Kipsang vs. Kimetto, London Marathon 2015, the battle is almost here, a video with commentary


On Sunday morning, April 26, 2015, Wilson Kipsang, current London defender, and former WR holder, and Dennis Kimetto, current world record holder, are toeing the line together in London on the Virgin Money London Marathon starting line. 

Thumbnail image for Kipsang_Wilson_Kimetto_Dennis_Olomouc_2014_Presser_Courtesy.jpg
Wilson Kipsang, Dennis Kimetto, 2014 Olumouc Presser, Courtesy of Olumouc

This will be a race, where two distinctly different marathoners, who have different skill sets, but who have converging desires, namely, to be the victor in 2015 London. 

I recently described Wilson Kipsang as the Kenyan version of Steve Ovett. Kipsang is a pure racer. This guy does not care about times in the sense that he knows, when so many of the world's best get together, one will run fast. Kipsang is about racing with everything on the line, and racing not to finish, but to win. 

Dennis Kimetto is talented, and also newer to the sport. A former farmer, Dennis Kimetto has more talent in his mortal engine than most countries. He ran Chicago in 2013 in style and Berlin in 2014 fast enough to set a new World record. 

But, Kimetto is quiet, and not as confident with his English. Part of it, in Swahili or English, would still be a bit stilted as Dennis Kimetto is not as comfortable in the lime light. 

But, do not be mistaken. 

Both Wilson Kipsang and Dennis Kimetto are marathon warriors. 

Expect these two to duel until one or both break...

We are about to see an EPIC marathon on Sunday. 

Watch the video, provided by Vector Management.  

Then, watch the 2015 Virgin Money London Marathon on Sunday, April 26, 2015! 

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