RunBlogRun Interviews Guy Morse, former Executive Director of the Boston Marathon (1985-2012), Part 1


Guy Morse came into his position in Boston in a time of turmoil. The iconic Boston Marathon was considering going into the world of professional sport, and the running community as well as the Boston Athletic Association, was divided on where Boston should go.

Morse_Guy-WorldMM06.jpgGuy Morse, BAA Executive Director (2006), photo by

Guy Morse is one of the titans of the modern Marathon. His abiity to bring in sponsors, develop a long term marathon team and work with disparate organizations are the skill sets that you see in the likes of David Bedford (London Marathon former director), Carey Pinkowski (Chicago Executive Director), Mary Wittenberg (New York City), three of the finest marathon directors in their communities.

The first titans of the marathon were the late Fred Lebow and Allan Steinfeld of NYC Marathon. Fred and Allan reinvented the modern marathon. Many of our finest marathons are into their second and third generations of management (look at NYC with Michael Capiraso and Peter Ciaccia).

We are fortunate to have sat down with Guy Morse, who, in this multi part interview, will provide us some of the history that many of us take for granted. We thank Guy Morse, and our film crew, the Shoe Addicts for this series.

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