[Audio] Rick Higgins, SVP, Merchandising/Marketing, Skechers Performance Division, the RBR Interview, by Larry Eder

The Skechers Performance story is fascinating. 

The GoRun product was developed around one athlete at the beginning-Meb Keflezighi. When Meb told me in 2012 that he was training without orthotics, I knew he had found something that worked for him. 

Skechers had many challenges getting into running. Run Specialty is suspect from day one of anyone new and one with their own retail chain makes it even harder on the Skechers sales team. 

Rick Higgins.jpeg
Rick Higgins, SVP, Merchandising/Marketing, 
Skechers Performance Division

GoRun product and GoWalk (which is one of the largest selling shoes in North America), have opened many eyes. When one of our most critical observers noted, "Hey, Skechers GoRun is not that bad. I can run in it." I almost fell on the floor. 

Skechers signed a deal with Kara Goucher, one of the most recognizable women elite athletes, who has support via social media as well and looks to have a long and interesting career in the world of fitness after her racing career ends. 

So, in early May, we sat down with Rick Higgins,  SVP - Merchandising/Marketing, Skechers Performance Division, at the Skechers offices in NY. We wanted to get Rick's view of why Skechers is doing so well, about their long term commitment and about where he sees the brand going. 

Rick oversees Skechers Performance. Their involvement in races, athletes, retail programs, and communications are where he excels. The evolution of Skechers over the past five years has been fascinating, and we thought it was time to get some of Rick's views in an interview. 

Special thanks to Rick Higgins for his time on a very busy day and for Jolene Abbott, Communications manager, for her kind assistance! 

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