David Hunter is a fine story teller and announcer, some deep thoughts and a video on David Hunter, by Larry Eder


About three years ago, Creigh Kelly, a man I hold in high esteem, wrote me about a guy he knew who he thought might be a nice addition to my writing team. 

Now, as the publisher of a group of media sites, and magazines, I hear things like this everyday. Truth is, not everyone can write well. 

It is one of my biggest issues about the modern media world. Not everyone can write well. It is a talent that must be honed. 

As a favor to Mr. Kelly I gave this guy a phone call and we chatted a few minutes. David Hunter was (per my notes that day), "affable, good sense of humor, a bit of  a track geek, let's give him a shot. "

So, I gave David Hunter a shot. 

Best decision I have made in past few years. 

When the late James Dunaway edited him, I was shocked that his normal derision of my attempts at finding new writers was only half strength. Was it the end times? Nope, Hunter was pretty good at this writing thing. 

Over the past four years, I have worked with David Hunter nearly every week of the year. His observations on the sport, and his enthusiasm and his obvious love of the sport come through with our readers. Hunter's pieces also do well on our blog, RunBlogRun.com and in our pubs, Athletes Only, Missouri Runner, Coaching Athletics and American Track & Field

For David Hunter, this was a second career. After a career in banking and the legal profession, Hunter should have taken off on some long cruises and perhaps Miami. Yet, now, David and his lovely wife  head to track meets, in the US, and Europe. 

In a few weeks, David Hunter and I will be in Beijing, as we cover the sport for you on RunBlogRun. 

While David has come a long way in his writing, his real love and talent, I believe, is Track and Field announcing. David Hunter has developed into a fine announcer, announcing Collegiate Indoor Championships, the Jesse Owens Meet in Columbus, the Millrose Games and this past USA Outdoor, David Hunter did the 20 Kilometer Race Walk Champs. His knowledge of the sport is second to none, but it his attention to detail and his obvious enjoyment of announcing the sport is key. And face it, anyone who can make the 20k race walk exciting deserves at least high praise.

David Hunter has taken his avocation, writing and announcing about the sport he loves and made it his vocation. 

The job of an announcer is to provide more interest in the event that they are announcing to the fans. A good announcer captures the fans with their additional information and insight into the event. A great announcer is a master storyteller, who brings the fan along with them, for the ride of their life as they watch a fine day of track and field. 

David Hunter is a great announcer. David Hunter is a great story teller. 

In the video below, you can get a good feel of David Hunters' talents!

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