Etymotic unveils "The Isolator", and RunBlogRun Loves them, review by Larry Eder, release from Etymotic


mkisolator_package.jpgMK Isolator, photo courtesy of Etymotic

As one could expect, RunBlogRun gets many requests to "blog" about products and offers of other dubious nature. I have never been asked to review a left nostril inhailer, and still have not. Sorry, that was a digression.

However, sometimes, I find a product that I like and this is the case with Etymotic earphones. I have used them for most of the last year, and I am listening to Joni Mitchell (Help Me), after some Grand Master Flash right now. If you like music, these are the most minamalist that I have found that give me the sound quality I want to have, scratch that, need to have, when listening from the New Riders to Lou Reed, and much in between (tonight, I am in a retro mood).

I use them while I am watching movies on Lufthansa and United in my travels as well. Sound is much better than those offered by the planes. And they are easy to keep in my travel bags.

The nice things about Etymotic The Isolator is that the sound quality is primo, and I can hear marauding cars, and bike messangers, as well as other denizens of the night. Walking around West 28th street tonight to West 23rd to the Malibu Cafe, I can unwind with my music and still observe and hear my environs.

I have old school earphones as well, but I have just favored these for the past six months or so. I am not making any money on this, and just encourage you to check out the brand. A great product, at a good price and they last.

Etymotic Unveils "The Isolator"

New High- Fidelity, Low Profile Earphones Ideal for Sports and Travel

Elk Grove Village, IL - December 1, 2014 -- Etymotic's mk5 Isolator™ Earphones are the newest addition to the company's high-fidelity Isolator earphone series, an extension of its original 6i earphones. Noise isolation never sounded so good. Featuring Etymotic's renowned sound quality, the Isolator Earphones are a great choice for today's active lifestyles. They tune out the world around you, so you can hear every detail in your music. These low-profile, in-ear earphones fit comfortably under hats and helmets and are ideal for commuting, travel and sporting activities.

It's a noisy world and background noise isolation is needed now more than ever. With mk5 Isolator earphones, there's no need to turn up the volume to overcome outside sounds. You'll hear every detail in your music.

  • The Isolator matches the ear's response for natural sound reproduction
  • Low-level passages and the soft dynamics of music are heard clearly
  • Ideal for personal listening and in-ear monitoring
  • Powerful drivers in compact capsules

All Etymotic earphones seal the ear canal and provide noise isolation, but the mk5 does it in a low-profile case at a great low price. Watch Etymotic's website for the mk5 product launch in early October.

Best Sound Accuracy

True high fidelity requires sound to be reproduced as close as possible to live performance. Etymotic's earphones and headsets have the highest response accuracy of all in-ear earphones and headsets. Etymotic is the only company that publishes accuracy scores.

Best Noise Isolation

Etymotic's earphones have the highest noise isolation of all earphones, as measured by an independent laboratory accredited by the National Institute of Standards and Technology. Reduction of outside noise lowers the risk of listening at unsafe levels.

Why Etymotic?

Etymotic is a research, development and manufacturing company that designs products to assess enhance and protect hearing. For over 30 years, innovation and education have been central to Etymotic's mission. Etymotic is one of the most respected leaders in high-fidelity audio, and has the distinction of being the first company to develop noise-isolating, high-fidelity in-ear

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