2016-17 HOKA ONE ONE Fall Cross Country Training Program, Week 20, Day Five


The third week of recovery is important. See a movie this weekend. (Check out Man in the High Castle on Amazon, my new favorite). Read a book. Work in a soup kitchen. Do something you do not normally do. Savor the moment.

20151212-_D3_0204.jpgStretching, photo by PhotoRun.net

Friday, January 6, 2017: Warm up; 4-mile run, run on a soft surface, cool down.

Week 20: A third week of recovery...

Tis is the first week of the new year. This is your third week of recovery. Keep this schedule this week, and we will begin a regular schedule of training next week for the spring season.

Monday : Warm up; 4-mile run with friends, 4 x 150 meters, strideouts, cool down.

Tuesday: Warm up, A fun fartlek, A minute easy, a minute hard, do that twenty times, and then, cooldown. Warm up and cooldown about ten to fifteen minutes.

Wednesday: Take a day off, or run no more than four miles, easy.

Thursday: Warm up, Holmer Fartlek. This is old school. Warm up ten minutes, then, run somewhere in fifteen minutes, and see if you can return in 14 minutes, cooldown for ten minutes.

Friday: Warm up; 4-mile run, run on a soft surface, cool down.

Saturday: Take a break, relax with friends. Enjoy the holidays.

Sunday: Long, relaxed run of 7-9 miles with friends. Long runs are great way to get the body moving during the holidays.

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