$1.4 million in prize money on offer at IAAF/BTC World Relays/Bahamas 2015

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World Relays 2014 4x400 meter, photo by PhotoRun.net

The World Relays last year was an immediate hit. This year, three weeks earlier, the increase in teams and talent show that the IAAF is on to something with this event. Below you can find the prize purses, and the schedule for this exciting Saturday and Sunday nights of relay battles!

RunBlogRun will provide live coverage from the Bahamas this weekend! 


A Total prize purse of USD $1.4million will be paid by the IAAF for the men's and women's races at the IAAF/BTC World Relays, Bahamas 2015 on 2-3 May.
Team prize money for each race (all amounts are in US$)
1st - 50,000
2nd - 30,000
3rd - 20,000
4th - 12,000
5th - 10,000
6th - 8000
7th - 6000
8th - 4000

World record bonus

Any team who breaks a world record in Nassau will be awarded a US $50,000 bonus by the IAAF.

The current ratified world records are:

4x100m: Jamaica 36.84, 11 August 2012, London
4x200m: Jamaica 1:18.63, 24 May 2014, Nassau
4x400m: United States 2:54.29, 22 August 1993, Stuttgart
4x800m: Kenya 7:02.43, 25 August 2006, Brussels
Distance medley*: Kenya 9:15.56, 29 April 2006, Philadelphia

4x100m: United States 40.82, 10 August 2012, London
4x200m: United States 1:27.46, 29 April 2000, Philadelphia
4x400m: USSR 3:15.17, 1 October 1988, Seoul
4x800m: USSR 7:50.17, 5 August 1984, Moscow
Distance medley*: United States 10:42.57 (indoors), 7 February 2015, Boston

NOTE: The payment of all prize money is dependent upon athletes undergoing and clearing the usual anti-doping procedures.

*Distance medley becomes official world record event
The distance medley (which comprises legs of 1200m, 400m, 800m, 1600m) will be officially recognised as a world record distance from 1 May 2015.


Times are local; GMT -4 hours

Saturday 1 May:
19:00 Men's 4x400m heats
19:29 Women's 4x200m heats
19:46 Men's 4x100m heats
20:09 Men's 4x800m final
20:32 Women's 4x400m heats
21:02 Women's distance medley final
21:29 Men's 4x100m final B
21:36 Women's 4x200m final
21:52 Men's 4x100m final

Sunday 3 May:
19:00 Men's 4x200m heats
19:20 Women's 4x100m heats
19:40 Women's 4x800m final
20:02 Women's 4x400m final B
20:12 Women's 4x400m final
20:31 Men's distance medley final
20:57 Men's 4x400m final B
21:06 Men's 4x200m final
21:23 Women's 4x100m final B
21:30 Women's 4x100m final
21:46 Women's 4x400m final


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