Molly Huddle, Six weeks before NYC Marathon Debut (Video from Runnerspace),

Molly Huddle, BAA 5k (April 2016), photo by
In a wonderful interview with Molly Huddle, posted on (]), Jonathan Gault of Let' and Chris Lotsbom of Race Results Weekly caught up with one of our favorite American distance runners.
Molly Huddle, 2016 Olympic Trials (July 2016), photo by
For a few weeks, Molly Huddle held both the 5000 meters and 10,000 meters ARs, but Shannon Rowbury ran 14:38.92 just over a week ago to nab that record. That could, in the future, give Molly some impotus to head back to the track, but right now, Molly Huddle is focused on the Marathon, as she should be. Before that, Molly had focused most of the past year on building up for the 10,000 meters and 5,000 meters at the U.S. Olympic Trials, and then, the 10,000 meters in Rio. In Rio, on August 12, 2016, Molly Huddle finished sixth, running 30:13.17 for a new AR in the 10,000 meters in the Engenhau Stadio Olimpico. Keeping herself in control in the 10,000 meters, Molly hit the 5000m mark in 14:55 and went on to run 30:13.17, passing two runners in the final kilometers. Much of those last five thousand meters were run by herself. From my view in the stadium that day, I was much impressed by Molly Huddle's self control and focus in the 25 lapper. Those skills will help her in the marathon debut on November 6, 2016.
Molly Huddle, BAA 5k (April 2016), photo by
In the past, we have watched Huddle focus on the 5000 meters, breaking ARs twice, and recently, on the 10,000 meters, and setting an AR at the Rio Olympics, while taking sixth place.
The 26.2 mile distance can be a challenge for runners, elite and not so elite. Preparing well, with long runs, tempo runs, testing hydration and fueling, are part of the game. Molly Huddle, under the watchful eyes of coach, Ray Treacy, is just returning from some high altitude training.
Now, with six weeks to go, Molly Huddle is preparing for the next section of her training, as she leads to the TCS New York City Marathon on November 6, 2016.
The TCS NYC Marathon course is no easy first marathon. The temptations to run too fast way too early will happen, but Molly Huddle tends to understand that self control mechanism. She did that in Rio last month to perfection, taking the AR in the 10,000 meters. Over the half marathon distance, Molly has run some blistering times and has held on to win in some very tough races.
Molly Huddle may have the finest form for the marathon ever for an American women distance runner. Light stride, good mechanics, all help. The training, preparations and desire are key in marathon success. Anyone who thinks that Molly Huddle takes the marathon in anything but a serious manner is, well, suffering from delusions.
How will Molly Huddle do in New York? You will have to wait to see, dear reader, but that is why we call it sport. Nothing is guaranteed. But be assured, Molly Huddle will be in fine shape, and mentally prepared to take on the field assembled by the NYRR's David Monti, on November 6.
We will be looking for an exciting race.

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