A cold and rainy evening at Bauhaus Stockholm shot put, by Larry Eder

Bauhaus shot putIMG_0790.JPG
Christina Schwanitz, last throw, July 29, 2015, photo by Larry Eder

The rain was on and off, mostly on, during the fine shot put competition held in the center of the city. With a fine set up, about 250 fans and members of the media showed up, and a nicely run Swedish men's and Diamond League shot put was held. 

The perfect song for the day is by Steve Earle, the American country western singer (aka the Keith Richards of country western music), and an amazing song, "And the rain came down." 
The idea of bringing events to the people is nothing new. However, the quality of the implementation is what I like about the Stockholm Bauhaus Athletics shot put. A warm and inviting set up, even with the weather, kept the fans involved and the throwers performing. For the women's shot put, it was a good crowd with interest and knowledge of their event. 

shot put 4 rain.JPG
The Bauhaus Shot put, photo by Larry Eder

Christine Schwanitz continued her domination of the shot put, throwing a fine 20.13 meter throw, as Valerie Adams continues her return to form. 

Watching the event with Australian media icon Maury Plant was a lesson in itself. Maury is a friend of all athletes from Oceana, but has a very warm relationship with Valerie Adams and was proving me expert commentary on her throwing. 

It was obvious something was missing. As Valerie Adams comes back, her throwing will continue to improve, but it must be frustrating. Her surgeries affected some of the feeling as she releases and while that will come back, she is throwing at probably 70 percent of her old self. 

For the Kiwi superstar, there is only one thing that matters: Rio in 2016. Her strength is coming back, her competitiveness never left, but, surely it has to be frustrating, knowing that she has to be patient with her throwing and her recovery. 

shotput 6.JPG
The assembled media horde, photo by Larry Eder

Michelle Carter of the US, daughter of the high school record holder MIchael Carter, and 1984 Olympic silver medalist, is coached by her father in Dallas, Texas. Her throwing today was very good, especially in the rain. Carter threw 19.24 meters and looks to be in medal contention in Beijing later this summer. 

Hungarian thrower Anita Marton threw 18.74m, edging out Valerie Adams, who threw 18.69m in fourth. 

The rain was the other player in the shot put. Sometimes a mist, sometimes a deluge, the throwers were sometimes in need of a towel to dry off their drenched shot puts. 

In the end, even in the rain, the Bauhaus Stockholm shot put was a strong competition, and an example of what we need to do to "bring the sport to the people". 


Stockholm BAUHAUS Athletics

Stockholm, 29/07/2015

Men's results

Shot Put - Men                                                

    1 Nedow , Tim                      CAN      20.78                   

    2 Pezer , Mesud                    BIH      19.68                   

    3 Galeta , Kristo                  EST      19.03                   

    4 Arrhenius , Niklas               SWE      18.45                   

    5 Olsson , Matts                   SWE      17.26                   

Women's results

Shot Put - Women                                              


    1 Schwanitz , Christina            GER      20.13          4        

    2 Carter , Michelle                USA      19.24          2        

    3 Márton , Anita                   HUN      18.74          1        

    4 Adams , Valerie                  NZL      18.69                   

    5 Smith , Brittany                 USA      18.54                   

    6 Borel , Cleopatra                TTO      18.25                   

    7 Urbaniak , Lena                  GER      17.62                   

    8 Roos , Fanny                     SWE      16.42                   

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