söderberg, Vice Chairman & Meeting Director of Malmö Games, Interview by Larry Eder

Rajne Söderberg is the meeting director of the new Malmo Games. This interview was done on Tuesday, February 24, 2015 at the Malmo Games presser. 

rajne soderberg svenksan.se.jpeg
Rajne Söderberg, courtesy of svenksan.se

Rajne Söderberg is a medical professional who loves athletics. Ragne managed the DN Galan Meeting for nearly three decades, and it thrived under his leadership. The skill set needed to put on a major meeting of global magnitude goes without saying. But perhaps, it should be said. The ability to encourage a community, a club, a country to get behind an athletics meeting, then to work with your team as you find sponsors and convince managers and athletes to support your dream is a long and difficult road. 

Rajne Söderberg has had the support of his three partners, Bengt Bendeus, Daniel Wessfeldt and Lasse Johnson. 

The 2015 Malmo Games has been a success. In this interview, learn about Rajne Söderberg's vision for the sport. 

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