Mo Farah took our photo, by Larry Eder



Updated September 8, 2016

This picture was taken in Newcastle, before the Great City Games and Great North Run. Mo Farah and Greg Rutherford were there, and Mo Farah, with no prodding from us, picked up my brother's camera and took this wonderful picture of us. Mo Farah and Greg Rutherford would be back this year (2016), we will not, but will be thinking of two of our favorite athletes.

The Brothers Eder, Larry and Brian, photo by Mo Farah

It had been a very long season for Mo Farah. From February 2015 to September 2015, the racing was the easy part for Mo Farah. Constantly under media scrutiny, anyone would be excused for getting a little annoyed.

At the Birmingham DL meet presser, in mid July, the questions were, well, released in a staccatto fashion. Of the thirty plus questions, I believe that there were two on the actual upcoming race. When I asked Mo Farah about the schedule of his races this season, he looked at me for a long second, and then, taken off guard, tried to respond. Mo did not race that weekend.

I watched Mo race in Lausanne, and London, before his amazing double in Beijing. Fantastic races, with exciting tactics, and and athletes giving their all, to race a Mo Farah, obviously at the top of his game.

The Great North Run, held September each year, is one of my favorite events of the season. I like the CityGames on Saturday, followed by fifty thousand people running a half marathon through Gateshead and Newcastle the next day.

It was during one of lead up events to the Great North Run, a the local football club, Newcastle United, pitch, that it happened. The media was in small groups, at tables waiting for interviews.

Brian, my brother, had put his camera down to discuss some pictures with me. Mo picked up the camera and motioned to us, so we stood next to each other and Mo took several pictures.

He seemed to revel in it. Out of his normal element, Mo Farah was actually having a little fun. No pretense. No walls. No frustration. A big smile and one of the world's finest athletes behind a camera.

My brother and I have few pictures of us, and that makes it even more special.

But that, one of my favorite athletes took the time, in the drudgery of a media event, which must just all get mixed up in his memories, took the time to capture my brother and I, gives me a unique memory of that media day.

Perhaps, after Mo Farah retires from athletics, we will have to see if wants to pursue athletic photography.

He has a good eye.

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