Doth Swiss Anti-Doping protest way too much?


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TALGUT ZENTRUM (SUI): The Anti-Doping Agency of Switzerland has suspended cooperation with the IAAF. In an official statement Antidoping Switzerland called this step a "precaution", because of the information on how the IAAF handled the fight against doping. Affected will be for the moment the data exchange between Antidoping Switzerland and the IAAF for example in the field of biological passports. The Swiss organisation also said that it will check the efforts of IAAF in order to renew the cooperation.

Editor's note: There are always two sides to a story. Lots of mistakes by Swiss anti-doping. I believe that they lost Russian samples and that there are many questions on discrepancies. Kudos to Swiss Anti-Doping to taking the blame game off themselves. When all else fails, just blame the IAAF. Pretty easy to do, but not always the case.

I think that there may be more to this story.

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