2017 Spring, Week Six, Day 7, Indoor Season/Winter Training, 800 meters to 5000 meters


Taylor_Kellyn44-USAxc17.JPGKellyn Taylor, USATFXC2017, photo by PhotoRun.net

Races outdoors this time of year provide all kinds of challenges, as Kellyn Taylor, 4th in USA Olympic Trials marathon in 2016 and sixth in the 10,000 meters, illustrates. That was February 4, where Kellyn and the several hundred other cross country runners battled snow, mud and cold.

Such is the early spring. Enjoy your long run today with your friends. Bundle up and have a good time.

Sunday, February 26, 2017. Long run, 9-10 miles, with warm up and cooldown and yes, push ups and sit ups.

Week Six, Spring 2017, Indoor Season/Winter Training

This program, for the next twelve weeks, will be geared for 800 meters to 5000 meters, and for thos who may run indoors, but the focus is outdoors. Week five is tough, long intervals, some variety, remember, that you will be tired. Remember you push ups, sit ups too. Consider pull ups, start with two a day.

Monday, Warm up, 6 mile run, 6 x 150 meter stride outs. Push ups, sit ups (bent leg), Ten each, cooldown.

Tuesday, Long Day of intervals, Warm up, Sub maximal interval workout, two sets of 10 x 200 meters , with 200 meter jog, 200 meters fast at pace of current 1,500 meters or mile, (so, if you can run 5:00 mile, your 200 meters would be in 37.5), jog 800 meters between set one and set two, then, proceed with set two, in set two, your pace is based on your current 800 meter race level, so, if you can run 2:20 for 800m, your pace for 200 meters is 35 seconds, jog 800 meters after second set, stretch, then long cooldown. Get off wet clothes and jog in dry tshirt and sweats (avoid colds).

Wednesday, Warm up, 6 miles, on soft surfaces, 6 times 150 meters, Ten sit ups and ten push ups, cooldown.

Thursday, Warm up, Two miles on track, sprint straights (at mile pace effort), jog turns, then, 6 x 300 meter cut downs (each one faster than one before, so if you start at 55, next is 54, next is 53, just keep increasing pace), then, long cooldown.

Friday, Warm up, easy, three miles to five miles, soft ground, and finish with 6 x 150 meters, cooldown, plus five push ups, five bent leg sit ups.

Saturday, Race day. Race 800m, 1000 meters or 2 miles. If you can not race, do the following: Warm Up, Short Fartlek workout. Forty minute fartlek, one minute fast, one minute slow, repeat 20 times, cooldown easy three miles. If you have raced three straight weekends, then consider 2 miles, and see how it feel.

Sunday, Long run, 9-10 miles, with warm up and cooldown and yes, push ups and sit ups.

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