RBR +SATV Interviews Marc Bloom, the 2015 George Hirsch NYRR Journalism Award winner


Marc Bloom is one of the finest writers of our sport.

His beginnings in the sport date back to 1964, and his early writings for the bible of the sport, Track & Field News. James Dunaway took Marc under his wing and helped him with his writing and suggestions during his career. That relationship between Dunaway and Bloom lasted over fifty years.

From his time founding the Harrier magazine, to his time at the Runner, one of the seminal magazines in our sport, to his return to the Harrier, most coaches, and many serious runners have seen Marc's fine writing. In the early 1990s, Marc did a newsletter for Nike communications, one of the finest pr vehicles that this writer has ever recieved.

Through Marc's close relationship with the sport, from runner to coach, Bloom was able to communicate the nuances of our sport. From the viewpoint of someone who loved our sport as well as observed our sport, Marc Bloom also provided some fine features on what could be improved in our sport. By reading Marc Bloom's fine features, I believe that I became closer to the sport, and gained insight into those aspects of the sport focused on by Bloom. Bloom gave us those "Eureka" moments, where an writer, and only a fine writer does this, provides insights for the reader into the writers' world.

In November 2015, Marc Bloom was the recipient of the George Hirsch NYRR Journalism Award, the highest award celebrating running journalism, in our sport. This interview was done right after Marc Bloom recieved the award.

We are most appreciative of the time and stories that Marc told us of his beginnings in our sport.

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