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At the end of the season, the mistakes are made by overtraining. Recovery days are very important. Run easy on easy days. This is an easy day, so enjoy it, relax and work on the warm up and cooldown.

Garcia_Stephanie-Pre17.JPGStephanie Garcia, photo by

Wednesday, May 31, 2017. warm up, six miles, on soft surfaces, 6 times 150 meters, ten sit ups, ten push ups, five pull ups, sit ups, cooldown.

The Nike Presser for the NIke Prefontaine Classic is always fun and fascinating. Tom Jordan, long time meet impressario for the Nike Pre Classic, provides a weather update, a couple notes on scratches and gets to the survey the assembled media with a smile.

Then, Tom Jordan (the man who wrote the book Pre!), gets to do what he loves: talk track with the finest athletes in the world. Here are their responses, and they are worth a good listen.

Elites-Pre17.JPGNike Pre Classic Presser: Mo Farah, Allyson Felix, Elaine Thompson, Devon Allen, Ryan Crouser, Delilah Mohammed, Devon Allen, Mondo Duplantis), photo by

Our sport is about challenges sought, challenges taken, challenges missed, challenges retried, and challenges surpassed.

Enjoy your run today. Remember to watch the Pre Classic!

642617832.jpgLaura Muir, photo courtesy of British Athletics

Friday, May 26, 2017. warm up, six miles, on soft surfaces, 8 times 150 meters, ten sit ups, ten push ups, five pull ups, cooldown.

If you watch end of season races and championships, in the middle distance races, someone nearly always has a great move over the last 200 meters. Today, enjoy a fast workout and think about finishing fast over the last 200 meters of your next race!

Tommy Ratcliffe.jpgTommy Ratcliffe, after his 4:01.5 mile last June, Adrian Martinez Classic, photo by Kevin Morris

Thursday, May 25, 2017. warm up, 8 x 200 meters, 200 meter jog, 200 meters at current pace for 400 meters, on last 200 meters, run at 90 percent but relaxed, ten push ups, pull ups, sit ups, cooldown.

Fast runs now, during major race weeks, remind us of running swiftly and finishing swiftly. Good luck. Stay focused on the prize.

Martyn Rooney 2016.jpgMartyn Rooney, photo by

Tuesday, May 23, 2017. warm up, 2 x 1000 meters, at current mile pace, 500 meter jog in between, then, 2 x 400 meters, at current 800m racing pace, 400m jog in between, ten push ups, pull ups, sit ups, cooldown.

State meets all around the country, major invites all around the world. This is the time to warm up slowly, cool down slowly, remove wet clothes right away and listen to your body. The difference between getting sick and setting a PB is very, very close. You are peaking now. After 19 weeks of trianing, your body is fit, as is your mind. Sleep well, eat well, stay focused and race well.

Today is an easy day. No matter how much you feel like busting it, keep it all under control.

Monday,May 22, 2017. warm up, six miles easy, 6x150 meter stride outs, finish ten push ups, pull ups, sit ups, cooldown.

The Sunday after a good race is a morning where we temper our jubliation over a great race with, perhaps, some soreness. Start the run off slow, observe your body closely, and stay within your limits for a post race day.

IMG_5423.jpegAndy Vernon, HIghgate 10k Night of 10,000m PBs, photo by David Wearn

Run with friends, and enjoy the run, but, if you need to turn around early, do so.

Sunday, May 21, 2017. Long run, 10-11 miles, with warm up and cooldown and yes, push ups and sit ups.

Today is a big race day across the country! Good luck to all racing today!

Saturday, May 20, 2017. Race today, race a team relay or a single event. Remember to warm up and cooldown.

Fridays are planned as easy days of running. But, as race schedules change, sometimes, Fridays, are race days. Keep the easy days easy, as your body needs to recover from racing and hard days. Sounds easier than it is.

Friday, May 18, 2017. warm up, six miles, on soft surfaces, 8 times 150 meters, ten sit ups, ten push ups, five pull ups, cooldown.

The workout you have today is a tough as you want to make it. The idea would be to run the straights hard, so that you can run strong sprints and jog the turns. This work out is about changing speed and practicing the changing of speeds!

Radcliffe_Paula1a-Vienna12.jpgPaula Radcliffe, photo by

Thursday, warm up, 3 miles, jog turns, sprint stten push ups, pull ups, sit ups, cooldown.

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