RunBlogRun INTERVIEWS Nico Mermoud, co-founder of HOKA ONE ONE, @TRE15


HOKA - 1.pngThe history of HOKA ONE ONE is fascinating. Nico Mermoud, co-founder of HOKA ONE ONE, did this interview at TRE15, the most important trade show of the year for specialty running, with the SHOE ADDICTS, for RunBlogRun Interviews.

The lesson from HOKA ONE ONE? If one can create a fine product, find the support from an established brand, and remember that running shoes continue to be sold, one pair at a time, one may have a chance of success.

HOKA ONE ONE produces consistently fine product, and with the support of an enthusiastic staff, and supports the industry. From grass roots running events, such as the HOKA ONE ONE National Postals, to the Northern Arizona Elite, to having established the finest week of events around the NCAA and the USA Outdoors at the Wild Duck Cafe in Eugene, Oregon, HOKA ONE ONE gets it.

Why do running retailers support them? Running retailers support product that they can sell. They also see that HOKA ONE ONE provides a multi platform support, from social media, digital media, video support and consistent print in core running publications, both regional and national. HOKA ONE ONE has built on the product that gave it the intitial interest, and shows the specialty running culture that it means business.

The funny thing is, many brands have started like this, but most screw it up, trying to complicate a business that, quite frankly, comes down to selling consistently strong product, servicing specialty running retail, and investing in a culture (running) where the consumers are highly educated, and see advertising in social, digital and yes, print as reinforcement of the messaging. Miss one of those pieces, and one looses market share. Miss too many of those pieces, and someone fills the vacuum.

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