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meeting de paris july 1 2017 poster.jpgThe Paris Diamond League is only twelve hours away, so here is the preview from our friends at EME News. Make sure you watch this meet!

The Paris DL is one of my favorite meetings each summer. I missed it in 2016. This year, it has moved to Charlety Stadium and will seat 19,000. Weather should be cool, and the meet goes from 6:55 PM local time to about 10 PM local time.

Watch for live RunBlogRun and check out our video interviews from the Paris DL Presser.

MDP2017_Header.jpgIf you would like to download the starting lists and the media guide, do that below:

Click here to download the media guide

I have been at all the competitions that Christian Taylor has broken 18 meters, but I missed viewing one when I was watching a 1,500 meters. That happened in 2015, and I apologized to Christian, as I felt I had not done my job.

Screen Shot 2017-06-27 at 2.25.13 PM.png

Christian Taylor is a highly positive, highly likable, terribly smart athlete, who has a loving family, supportive coaching structure, and strong desire to breaking the World record for triple jumps. Taylor loves competition, and his competition with Will Claye at the Pre Classic resulted in a last jump by Taylor of 18.11 meters.

The triple jump will feature Taylor, Claye and Pichardo tomororw in Paris. Here's what Christian Taylor had to say to the media: « I'm very happy to be in Paris. I was there three years ago in 2014, when the event was at the Stade de France. I don't know the new venue, I will discover it. Weather is a little bit cold, but that's fine for me. I live and train in Netherlands, so I'm used to it. I've been training in Netherlands since last February. So far, my season has been quite good and interesting. But I want to be very consistent at my next competitions. My training has been wonderful, the field is very strong : I expect a lot for the MEETING de PARIS. »

The press conference with Renaud Lavillenie and Sam Kendricks was my favorite.

Renaud Lavillenie is the world record holder and world champion at the pole vault. Sam is the Olympic silver medalist and World indoor silver medalist as well. Last weekend, Sam Kendricks cleared 6 meters for the first time.

What is so great about these two? They compete and they are friends. Renaud was totally relaxed and so was Sam.

Sam spoke of the clearing of six meters, as akin to a right of manhood for pole vaulters, but also a very personal experience. He then smiled, looked at Renaud and said, you have cleared six meters twelve times?

Renaud just smiled.

LaVillenie_Renaud1h-PV15.jpgRenaud Lavillenie, photo by PhotoRun.net

Renaud Lavillenie has dealt with injuries for some six months. He hurt a leg so he had to rebuild his strength and be very careful. He is getting close to top fitness, but not there. Here was his amazing quote:

« It looks that people forgot that I was on only one leg for all the last winter. I needed to rebuild myself. It's not an easy task. Knowing that, my season in pretty decent so far. At first, I was not able to jump on a complete run up, I only could do it on 16 strikes. For the last 3 weeks, I could have done it, but the conditions on competition didn't allow me to. Despite this problem, I have been able to jump 5 times at 5.80 m or higher. That's correct but not enough to win a big event. But things will change, we are only on late june. Today, I don't feel any pain, I'm able to fully train and jump. »

Kendricks_Sam1c-Pre17.jpgSam Kendricks soars, Nike Pre 2017, photo by PhotoRun.net

Sam Kendricks is a US Army officer. He speaks like an officer (truly, a compliment) and enjoys the world around him. Here is what Sam Kendricks had to say:

« I'm very happy to be in Paris. Happy to be back in Paris, where things started for me. I remember being there in 2015, for the meeting, my first big international meeting. I was proud to be part of it. Now, things are different. Jumping 6 m in Sacramento was an important goal for me. It's was something I tried to achieve for a long time. With my coach, we worked a lot to do it. Now, it's done. It gives me a lot of confidence. »

Kevin Mayer is France's finest decathlete. In 2014, Kevin took the silver in the European championships, and in 2016, Mr. Mayer took the silver in Rio in the decathlon, behind only Ashton Eaton.

Mayer_KevinDisR-Rio16.jpgKevin Mayer, discus at Rio Decathlon, Photo by PhotoRun.net

In 2017, I watched Kevin Mayer set the European record for the heptathlon while winning the European title at Belgrade, one of his finest performances. This improved on his silver medal in Gothenburg in 2013.

Mayer is healthy, having just completed a 20 day training plan, and will be competing in a triathlon event (javelin, long jump). Kevin Mayer has had some injury issues, so his javelin will be with a short run up.

Kevin Mayer is a tremendously talented athlete. I believe he should be the next man at the top of the global decathlon rankings.

Enjoy the interview I did off my iphone at the Paris DL meeting. The interview series at Paris is one of the finest in the world. Ten to twelve fifteen to thirty minute interviews with some of the finest sports writers in the world. I just love breathing in the drama.

Kevin Mayer is focused on the London 2017 decathlon. Here are his quotes for the media:

« Having a triathlon in a Diamond League meeting is a very good idea. I support it. It helps to show combined events to the public. And, in the same time, it helps us to prepare the main championships and to work on transition without doing a complete decathlon. So, it's obviously a good thing. But we have to remember that triathlon is not a real event, it has to stay only a good way to prepare and t attract the public. I'm in a good shape, I worked a lot for the past week weeks. I hope the MEETING de PARIS will reflect all this hard work. But I've been injured. So, I will probably throw the javelin on a short run up. »

Omar McLeod is the 2016 World Indoor Champion and the 2016 Olympic champion. This year, he has run 13.09 for the world lead, and is being coached by Edrick Floreal, the head track coach at the University of Kentucky. His move to Coach Floreal (who also coaches Keni Harrison, the WR 100m hurdler and soon, will be coaching Sydney McLaughlin, the high school 400m hurdle phenom), is recent.

McLeod_Omar-PreC17.jpgOmar McLeod, Olympic Champion, World Indoor Champion, photo by PhotoRun.net

Omar McLeod was quite confident in the interview at the the Paris DL meeting. He told the assembled media that he was loving his event again, which he attributed to Coach Floreal!

Here's Omar's quote: « I'm in a good shape, that's obvious. I've just got a new PB (12.90). I'm fast, faster than ever. This season, I have to confess that WR is in my mind. I hope to be able to beat it before the end of the season. But I don't want to target it at each event. I don't need this kind of pressure. The reason I improved so much this season is my new coach. I switched coaches, now I train in Lexington, Kentucky, with Edrick Floreal, Kendra Harrison's coach. He gave me back the love of hurdles. Most important, I changed my technique. »

Elliott Denman was an Olympic race walker. He gets it. He knows what it is like to make an Olympic dream a reality. Trey Hardee just won his fourth USATF title, fourteen years after his first title.

"You make 4.90m look like 4.80m" - @jcoover #dieseldudestorm 🌴⌚️

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Pretty darn amazing.

Trey should get some solace that Wikipedia had him listed as retired. Well, that's nice.

Here's Elliot's story on Trey Hardee!

Steve Ritchie, who covered the USATF Outdoor Champs for RunblogRun by reviewing the NBC Gold package and NBC TV coverage was given the task of covering the Track Summer Series opener. Here is his commentary on the fine opening meeting.

A quick trip to Pablo Alto for this meet... #outdoortrack #trackandfield #runnerspace #dyestat #stanforduniversity #tracktownsummerseries

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This interview was done with Brett Schumacher, Chief of Operations at Global Athletics and Marketing, on June 2, 2017, hours before the first of the two events that comprise the adidas Boost Boston Games. We wanted our readers to appreciate the complexity of events that combine old and new school in athletics.

Screen Shot 2017-06-30 at 8.53.59 AM.pngBrett Schumacher, photo by The Shoe Addicts

The adidas Boost Boston Games is in its second year, and it was a huge improvement on the first year. This is the future of the sport, bringing the events to the fans. The building and taking apart of the street track, all in 48 hours, is a major feat.

Screen Shot 2017-06-30 at 8.55.41 AM.pngLarry Eder and Brett Schumacher discussing world domination, photo by The Shoe Addicts

In the city of Ostrava, nestled in the Czech Republic, is one of the finest athletics meetings in Europe, if not, the world. The Golden Spike, now in its 56th year, entertains the crowd of 30,000, with some of the finest athletes in the world.

Usain Bolt comienza en Ostrava su última gira europea. Usain Bolt, plusmarquista mundial y campeón olímpico de 100 y 200 metros, emprenderá en Ostrava (Rep. Checa) su última gira europea, que culminará en agosto con su despedida en los Mundiales de Londres. Bolt competirá por novena vez en la reunión Golden Spike de Ostrava, que para él tiene un significado especial porque fue el primer mitin que lo invitó cuando era júnior. "Los aficionados checos siempre me han dado una calurosa acogida", explica. El ser humano más rápido de la historia se despidió de sus compatriotas el 10 de junio pasado en el estadio Nacional de Kingston con una carrera de 100 metros a su medida que ganó en 10.03. Una marca que le sitúa, por el momento, en un discreto vigésimo segundo puesto en el ránking mundial de la temporada. Más información en nuestro portal y síguenos en las redes sociales. #3viewsport #3viewsportmagazine #revistadeportiva #sports #sportphotography #sportmagazine #revistadeportiva #photography #fotografia #siguenosenlasredessociales #running #atletismo #news #usainbolt #goldenspikeostrava #plusmarquista #campeonolimpico #100y200mts #giraeuropea #mundialesdelondres #despedida

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This year, was, well, special. Usain Bolt, who has come to this event many times, ran his final elite 100 meters here, winning in 10.06. Wayde Van Niekerk ran the WR for 300 meters in 30.81, running faster than Micheal Johnson, and teasing on just how fast the young South African can run over 400 meters.

Mo Farah continues to remind that he is king of the athletic forest, at least over 5000 meters and 10,000 meters. And Thomas Rohler makes throwing over 91 meters seem mundane, but, as we know dear readers, it is not!

Here are the results to enjoy.

Pavel Fadjek continued his winning ways, with another throw of 80 meters, this time, the WL of 83.44 meters. Wojciech Nowicki finished second in 80.31m, putting two throwers over 80 meters.

On the women's side, WR holder and Olympic champion Anita Wlodarczyk continues her massive throwing, with a winning 79.72 meters.

Fadjek_Pawel1-Moscow13.jpgPawel Fadjek, photo by PhotoRun.net

DSCN0153.JPGShara Proctor, Long Jump leader in UK, photo by Stuart Weir

The British Trials, held in Birmingham, UK this weekend, July 1 and 2, will have some fascinating events. Paul Halford, in his UK Athletics Diary, exclusively for RunBlogRun, explains the system and provides his thoughts on the major events!

The 2017 Ostrava Golden Spike meeting was one of the finest meets in this event's history. It also shows that, there are meets outside of the Diamond League, that surpass Diamond League expectations. Here's Cathal Dennehy's story.

#goldenspike #goldenspikeostrava #nikon #d750 #d750nikon

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shara1.jpgShara Proctor and her new friend, photo by Stuart Weir

In 2014, I was traveling around Europe as an athletic pilgrim. I followed Ashton Eaton to most of his 400 meter hurdle races, as he had taken a year off from the decathlon. I was there when he ran a fine PB and run in Glasgow. Speaking to Ashton afterwards, he told me that he was refreshed focusing on the new discipline and that, in the end, "it was all about 2016."

Stu Weir is our Scottish athletic pilgrim, traveling around the globe for a good race, or, an unusual story. Here is his piece on Shara Proctor, a fine long jumper, who, in Lille, took a chance and tried another event, the triple jump.

As we begin to look towards cross country, start to think about goals. I always suggest three simple goals, perhaps a time, perhaps a place at major meet, and perhaps, a feeling in workouts. Write on 5x8 card and put on mirror, something that you see each day. You might also add to your iphione, for, say 8 am, :"Each day, I am becoming a better and better cross country runner." Simple, positive things.

Fauble_Scott10-USAxc17.JPGScott Fauble, photo by PhotoRun.net

Friday, June 30, 2017. warm up, easy 30-40 minute run, cooldown

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Our cross country program is prepared to help you be ready for the rigors of fall cross country season. That means that, one must take a break after track season as well. So, enjoy the weekend, and get your runs is as we plan them.

Hehir_Martin4-USAxc17.JPGMatt Hehir, photo by PhotoRun.net

Thursday, June 29 2017 , Take a day off

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It is Wednesday, June 28. Tracktown series starts tomorrow at Stanford, Ostrava is today as well, and Paris is on July 1, so lots of track to watch on TV. Enjoy your easy time this week as we get going next week!

Taylor_Kellyn40-USAxc17.JPGRunning in the mud with Kellyn Taylor, photo by PhotoRun.net

Wednesday, June 28 2017, warm up, easy 30 minute run, cooldown.

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DSCN0157.JPGA nice crowd at Lille, photo by J. Stuart Weir

Stuart Weir visited Lille, France, and wrote about the European team championships. A Scotsmann in France, isn't that the title of a Mark Twain short story (if not, should be)?Anyway, here's Stu's sterling observations on the meet. Nice pictures too!

Hills are the secret sauce for cross country training. Start out easy on these, and watch what we do over the next twelve weeks!

Fauble_Scott3-USAxc17.JPGScott Fauble, photo by PhotoRun.net

Tuesday,June 27, 2017. warm up, easy hill run, find a 30-40 minute run with some gentle hills, cooldown.

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Stevens_DeajahFHL-USOut17.jpGDeajah Stevens wins the 200 meters, to the consternation of NBC, photo by PhotoRun.net

Steven Ritchie has watched many hours of track & field over the four days of the USATF outdoors. On Day 4, Steve focused on NBC, and as one would expect, there were some things that were good, but there was some things, well, lacking.

Again, why do we do this? If we want Track & Field to be a bigger sport globally, we need to professionalize our media coverage. We need to up the game. Here's Steven's commentary and review of the coverage and his suggestions on how NBC can make their coverage better.

On Saturday morning, I was doing a short piece for BBC Five Live. They had an exceptional interview with Dalilah Muhammed. When asked about Dalilah, I called her the 'Edwin Moses' of women's 400m hurdling. I have seen Dalilah as exceptional for some time, and her Rio win made me a believer. Her run in Sacramento just added to the respect for Dalilah Muhammed.

Will Claye was on his zone on Friday in the triple jump. Claye went 17.47 meters, 17.68 meters, 17.79 meters, 17.78 meters, and boom, 17.91 meters in his fifth attempt. Claye was not challenged, as Christian Taylor had a bye, and did a run through, a foul, and the party was over.

Will Claye and Christian Taylor will meet in London. Former Gators, Claye and Taylor compete with each other, respect each other and draw each other's best performances. We can not wait for London!

Kendricks_Sam-USAout17.jpgSam Kendricks wins the pole vault, photo by PhotoRun.net

Day Three brought the temperature even more, and a temperature around 100 felt so much nicer than 110. Sam Kendricks used that tepid weather to clear six meters, his first time over that classic pole vault height.

Sam was one of the fine performances on Saturday, June 24. Here's some of my other observations.

Friday at the USATF Outdoors had so many amazing moments, but, the 100 meters were two important events. Tori Bowie won the 100 meter women's race, going away. Justin Gatlin used his experience and observation skills to defeat Christian Coleman. Two very different races, and two wonderful events to observe!

The 10,000 meters were the two big finals that kept the fans in the stands late into the evening, as the 10,000 meters were moved back one hour to keep the temperatures under 40 degrees Celcius/100 degrees Fahrenheit. Hotter than the temperatures were the finishes of winners Molly Huddle and Hassan Mead.

You know, there are weekends of track and field and there are Wonder weekends. Last weekend, dear readers, was a wonder weekend. Each day of the US Champs had great moments, but consider the shot put. Consider the sixth round and the last two throws.

Joe Kovacs was sitting in second place, with a throw of 21.93 meters. Ryan Crouser had been leading since attempt one, where Ryan had thrown 21.82 meters. In attempt three, Crouser cranked a 22.02 meters, and in round five, threw 22.01 meters. He was looking pretty darn good.

Joe Kovacs had throw 21.93 meters on his fifth attempt.

But, the fireworks began with two throws left in the competition. Joe Kovacs puts the shot 22.35 meters! Kovacs goes nuts, the shot put fans cheer, and a very emotional Ryan Crouser gets into the ring. The announcer makes sure everyone knows that this is the very last throw, the very last attempt for Ryan Crouser, and that Kovacs may have stolen the title from Crouser with his last 22. 35 meters.

Ryan Crouser responded with a 22.65 meters, the farthest throw in fourteen years, taking the title on the very last throw. Crouser was quite effusive after the throw, and the crowd went nuts.

This, kind readers, is why I love field events such as the long jump, triple jump and shot put. One athlete does his or her thing, and the last attempt is upon them, how does the athlete react? That is a champion. Kovacs and Crouser are amazing performers, and when the shot put gets its due, and the athletes are ready, you see performances like Sunday in Sacramento, Fast and Furious in the Shot Put Ring.

Here's how Brian Eder caught the moment:

As I was posting this story on Monday night, I recieved a text from Jeff Benjamin. Jeff wanted me to change Paul Chelimo's run to the best performance of the entire meet! "After rewatching the coverae, I believe Paul Chelimo had the best performance of the entire meet!

Chelimo_PaulH-USAout17.jpgPaul Chelimo runs a fearless 5000 meters in hot weather, photo by PhotoRun.net

Brazier_DonovanSF-USOut17.jpGDonovan Brazier wins 800 meter title, photo by PhotoRun.net

WIlson_AjeeFHH-USOut17.jpGAjee' Wilson and Charlene Lipsey, go 1,2 in the 800 meters, photo by PhotoRun.net

The 800 meters were fun races in Sacramento, both kept us wondering what would happen, and in both cases, big surprises in third, and in the mens, second and third. Here's David Monti's story on the 800 meters and men's steeplechase.

Jager_EvanH-USOut17.jpGEvan Jager on task, photo by PhotoRun.net

Evan Jager is the Olympic silver medalist in the steeplechase. At the top of his game, Evan is a player in the event that he was made for, that he has trained hard for, and that he is a player in any steeple he enters. Here is David Hunter's feature on this fine athlete.

Simpson_JennyR-USOut17.jpGJenny Simpson takes 1,500 meters, photo by PhotoRun.net

The 1,500 meters, both totally different races, lived up to expectation and more! Jenny Simpson showed that she is just, the finest American women 1,500m runner of her generation. On the men's side, Robbie Andrews, Matthew Centrowitz battled to the last inches!

Here's David Monti's feature on the 1,500ms and the women's steeplechase.

#regram @bencrawfordphoto GOAT SLAYER -- Robby Andrews takes down Centro in the 1500m Final

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Kipyegon_Faith-Pre17.JPGFaith Kipyegon, photo by PhotoRun.net

Justin Lagat covered the Kenyan Trials for RunBlogRun, which happened on June 23-24. Justin provides a succint update on the Kenyan Trials and some of the stars, new and old, that will be heading to London for August 4-13, 2017.

The 2017 USATF Outdoor Senior and Junior Championships ended in Sacramento yesterday. Amazing performances from the very best athletes in the country! All of them started out in high school track, or, perhaps junor high school or youth club. Cross country is a few months off, but that is why we get you going easy these last couple weeks of June to begin in July.

Here is the second week of early season, so enjoy your run today and find some video clips that inspire you this week!

Taylor_Kellyn38-USAxc17.JPGKellyn Taylor, photo by PhotoRun.net

Monday, June 25, 2017. warm up, easy 30-40 minute run, cooldown.

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Long runs, or, in my case, long walks, are great for Sunday mornings. My Sunday runs in college, through the Santa Cruz mountains with Paul Gyorey, were full of running through the ghost towns of the Santa Cruz area, then, after an easy ten miles, slightly downhill, we would turn around and begin the arduous run back up. After the run, a nice relaxed breakfast at Coaches house, and then a day of studying (of course, a nap was included).

Enjoy the run, enjoy your day.

Sunday, June 25, 2017. warm up, 45-50 minutes, minutes easy run, cool down

As you begin running again, please consider the HOKA ONE ONE training shoes.

To learn about our sponsor, please go to 2017 HOKA ONE ONE Postal Nationals

Want some inspiration? Then, check out the video below, which highlights the 2016 HOKA ONE ONE Postal Nationals. It should inspire you to ask coach if your team can compete in it. All teams are welcome and it is free! See how your team ranks across the U.S! Here's the video: http://www.runnerspace.com/video.php?video_id=190549#ooid=E2OHhiODE6d19qhv14SIqSXQX088IklV

Bartoletta_Tianna1-Lausanne16.jpgTianna Bartoletta, photo by PhotoRun.net

Kendricks_Sam1c-Pre17.jpgSam Kendricks, photo by PhotoRun.net

Saunders_RavenQ-OlyGame16.jpgRaven Saunders, photo by PhotoRun.net

It is called American Track & Field, but many days, it should be American Field and Track. On Day 3, Steve Ritchie focuses on the increased coverage and quality of the field events, and provides some compliments plus some worthwhile critique.

Races are, well, decided when the athletes cross the finish line. They can not be planned by TV, or managers, they, well happen. Today's 1,500 meters both reminded us of that. Jenny Simpson won the 1,500m for women, holding of Kate Grace, and Sara Vaughn ran like a bat out of proverbial hell and won the third position.

In the men's race, Matt Centrowtiz took the inside position, as is his want, and was prepared to hold off the surging horde. He was expecting attacks from many. Ben Blankenship went hard in lap 3 and was in the lead with 300 meters to go. Clayton Murphy was expected to be there.

Well, no one told Robbie Andrews or Johnny Gregorek. Robbie has taken bridesmaid position to Matt Centrowitz two times, this time was different. Andews focused his drive and got by Centrowitz for his first US national title. Flying down the final stretch, Johnny Gregorek, whose mother (Chris) and father (John) were fine elite athletes, his father making the 1980 & 1984 Olympic teams.

Well, Robbie and Johnny kind of ruined the race plan that David Hunter had about the men's 1,500 meters. Here is how David Hunter sums it all up...

#regram @bencrawfordphoto GOAT SLAYER -- Robby Andrews takes down Centro in the 1500m Final

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Kipruto_ConseslusR-Doha16.jpgConseslus Kipruto, photo by PhotoRun.net
Jebet and Ruto top winners
NAIROBI (KEN, Jun 23): First day of Kenyan Trials saw 2015 World CC Champion Agnes Jebet to be back when winning the 10 000 m in 31:56.0. Second spot for Irene Cheptai 31:56.4 and third for African champion Alice Aprot 32:16.7. First non qualifier Veronica Nyaruai 32:34.6. Cyrus Ruto (coached by Patrick Sang) is the new name to watch in men 5000 m when he won in 13:31.7. World Youth 3000 m silver medallist Davis Kiplagat dug deep to finish second in 13:31.7 but the third-place finisher Geoffrey Koech in 13:33.9 was disqualified for lane infringement, which saw Commonwealth steeple champion Jonathan Ndiku fall with 300m to go. So Josphat Kiprono was upgraded for third place and third spot for London 13:35.3. Besides Ndiku, 2008 Olympics 5000 m bronze medallist Edwin Soi was the other major casualty in a race where World 5000m silver medallist Caleb Ndiku failed to show up. All three will debut at World Championships. In steeple semis without Ezekiel Kemboi, Conseslus Kipruto 8:36.0 and Jairus Birech 8:34.7 won their races. Also in 800 m semifinals Ferguson Rotich got the first one in 1:45.2 over Emmanuel Korir 1:45.5 and Alfred Kipketer 1:45.9, in the second one Kipyegon Bett 1:45.9. Mathew Sawe won high jump with 220, but still needs qualifying mark for London, Elijah Kimitei topped triple jump 16.09.

DSCN0147.JPGThe Metropole Lille Scoreboard, photo thoughtfully taken by J. Stuart Weir

DSCN0150.JPGA decent crowd in Lille, France, photo by J. Stuart Weir

So, we sent Stuart Weir to the European Team Championships. Stu was wary of this assignment, because it involved going to France, and that wine and cheese really worries Stuart. But, we had a long conversation, and I reminded him that France has a new President, and he likes the Scots, well, for now. In all candor, I really like Lille, and have found the food pleasant, the walks full of historical sites and people speak to me (in French).

Enjoy Stuart's thoughtful explanation of the European Team Championships.

Thompson_Elaine1-Pre17.jpgElaine Thompson, photo by PhotoRun.net
Blake_Yohan-RunBase17.jpGYohan Blake, phoot by PhotoRun.net
Thompson 10.71 WL, Blake 9.90, A. Powell out
KINGSTON (JAM, Jun 23): Elaine Thompson confirmed huge shape with 10.71 (+0.8) World lead to win the 100 m at Jamaican Championships. Second Simone Facey 11.04 and third Jura Levy with PB 11.06 making the team, for relay remains fourth Natasha Morrison 11.09 and fifth Sashalee Forbes 11.10 PB. In men final Yohan Blake won in 9.90 (+0.9) ahead of Julian Forte 10.04 (but 9.99 PB in semis +0.8) and Senoj-Jay Givans 10.05. Fourth Michael Campbell 10.07 PB. Two candidates for national team berth were out because of the injuries, former world record holder Asafa Powell was forced to withdraw from final (10.15 in semifinal) due to achilles pain. Odean Skeen pulled out during the final, he clocked 10.05 (+0.5) in semifinals. Jaheel Hyde won the 400 m hurdles in 48.53 over Kemar Mowatt 48.53 and huge sensation with veteran Ricardo Cunningham at age of 36 improving to 48.83. In women 400 m hurdles surprise win for Rhonda Whyte 54.29 PB ahead of Ristanana Tracey 54.49 and Leah Nugent 54.54. Out for Janieve Russell 55.34, Nikita Tracey 55.70 and Kaliese Spencer 55.82. Kemoy Campbell won the 5000 m in 13:53.61, Jessica Noble long jump 646 PB (-0.3) and Kellion Knibb 62.73 discus Jamaican record. Fastest 400 m heat times for Demish Gaye 46.05 and Shericka Jackson 51.01.

Gatlin_JustinFH1b-USOut17.jpGJustin Gatlin wins 100 meters, photo by PhotoRun.net

I noted to the BBC this morning that Justin Gatlin has that rare perspective of experience that can give him the wins in the big championships. David Hunter explores the 100 meters and Friday in this column on page 2. Read it, please, as he did a fine job!

We have asked Steve Ritchie to review the coverage provided by NBC Gold, online and on terrestrial TV. This is day two's column. Let us know what you think. If we want our sport to be taken seriously, we need to improve the access and quality of athletics media. That, dear and kind readers, is why we asked Steve Ritchie to review the USATF Coverage.

Cunningham_VashtiR-USAout17.jpgVashti Cunningham, High Jump champion, photo by PhotoRun.net


PHOTO: Emily Richards (center) competing in the semi-finals of the 800m at the USATF National Outdoor Track & Fiend Championships in Sacramento, Calif. (photo courtesy of Ohio Northern University Sports Information Office, used with permission)
David Monti is the editor of Race Results Weekly. RRW is a partner of RunBlogRun and the RunningNetwork, covering high end middle and long distance running. Here is David's fine piece on a young up and comer, Emily Richards.

Chelimo_PaulH-USAout17.jpgPaul Chelimo, running on his lonesome, photo by PhotoRun.net

Like many immigrants, Paul Chelimo is very proud to be an American. In many of his races, Paul salutes the crowd. This is a very serious and conscious act for this young serviceman. As a member of the US Army Track team, Paul worked for a few years, not really running after his college career. He has improved his college PB of 13:41 to two PBs at Rio Olympics last year (and a PB at the Olympic Trials).

His 5000 meters last night was a message. He was in the battle with Mo Farah until the last 150 meters. After winning his silver medal, at the presser in Rio, Paul told me, " I almost beat Mo Farah." It was like a dream statement for the new American distance runner. Paul Chelimo will go to London hoping for more than a dream.

Here's David Monti's story on Paul's amazing race!

Saturday, June 24, 2017. Take the day off. Watch track on TV all day. Seriously, do something fun today.

As you begin running again, please consider the HOKA ONE ONE training shoes.

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Want some inspiration? Then, check out the video below, which highlights the 2016 HOKA ONE ONE Postal Nationals. It should inspire you to ask coach if your team can compete in it. All teams are welcome and it is free! See how your team ranks across the U.S! Here's the video: http://www.runnerspace.com/video.php?video_id=190549#ooid=E2OHhiODE6d19qhv14SIqSXQX088IklV

Mead_HassanFV-USAout17 copy.jpgHassan Mead, photo by PhotoRun.net

Huddle_MollyLeds-USOut17.jpGMolly Huddle, Shalane Flanagan, Emily Sisson, Emily Infeld, photo by PhotoRun.net

Huddle and Mead winning 10k, Coleman sub 10 in heats
SACRAMENTO (USA, Jun 22): The 2017 USATF Outdoor Championships kicked off at Sacramento State University with upset heats and riveting finals in high temperatures, informs USATF. The first senior championship title went to Alex Young in the men's hammer throw with 73.50 PB. In the women's javelin throw, American record holder Kara Winger secured her spot on Team USATF by taking the title with a first throw of 62.80m. Keturah Orji dominated the women's triple jump to qualify for London. The 2016 Olympian and NCAA Outdoors Champion won with a jump of 14.26 followed by Tori Franklin at 13.80 PB.
Recently-crowned NCAA Outdoors Champion Christian Coleman easily took the fastest time in the first round of men's 100m, clocking 9.93 (+0.2). 2015 World Championships competitor Isiah Young had the second-fastest overall time in 9.97 PB (+1.5 m/s). Also Justin Gatlin got 10.00 (+1.2), the same for Mike Rodgers. Jarrion Lawson posted PB 10.03. Out in heats Tyson Gay (10.17) and Trayvon Bromell 10.22 (his first meet of the year). On the women's side, Tori Bowie bested the competition in 10.90 (+1.6 m/s) with Morolake Akinosun 10.98 (+0.7) and Barbara Pierre 10.99 (+1.4). American record holder Gia Lewis-Smallwood was trailing for the latter part of Thursday's discus throw, with 2016 Olympic Trials champion Whitney Ashley leading after the third round. Lewis-Smallwood launched the discus 62.65 to capture the top spot on the podium, while Ashley utilized her fifth-round toss of 62.20 to claim second place ahead of Valerie Allman 57.93 (her first national team). The women's 10,000m final under the lights put the spotlight on Molly Huddle as she commanded the lead from start to finish Thursday, capturing her sixth USATF title overall and her third in the women's 10,000m in 31:19.86. Staying on her heels for the duration of the race were training partner Emily Sisson and Olympic teammate Emily Infeld who charged over the final lap to secure their spots on Team USATF in 31:22.67 and 31:25.64 PB. Fourth Shalane Flanagan 31:31.12 and fifth Natosha Rogers 31:54.62 PB. In the men's 10,000m, Hassan Mead was impressive late in a tactical race, holding off final surges from the chase pack to break Galen Rupp's streak of eight consecutive USATF 10,000m titles in 29:01.44. Rio Olympian Shadrack Kipchirchir nearly clipped Mead at the line, coming in just behind in 29:01.68. Rio Olympian Leonard Korir captured the third spot on Team USATF, coming through the line in 29:02.64 for third. Galen Rupp was 5th 29:04.61. Sub 45 times in 400 m heats for Gil Roberts 44.63, Bryshon Nellum 44.85 and Kyle Collins 44.95. Erik Sowinski (1:46.55, out for Nick Symmonds and Casimir Loxsom) and Brenad Martinez (2:02.31) were the fastest in 800 m heats. Samuel Prakel topped 1500 m heats 3:40.76, here the most known no qualifier Leo Manzano. Kendall Ellis was the best in 400 m heats 50.81 and Kate Grace (4:09.11) with Emma Coburn (9:38.68) in 1500 m and steeple heats. With the help from USATF website.

We all need dreams. Emily Lipari's dream is about make USA outdoor finals. And she just did! RunBlogRun interviewed Emily at the adidas Boston Boost Games and she had won an 800m on Thursday, June 1, and then, the 1,500 meters on June 2. She did it with this amazing sprint over the last 50 meters.

David Monti wrote this piece on Emily and the fact that she made her first US champs final! Here's is his fine piece!

Lipari_EmilyQ-USAout17 copy.jpgEmily Lipari, photo by PhotoRun.net

Huddle_MollyLeds-USAout17.jpgMolly Huddle, Shalane Flanagan, Emily Sisson, Emily Infeld, photo by PhotoRun.net

In some of the hottest weather this viewer has witnessed in a US championships, Molly Huddle and Hasan Mead came out on top in brutally tough 10,000 meters. Here is David Monti's wonderful coverage of all events, 800 meters and up! Thanks to Race Results Weekly and David Monti's commentary.

Murphy_ClaytonQ-USAout17 copy.jpgClayton Murphy in the 800 meters, June 22, 2017, photo by PhotoRun.net

Clayton Murphy had a busy day on Thursday, running both the 800 meter heats and the 1,500 meter heats. He made it through the trying conditions, and now, as David Hunter eludes to below, he had a busy three days ahead of the University of Akron grad.

Steve Ritchie is a fine journalist hailing from Oregon. I met him over the last three Olympic Trials as he represented various media groups. I enjoyed his writing and our conversations. I asked him to cover the various media covering the 2017 US Champs, from June 22-June 25. Here is his first column, on NBC sports gold.

Why do we review media coverage, as we have since 2004? Because we want to see our sport thrive and we believe that providing a critical review of media coverage is key to improving that coverage. Please enjoy Steve Ritchie's review.

Grunewald_GabrieleQR1-USOut17.jpGGabe Grunewald, after her 1,500m heat, photo by PhotoRun.net

Grunewald_GabrieleQ-USOut17 copy.jpgGabe Grunewald, photo by PhotoRun.net

Kwemoi_RonaldFV-PreC17.jpGRonald Kwemoi, photo by PhotoRun.net

The Kenyan Trials are going on as I write this. Justin Lagat's piece on what could happen there, and just how good the Kenyan team could be for London was too much for our readers to miss! Watch for results later tonight!

Last night was the first night of the USATF Outdoor Champs for Seniors and Juniors. Juniors are under 19 and Seniors are, well, over that. Some athletes were competing in both. The temperatures were over 105 degress. The 1500m heats were tremendous, as were the two 10,000 m finals, where Molly Huddle won for the third time and Hassan Mead won for the first time.

Check out the action on NBC TV this weekend and USATF TV streaming as well!

And remember, get in your run today!

Friday, June 23, 2017. warm up, easy 30-40 minute run, cooldown

As you begin running again, please consider the HOKA ONE ONE training shoes.

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IMG_0881.JPGL to R: Tianna Bartoletta, Clayton Murphy, Emma Coburn, and Ronnie Baker, photo by David Hunter

David Hunter represented RunBlogRun at Sacramento for the USATF Presser. I love those pressers, as they nearly always have gem athletes who understand that the track media needs their insights to help build the sport. Tianna Bartoletta, Clayton Murphy, Emma Coburn and Ronnie Baker are four wonderful athletes who add to the sport of athletics. Here's David's feature on this fabulous four!

The idea of hard days and easy days started as an anecdotal exercise, or, in current vulgarisms, a bit of a hunch. But, science backs it, having easy days, setting up periods of recovery allow your body to recover and seek new challenges.

Thursday, June 22, 2017. Take a day off

As you begin running again, please consider the HOKA ONE ONE training shoes.

To learn about our sponsor, please go to 2017 HOKA ONE ONE Postal Nationals

Want some inspiration? Then, check out the video below, which highlights the 2016 HOKA ONE ONE Postal Nationals. It should inspire you to ask coach if your team can compete in it. All teams are welcome and it is free! See how your team ranks across the U.S! Here's the video: http://www.runnerspace.com/video.php?video_id=190549#ooid=E2OHhiODE6d19qhv14SIqSXQX088IklV

MONTAÑO.mp4.00_00_36_16.Still006.jpgMONTAÑO, stills from French Press Films

This is the teaser from a new film on Alysia MONTAÑO, who is one of the top rated U.S. women's 800 meter runners for most of the past decade. Alysia fell in the final approach to the finish of the 2016 U.S. Olympic Trials. The teaser approaches that fateful moment head on, and grabs the viewer right away.

The message is clear and it is important. MONTAÑO does not see herself as a victim, but realizes that is how she reacted to the fall, and how she lived her life after that moment that resonates. What resonated to me was the expression of positiveness, that she will be a champion, that is what she was meant to be.

The journey will be exciting to view. This weekend, Alysia will be running the 800 meter rounds four months pregnant. It is not like the 8 months pregrant she was when she ran in 2014. MONTAÑO is about empowering people, and inspiring them, all at once.

A fine racer, with a torrid finish, MONTAÑO will be interesting to watch over the next few years.


NAIROBI (KEN): Olympic and World 800m champion David Rudisha has withdrawn from the World Championships trials starting Friday at the Nyayo National Stadium while World Half Marathon silver medallist Bedan Karoki has thrown down the gauntlet to rivals in men's 10 000 m. At the same time, Athletics Kenya will give sprinters more time to qualify even after the trials. "I will be present at the trials but will watch from the terraces since I already have a wild card," said Rudisha, who is set to return from Germany on Thursday where he has been training. "What is important is that I have that ticket and I want to be in top form in London," said Rudisha who will next compete in Ostrava 1000 m on Wednesday. Karoki, who represented Kenya in 10 000 m at the 2013 Moscow and 2015 Beijing, finishing sixth and fourth, is hoping for a good race against World 10 000 m silver medallist Geoffrey Kamworor and Olympic 10 000 m silver medallist Paul Tanui.

Gabe Grunewald is an elite athlete who is fighting demons that most of us never have to view. In her fourth bout of cancer, Gabe just finished chemotherapy, and will be racing on Thursday, June 22, in the 1,500 meter heats at the USATF Outdoor Championships.

This is just a bit of a teaser on the documentary film that will be coming out next week.


Gabe Grunewald, photo by PhotoRun.net

I have watched Gabby Grunewald race for several years now. I have always been moved by her poise, sense of humor and her absolute fighting spirit. A tough Midwesterner, Gabby Grunewald has fought more demons (and the name of that demon is cancer) than most of us will see in our lives.

Running gives her life and life is her running. She breathes in, breathes out, and fights to the finish. No quarter given, none asked.

We will watch her race on Thursday evening in Sacramento. Gabby Grunewald lives by example. Her battles make our daily bits of frustration seem insignificant.

Enjoy the video below.

Coburn_Emma_Portrait_USA_NCs_21-Jun-2017_David_Monti.jpgEmma Coburn, photo by David Monti for Race Results Weekly, used with permission

The USATF Outdoors is less than a day away, and Emma Coburn will be showing her talents in the steeplechase on that night. Here is David Monti's preview of her racing in Sacramento.

This is the weekly column we asked Paul Halford to write for RunBlogRun concering the evolution of athletics in the UK. Here is his third column, which is focused on GB endurance on the upside and changes in the quality of the European Team Championships.

Wightman_Jake-BosOut17 copy.jpGJake Wightman, photo by PhotoRun.net

Women's track & field in America is amazingly healthy. From the 100 meter hurdles, to the 10,000 meters, from the long jump, to the pole vault, we have global medal contenders. Anyone who does not get just how competitive American track & field is, needs to watch one of the five events I have covered below.

Bowie_Tori1-BosOut17.jpGTori Bowie, photo by PhotoRun.net

Huddle_Molly-PreC17.jpgMolly Huddle, photo by PhotoRun.net

Herculis EBS - Une Légende pour un anniversaire.jpeg

Usain Bolt à Monaco : une légende pour un anniversaire

Il l'a annoncé, et Herculis EBS est fier de le confirmer: Usain Bolt sera au Stade Louis II le 21 Juillet pour sa tournée d'adieu à l'athlétisme. L'homme le plus rapide du monde aux 8 titres Olympiques et 11 titres Mondiaux, viendra à Monaco pour courir sur sa distance de prédilection, le 100m, et ce à l'occasion des 30 ans du meeting Herculis EBS.

Usain Bolt in Monaco: a legend for an anniversary

He announced it, and Herculis EBS is proud to confirm it: Usain Bolt will be at the Louis II stadium the 21th of July for his farewell tour to athletics. The fastest man in the world with 8 Olympics titles and 11 World titles, will come to Monaco to run on its favorite distance, the 100 m, for the 30th anniversary of the Herculis EBS meeting.

Informations et billetterie sur www.herculis.com

RunBlogRun opines: Usain Bolt will be racing at Ostrava on June 28 and in Monaco on July 21. HIs final races will be at the World Championships, August 4-13.

This will be a weekly column on UK athletes, written by Paul Halford, a long time observer of the athletic scene. You get two of Paul's columns today because I missed his second last week. I was at the Highgate 10k in May, where Beth Potter showed her stuff. Here is Paul's commentary on Beth Potter's rise from her challenges.

Reposted June 21, 2017.

We are looking forward to seeing Kim Conley racing on the track this coming weekend. This interview was done at the FootLocker Cross Country in December 2016. Kim Conley is sponsored by New Balance, the current sponsor of the FLCCC. She runs for @NorCal_Distance.

Kim Conley is a two time Olympian and an athlete, I believe, on the cusp.

Training under Drew Wartenburg, Kim Conley is an athlete who has truly come a long way. In college at U.C. Davis, Kim Conley was competitive from 800 meters to 5000 meters. Kim was the first woman runner from her college to qualify for the NCAA Divison 1 Outdoor Track & Field Champs. Her amazing last meter victory in the 2012 U.S. Olympic Trials 5000 meters, where she out leant Julia Lucas, winning by 4 hundredths of a second and making the Olympic A Standard by 2 hundredths! I remember writing in my notebook, "Wow."

What did that tell us about Kim Conley? The ability to focus and keep one's cool at the end of such a stressful race is not a talent everyone possesses. Kim Conley showed her talent then.

Conley_KimFV-NBgames16.jpgKim Conley, photo by PhotoRun.net

The summer mileage season builds only your cross country season, but your track season. Make sure you take a break after track, and follow our program to gently build back into it. July and August are for the big mileage and workouts.

Wednesday, June 21, 2017. warm up, easy 30 minute run, cooldown.

As you begin running again, please consider the HOKA ONE ONE training shoes.

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Want some inspiration? Then, check out the video below, which highlights the 2016 HOKA ONE ONE Postal Nationals. It should inspire you to ask coach if your team can compete in it. All teams are welcome and it is free! See how your team ranks across the U.S! Here's the video: http://www.runnerspace.com/video.php?video_id=190549#ooid=E2OHhiODE6d19qhv14SIqSXQX088IklV

Morris_Sandi-Doha16.jpgSandi Morris, photo by PhotoRun.net

Reposted June 20, 2017

We liked this piece so much, and @sandicheekspv liked it too, so we decided to repost and encourage more to read about one of our favorite athletes, Sandi Morris!

Sandi Morris is the Olympic silver medalist in the pole vault. She is an amazing athletic talent and a wonderful interview. RunBlogRun interviewed her pre event in Doha, Qatar in early May. David Hunter wrote this feature on Sandi Morris, one our finest athletes and one of our most talented athletes.

We look forward to seeing Sandi Morris continue to improve this year. What new heights will she achieve? That is what David Hunter is suggesting in this article. Enjoy.

Jim_Ryun_1966-0x270.jpgJim Ryun, on the cover of the Bible of the Sport, Track & Field News

For a kid growing up in the 1960s, if you were into track and field, you knew about Jim Ryun. I finally met Mr. Ryun about thirty years later. I always admired his fortitude and love of the sport. It is amazing that his fantastic mile record is nearly fifty years old (in a couple of days). Here is Bob Burns' fine article on Jim Ryun and the wonderful mile he ran, in Bakersfield, one half century ago.

Do yourself a favor and watch the run on YouTube, after you read Bob's feature.

Sacramento: HOT, HOT, HOT.


Rodgers_MichaelFH1-USAout14.jpgMicheal Rodgers wins 2014 USATF Outdoors, photo by PhotoRun.net

SACRAMENTO (USA): The weather forecast for Sacramento, California, for the coming week and next weekend's USA Outdoor Track & Field Championships is extraordinarily hot with expected temperatures at 43 degrees Celsius on Wednesday and Thursday, 39 on Friday and Saturday and 36 on Sunday. Also, Hornet Stadium has very little shade for spectators and aluminum bleachers. Informs Race Results Weekly.

RunBlogRun opines: The US champs always has great performances. But, with the weather predicitons being absolutely steaming for Sacramento, we respectfully warn fans, coaches, athletes, and pets to be very careful this weekend. Hydrate, get out of the sun, give yourself breaks and be very, very careful.

NHSTF-HOF_2017-logo-web-v2b.pngThe NSAF has been doing great things for high school track for nearly three decades. Their launch of a National HIgh School Track & Field Hall of Fame means that, finally, there will be a place that honors the fine performances of high school track & field athletes. Please read the press release from the NSAF that we posted below!

Track & Field has a long and amazing history in Sacramento. The USATF communications department put together this history of some of the finest moments in Sacramento's fine athletics history. The USATF Championships start on June 22 in Sacramento's Hughes Stadium, and we hope that you can attend! If not, watch it via streaming video or on NBC!

RunBlogRun will be covering the meet via social media throughout the weekend plus great stories!

Conley_KimFV-USout14.jpgSacramento's Kim Conley wins the 10,000m over Jordan Hasay in 2014 USATF! photo by PhotoRun.net

Perkovic_SandraFE1-Pre16.jpgSandra Perkovic, Rio 2016, photo by PhotoRun.net

VanNiekerk_Wayde1a-BosOut17.jpgWayde Van Niekerk, photo by PhotoRun.net

Wayde Van Niekerk just PBed over 100 meters, and Sandra Perkovic just threw the second farthest discus of the year! They both performed at the 22nd Velenje International Meet (EA Classic) on June 20, in Velenje, SLO. The story on the meet is from EME News.

Sara Slattery is the focus of our first in a series on female distance coaches. Cait Chock will be writing this series. We hope that you like the topic and see how all of the things that Sara Slattery has partcipated in have come together to support her coaching profession. This is the nature of coaching. It is part science and part art. Coaches are advisors, cheerleaders, confessors and salespeople as well.

We wish Sara Slattery best of luck in her second season as a coach. And thanks again to Cait Chock, who challenges us with new ideas on covering the sport.


The javelin is one of the events in our sport that has the most tradition. It does date back to the ancient Greek religious festivals that gave rise to the Olympics, and modern athletics. While the event looks simple, it is not. While it looks as if the more effort you place in the throw, that is just the opposite. It is all about understanding the event, training for the particular skills and, well, being in the zone. I watched Julius Yego, Keshorn Walcott and, most recently, Thomas Rohler put together those near perfect moments, where mind, body and sould work in harmony.

Rohler_ThomasQH-OlyGame16.jpgThomas Rohler, photo by PhotoRun.net

Watch the video and enjoy!

This is the 2017 HOKA ONE ONE Postal Nationals Summer Training program. It is day 2 of the first week, so enjoy and take the workouts one day at a time. Have some fun this summer too. And please, be careful in the heat.

Hills are the mojo of cross country training. Hills can build strength, endurance and speed. It is all in how you use them. This is a your first hilly run of the summer, so, keep it relaxed, and with the heat wave, run early in the day or late in the day. Be careful, stay hydrated and cool.

Tuesday, June 20, 2017. warm up, easy hill run, find a 30-40 minute run with some gentle hills, cooldown.

As you begin running again, please consider the HOKA ONE ONE training shoes.

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Want some inspiration? Then, check out the video below, which highlights the 2016 HOKA ONE ONE Postal Nationals. It should inspire you to ask coach if your team can compete in it. All teams are welcome and it is free! See how your team ranks across the U.S! Here's the video: http://www.runnerspace.com/video.php?video_id=190549#ooid=E2OHhiODE6d19qhv14SIqSXQX088IklV

Wightman_Jake-BosOut17 copy.jpGJaske Wightman, adidas Boost Boston Meeting, photo by PhotoRun.net

This is the fantastic report 21 from Carles Baronet, providing you as many of the results from around Europe that our friend from Catalonia can find! Gracias, Carles!

2017 TTSS5k - Web Ads_300x250 2.jpgThe ad promoting Tracktown Summer Series

Jeff Benjamin wrote this piece about the upcoming Tracktown Summer Series, being held in Palo Alto (June 29), Portland (July 2) and finally, New York (July 6). Here's Jeff's story about the series in 2017. We encourage you to attend the meets!

Oh come on, how can you not get pumped up when Brittney Reese and Tianna Bartoletta compete? That is a rivalry! And last weekend, Tianna won in Stockholm and Brittney busted it open in Chula Vista, with a 7.13m WL! Wow!

(Story on Brittney's 7.13 meters right below the instagram photo I love from Pre Classic!)

Wilson_Ajee1a-Armory16.jpgAjee' Wilson, photo by PhotoRun.net

Ajee' Wilson recently pulled out of a meet that I was at, and I heard that there was an injury. Apparently, she was dealing with the USADA announcement about the Zeranol that she had ingested in her beef. That sure makes you feel confident of the U.S. meet supply. What do cows get from Zeranol that could make it help athletes run faster, jump farther or throw harder? Or, is this just one of those sacred mysteries?

Lananna_Vin-USind17.jpgVin Lananna, photo by PhotoRun.net

Reposted June 19, 2017

This is a story that should be read by all interested in our sport. Vin Lananna is the President of USA Track & Field. He has that 'vision thing' that so many talk about. Vin gets it. He understands that we have so many good things in the sport, we have to fine tune them to take the sport to the next level.

This week we will experience 100 plus degree temperatures in Sacramento. Crowds will be half of what they could be. Did you see any promotions from Sacramento? Like most hosts, they figure that real fans will come, and they need to promote to the non fans. Funny thing is, if Sacramento, or, for that matter, any one else, promoted to the real fans to bring new fans, if Sacramento had actually done that three to four months ago, they could have had a bigger crowd.

Promotion, terrestrial TV, non paid streaming video are all key in bringing more fans to the sport we all love. Instead of complaining, I am trying a new tactic, suggesting improvements. Give it a try.

Thanks to David Hunter for writing this fine piece.

Post written by Larry Eder on June 19, story by David Hunter in next section.

Vin Lananna is the President of USA Track & Field. In his time at Stanford and Oberlin, Vin continued to innovate and try new ideas. David Hunter caught up with Vin earlier today in Eugene, Oregon to discuss the future of American track & field. On the eve of the NCAA Championships, this is an appropriate article.

Justin's piece on the Stockholm DL came just about the time I was waking up on Sunday, June 18. His observations on Kenyan athletes and their competition is precise and his suggestions on how Andre De Grasse can make his name a bit simpler, is, well, pure Justin.

I hope you enjoy the piece as we do each and every week!

The final stretch. Mens 1500m #bauhausgalan #stockholmdl

A post shared by BAUHAUS-GALAN (@bauhausgalan) on

Dear runners and coaches, Welcome to the early, early summer mileage program, brought to you have 2017 HOKA ONE ONE Postal Nationals, which starts mid-August. During the last two weeks of June, we are just getting you back into the habit of summer training.

Remember, it is hot out there. Run early, run late, but always hydrate. Wear a hat, light colored clothes and make sure you have water nearby. The goal this week is to run five days, so remember that.

Monday, June 19, 2017: warm up, run an easy 30-40 minutes, run in a park, with some shade, and keep it relaxed, then, cool down.

As you begin running again, please consider the HOKA ONE ONE training shoes.

To learn about our sponsor, please go to 2017 HOKA ONE ONE Postal Nationals

Want some inspiration? Then, check out the video below, which highlights the 2016 HOKA ONE ONE Postal Nationals. It should inspire you to ask coach if your team can compete in it. All teams are welcome and it is free! See how your team ranks across the U.S! Here's the video: http://www.runnerspace.com/video.php?video_id=190549#ooid=E2OHhiODE6d19qhv14SIqSXQX088IklV

The Bauhaus-Galan delivered today, with some fine performances, and reminds this viewer that the historic stadium continues to deliver great performances. We miss the past management, who understood, not only how to manage expectations with a meet, but how to include the entire community in Stockholm.

Here is the short review of the Stockholm DL by EME News, our partners.

The final stretch. Mens 1500m #bauhausgalan #stockholmdl

A post shared by BAUHAUS-GALAN (@bauhausgalan) on

The Bauhaus-Galan meeting, in the historic 1912 Stockholm Olympic stadium, showed that if you bring in the stars, add a fan base that loves the sport, and place them in a fine athletics stadium, the meet can be stellar. Some fine performances and some reasons, once again, to remind us that many of the things we do in the sport are right, but we need some fine tuning.

Here is the last big meet prior to the US championships (June 22-25).

DSCN0135.JPGStockholm DL, just before the meet, photo by J. Stuart Weir

Stuart Weir wrote this piece on the fine Kenyan middle distance runner, Asbel Kiprop, who has seen his star shine bright, and at major championships, seen the star shine not as bright as some might expect. Kiprop is coming back into shape, and Stuart Weir considers his fitness and what he contributes to the global racing scene with his fearless running.

In the instagram picture below, the man with Asbel Kiprop is one of the keenest observers of our sport, Maurie Plant.

This interview on Katie Rainsberger was written by Cait Chock after the Mt.SAC Relays. In this story, which I had, of course misplaced, it is evident that the young Duck wanted to contribute to the Duck outdoor bid for the NCAA champs. In cross country, Katie Rainsberger had lead her unheralded Duck team to a one point victory in the NCAA cross country championships. Her fourth place finish in the 1,500 meter outdoor NCAA's added points to the Duck total, which helped keep them in the hunt for the amazing 4x400m victory and the Duck three peat.

RunBlogRun was fortunate to meet Katie at the NIKE NXN, just after her rock star 4th place NCAA cross country finish. Katie was, as always, charming to the media and so supportive of the high school athletes who idolized here.

This has been an amazing freshman year for Katie Rainsberger, who, on her instagram " My first year here is coming to an end, but the journey has just begun."

As always, a special thanks to our writer, Cait Chock, who continues to come up with fine ideas and articles to give you a better view of our sport.

my first year here may be coming to an end but the journey has just begun 💚

A post shared by Katie Rainsberger (@katierains_17) on

DSCN0146.JPGMurielle Ahoure, and the Bauhaus Ant, photo by J. Stuart Weir

Being the ever observant member of the media that he is, Stuart Weir knows a story when he sees one, and the Bauhaus Ant is a story. The official mascot of the Bauhuas company, the sponsor of the Stockholm DL, it is also a product which Bauhaus uses to supports charities. Read on, dear reader about the lovely and classy Murielle Ahoure, who represents the Coite D'Ivoire (Ivory Coast), and the charming and fast Andre De Grasse, who is getting faster and faster.

Goucher_Kara1-USOlyT16.jpgKara Goucher, photo by PhotoRun.net

Carolyn Mather wrote this feature on the iconic Grandma's Marathon and Garry Bjorkland Half Marathon. The most popular athlete in the event? Well, none other than Kara Goucher, who ran the half marathon with a sore hamstring. Here's Carolyn's wonderful piece on one of the many races she attends and assists at each year.

Castlin-HolderSF1e-OlyGames16.jpgKristi Castlin, Rio 2016, photo by PhotoRun.net

Stuart Weir was in search of Americans in Stockholm. With the U.S. championships less than a week away, Stuart had three athletes to write about in the 1912 Olympic Stadium in Stockholm.

The hammer throw is one of the most amazing events in our sport. Throwing a steel ball on a chain, much less, controlling it, takes great skill. Pawel Fadjeck won the mens, and Anita Wlodarczyk, the World record holder and Olympic champion, won the women's. Here's the results from June 17!

Wlodarczyk_AnitaQW-Rio16.jpgAnita Wlodarczyk, photo by PhotoRun.net

DSCN0132.JPGThis is the famous Mixed Zone in Stockholm, photo by J. Stuart Weir

The Bauhaus Stockholm DL is one of my favorite meets in the world. I have usually gone to the meet, especially when it is the end of the season, and hung out in Sweden for a week. Stuart Weir got the opportunity this time, and his observerations on the facility and the DL were great intro for his coverage of the meet. This story was supposed to be for Saturday, but I was flying and wifi was not working.

DSCN0133.JPGHere's the stairs for the most unique Media seats in the DL, photo by PhotoRun.net

Stu is right. The media set up in Bauhaus is one of the most unusual media set ups, but the view from the stands is very good. I have to admit, I love the presser at Stockholm as well. Watch for our link to the presser, as it is a fun series of interviews.

Thanks again to Stu for his coverage of Bauhaus Stockholm.

RunBlogRun met with Guy Morse, the former Executive Director of the BAA Boston Marathon from 1985 to 2012, after the 2017 Boston Marathon. This is part 4 of the interview, where Guy Morse provides the readers of RunBlogRun a insider's view of how the world's most iconic marathon went from an amateur event to a professional marathon.

Rodgers_Bill-MorsePC_Boston09.jpgBill Rodgers and Guy Morse, Boston 2009, photo by PhotoRun.net

Tianna Bartoletta won her first DL of the season, at the Bislett Games. Here is Stuart Weir's feature on Tianna Bartoletta's long jump prowess, and what she is working on off the track.

This is the end of the two weeks of recovery training from cross country. If you are just finishing post season meets, we still encourage you to take two easy weeks. For those who have finished two weeks of recovery, we will begin easy pre season training.

Enjoy your run today. Make sure you get some time with your Dad today.

Sunday, June 18, 2017. warm up, 45 minutes easy run, cool down

Hehir_Martin2-USAxc17.JPGMartin Hehir, photo by PhotoRun.net

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Warholm_Karsten100m-Eugene14.jpgKarsten Warholm, photo by PhotoRun.net

Bauhaus Galan: Will Warholm repeat?
STOCKHOLM (SWE): The June part of IAAF Diamond League ends with Bauhaus Galan at legendary Stockholm´s Olympic Stadium. Oslo winners de Grasse, Warholm, Stahl, Silva and Perkovic will try to repeat their wins. In other issues top marks could be expected from Lasitskene, Manyonga and open question is the shape of Asbel Kiprop.
Short previews
100m - Andre de Grasse clocked 10.01 in Oslo but Ivory Coast's Ben Youssef Meite was close behind him in third.
400m - Oslo winner Baboloki Thebe will face opposition from Steven Gardiner, who has already clocked 44.26 this season.
800m (non-DL) - Poland's Adam Kszczot is the favourite after winning in Rome.
1500m - How will Asbel Kiprop perform after indifferent form due to a recent bout of illness? World leader Sadik Mikhou is the probable favourite with a 3:31.34 season's best.
3000m steeplechase - With the top Kenyans absent, Olympic fourth-placer Soufiane El Bakkali from Morocco should claim his first Diamond League win.
110m hurdles - World champion Sergey Shubenkov will face Olympic silver medallist Orlando Ortega and European indoor champion Andrew Pozzi.
400m hurdles - Will Karsten Warholm claim his second win in four days? Olympic bronze medallist Yasmani Copello should push him again.
Long jump - How far will Luvo Manyonga jump? He went out to 8.62m in his last competition in Hengelo.
Discus - Daniel Stahl will be looking for back-to-back wins after winning in Oslo. The line-up also includes Jamaica's Fedrick Dacres and Lithuania's Andrius Gudzius, first and second on the world rankings.
200m - Murielle Ahoure will be looking to go one better after finishing second in Oslo in 22.74.
800m - Francine Niyonsaba is the favourite with Caster Semenya and Margaret Wambui both absent.
3000m (non-DL) - Meraf Bahta is the favourite on home soil.
High jump - Mariya Lasitskene is the outstanding favourite with a 2.04m world-lead.
Pole vault - World champion Yarisley Silva is returning to form with a good win in Oslo where she cleared 4.81m.
Discus - Sandra Perkovic is expected to extend her unbeaten streak but Cuba's Yaimi Perez did push her in Oslo.

This was a meet for top athletes to sharpen up the week before the 2017 USATF Championships in Sacramento. Fast 800 meters, 1,500 meters, and 3000 meter steeplechase. Charlene Lipsey is one of the highlights with a nice win and a big PB over 1,500 meters.

Lipsey_Charlene-Pre17.JPGCharlene Lipsey, photo by PhotoRun.net

So, this is Saturday, June 17. Check out the New Balance Outdoor Nationals! Sydney McLaughlin cranked out a 400m split in 49 seconds on Friday! Check out the NSAF app called Race Day.

Smith_Scott7-USAxc17.JPGScott Smith, photo by PhotoRun.net

Saturday, June 17. Take the day off, or, take a nice walk.

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The Paavo Nurmi Games is named in honor of Finland's famous Olympic champion and historic runner. It is a meet with a huge tradition having been held since 1957.

C-katsomossa jo mukavasti katsojia #paavonurmigames

A post shared by Paavo Nurmi Games (@paavonurmigamesturku) on

The meet had some fine performances, from Renaud Lavillenie's 5.81m (his brother, Valentin went 5.61m) in the pole vault to Thomas Rohler's win in the javelin ( 88.26m, with Johannes Vetter, 87.88m, with Keshorn Walcott, 86.48m). Sadik Mikhou ran 7:44.36 for 3000 meters, Darien Garfield's 13.22, and Pawel Fadjeck's 82.40m hammer throw are all exceptional marks. On the women's side, Maria Lasitskane shows her humanity, with a 1.95m, which after her 2.04m, 2.01m, is back to the planet Earth.

Nice to see our king of the vault, Renaud Lavillenie, enjoing time with the local wildlife. Enjoy the results below the picture from Instagram from the Paavo Nurmi Games, in famous Turku, Finland.

Pole vault star @airlavillenie Renaud Lavillenie at #paavonurmigames #turkulovessport ..and @jore_karhu 💪💪

A post shared by Paavo Nurmi Games (@paavonurmigamesturku) on

Lots of track action to watch this weekend. Search YouTube for the Oslo Diamond League and watch sixteen year old Jakub Ingebrigtsen run a 3:56.29 mile! Or, check out the New Balance Outdoors and watch Sydney McLaughlin crank out some brilliant performances!

Oh, and get in your run!

Fauble_Scott3-USAxc17.JPGScott Fauble, photo by PhotoRun.net

Friday, June 16, 2017. easy 30 minute run, one hour walk or one hour bike ride (wear your helmet), stretch afterwards.

As you begin running again, please consider the HOKA ONE ONE training shoes.

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The Stumptown Classic is one of the fine meets managed by Jonathan Marcus. Last year, I interviewed Jonathan after the Adrian Martinez Classic in Concord, MA. Jonathan told me that he wanted to produce a series of meets that shown concern for the athletes and fans. He wanted to do something different. And, with the Portland Track Festival, the Oxy USATF HIgh Performance Meeting and now, the Stumptown Track Classic, he has done just that. The meet is Friday night, June 16, at Lewis & Clark College, with 800m, 1,500m, 3,000m and 5,000m!

To see the fields, just click here: 2017 - Stumptown Twilight - Meet Program.pdf


A post shared by kevinmorris (@kevmofoto) on

Hasay_Jordan-Houston17.JPGJordan Hasay, photo by PhotoRun.net

Korir_Leonard-Houston17.JPGLeonard Korir, photo by PhotoRun.net

Flanagan_ShalaneH-Baa10k16.jpgShalane Flanagan, photo by PhotoRun.net

The Atlanta Track Club is hosting the USATF 10k Road Champs at the Peachtree Road Race, the iconic Southern summer road race and the largest 10k in the world. The Atlanta Track Club has gone out of its way to put together a fine field, and 2017 is no exception.

This July 4, the field will feature Shalane Flanagan, Jordan Hasay and Leonard Korir, three of our finest road racers. It will be fascinating to see these three stars battle through the streets of Atlanta.

The release on the race fields is just below.

Look, I really admire Dafne Schippers. She is one of the finest athletes in Europe, and a favorite of mine to interview. But, after the lack of transparency by DL management, Dafne will deal with the DQ, then, not a DQ.

SCHIPPERS-Ahye-TaLou-_Women_s_100m_-_Rome_2017_5184x3456_PICS_34319_5939b46ee6.jpgDafne Schippers, photo by Jean Paul Durand for 2017 Diamond League

It was obvious that Dafne Schippers false started. She knew it. It reminded me of when Usain Bolt false started in Daegu in 2011, and realized his mistake. What was not obvious was why Dafne, the finest women sprinter in Europe, false started. Ms. Schippers, as is her right, protested. She noted that she could not hear the start. The viewers could not see that, nor could the Eurosport TV crew. In her defense, Dafne Schippers has very seldom had such an issue in major events.

Dafne Schippers was disqualied after the meet, then, she was reinstated. No explanation given. In an era when terrestrial TV, streaming video and social media give athletes more and more fans, the Diamond League should have provided an explanation for the reinstatement. By not responding, they leave fans, athletes and observers with a disagreeable feeling about the meet. An explanation of the decision was all that was needed.

It just adds to the confusion many have with our sport. In truth, the Bislett Games had mucht to be happy with, including a brilliant HJ record by Mutaz Barshim, breaking the three decade plus record of Javier Sotomayor.

Here's Stuart Weir's third piece from Oslo, a nice round up of the meet's highlights.

What a wonderful meet in Oslo! The Bislett Games delivered some fine moments, with Jakob Ingebrigtsen's age record for the mile in 3:56.29, Mutaz Barshim's 2.38m new HJ Meet record and Karsten Warholm's brilliant 48.25 debut over 400 meters.

Not since Harald Schmidt, have I seen a European 400 meter hurdler with such promise. Go, look at a David Hemery film strip (1968 Olympic champion), and I dare you to tell me that this young Norwegian is not truly exciting. His 400 meter speed (44.87), and his increased hurdle technique should make him a medal contender in London 2017.

The 400 meters is a cruel mistress as Edwin Moses, aka the greatest 400m hurdler of all times, suggested in the presser the day before Bislett. Karsten Warholm will have some great races and some tough races, that is the nature of the event.

... and a star is born ⭐️ @kwarholm . . . #RoadToTheFinal #OsloDL #DiamondLeague

A post shared by IAAF Diamond League (@diamondleagueathletics) on

Ingebrigtsen_Jacub-Pre17.JPGJakub Ingebrigtsen, Pre Classic 2017, photo by PhotoRun.net

Wightman_Jake-BosOut17 copy.jpGJake Wightman, adidas Boost Boston, Somerville, photo by PhotoRun.net

The Bislett Games is one of the most inconic of athletic meetings. It was during the era of the great Ron Clarke, Australian distance runner, who, in all honesty, helped build the summer European tours in the 1960s with his 25-30 races during the summer season.

Stuart Weir wrote this piece on the Dream Mile, one of the true iconic events over the past four decades. This year, Bislett shook it up a bit, with an Under 20 Dream Mile, won by Jakub Ingebrigtsen and the DL 1,500 meters, won by Jake Wightman.

Stuart Weir wrote this piece on the mile/1500 meters races. I liked the affection for the events noted by some of the greats of the mile, Steve Cram and Seb Coe.

image1.JPGJeff Benjamin, Bob Beamon, Frank Giannino, courtesy of Jeff Benjamin

image2.JPGBob Beamon, Frank Shorter, photo by Jeff Benjamin

I remember running the Middletown 10k in 1986. It is not an easy course, and the field was very competitive. Jeff Benjamin wrote this piece on the Middletown Crystal Run Healthcare 10K Classic, giving our readers a view of a classic summer road race.

Harbour from the City Hall.JPGHarbour from the City Hall, photo by J. Stuart Weir

The City Hall.JPGThe City Hall, photo by Stuart Weir

Stuart Weir visited Oslo, Norway for the Bislett Games, to represent RunBlogRun. Stuart is Scottish by birth and temperment. Mr. Weir is also possessed with a wicked sense of humor. This is his first piece from Oslo, and he will be provide a second piece on the actual meet as well, plus a story on the Dream Mile.

Stu keeps me laughing, but also learning. His keen observation skills provide us, the readers, with a unique perspective on the sport we love.

StartZoom_Chicago10.jpgBank of America Chicago Marathon, the start, photo by PhotoRun.net

The Bank of America Chicago Marathon will be 40 years old this year. It is the largest marathon in the Midwest U.S. This observer believes that, for a first timer, the Chicago Marathon is the perfect first time marathon. A fun city to run through, Chicago embraces the marathon for the week before and after, and the weather is normally pretty good for the midwestern fall climate.

Why is this release important? Big City marathons reach out to the local terrestrial TV stations for media support. The story of the marathon is as diverse as the 40,000 marathoners who run the streets of Chicago. Chicago uses top commentators, including the incomparable Toni Reavis, Ed Eyestone, Deena Kastor, among others.

Today, the best high school athletes in the country begin in the NB Outdoor Nationals. The NB Outdoor Nationals results can be viewed off the www.nationalscholastic.org.Enjoy the long weekend.

Taylor_Kellyn36-USAxc17.JPGKellyn Taylor, photo by PhotoRun.net

Thursday, June 15, 2017. Take a day off

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Rudisha_David1a-LondonDL15.jpgDavid Rudisha, photo by PhotoRun.net

NAIROBI (KEN): David Rudisha has said he has increased his mileage this season ahead of the World Championships where he is looking to retain his world 800m title, informs Xinhua. "I have changed my training. I do a lot more mileage again. It is an aspect I lacked since I injured my knee in 2013. I have always had pain whenever I make long runs. But it is gone now, I can now put more work in during training and I am really happy," he said. Rudisha will face over 1000m in Ostrava on 28 June.

RunBlogRun: David Rudisha is the finest 800 meter runner of his generation and of any other. Rudisha is back in fine shape, and healthy. I am looking forward to seeing him run in Ostrava over 1000 meters.

21a43466-0872-4b78-8ef2-7a0aca436c45.pngOlivier Gers and Seb Coe, photo by PhotoRun.net

NAIROBI (KEN): IAAF CEO Olivier Gers is this week in the Kenyan capital for a site visit ahead of next month's IAAF World U18 Championships Nairobi 2017. After a slight delay to the installation of the new synthetic track at the stadium while the material was stuck in customs, work is now well under way and the LOC is confident the tracks will be ready in time for the championships on 12-16 July. The LOC is also working to implement the necessary security measures to deliver a safe and secure environment for the athletes.

Emceed by Alfons Juck, the 2017 Bislett Games Press conference, held on June 14, 2017. There were three groups of athletes. First, there were Dafne Schippers, Andre De Grasse. Second, there were the high jumpers: Bohdan Bondarenko, Mutaz Barshim and Derek Drouin, and third were the 400 meter hurdlers, Edwin Moses, Kerron Clement and Karston Warholm.

Enjoy the presser, it has some amazing moments. Alfons Juck is the editor of EME News, meet director of the Ostrava Meeting and one of the keen observers of our sport.

SCHIPPERS-Ahye-TaLou-_Women_s_100m_-_Rome_2017_5184x3456_PICS_34319_5939b46ee6.jpgDafne Schippers, photo from Diamond League

Barshim_MutazR-Lausanne16.jpgMutaz Barshim, photo by PhotoRun.net

Bondarenko_BohdanR-Lausanne16.jpgBohdan Bondarenko, photo by PhotoRun.net

Drouin_Derek1-Stockholm15.jpgDerek Drouin, photo by PhotoRun.net

EME News presented the Preview of the Bislett Games that we have below. Expect the High Jump to be amazing. There are big bonuses to break the 2.37m MR from Javier Sotomayer!

We hope you are enjoying your two weeks of recovery. Remember to check out the New Balance Outdoor Nationals, which happens this weekend! This is week two of the recovery program prior to the Summer Cross Country program sponsored by HOKA ONE ONE Postal Nationals, which begin in August 2017.

VanAlstine_Amy-USAxc17.JPGAmy Van Alstine, photo by PhotoRun.net

Wednesday, June 14, 2017. easy 30 minute run, one hour walk or one hour bike ride (wear your helmet), stretch afterwards.

As you begin running again, please consider the HOKA ONE ONE training shoes.

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Keitany_Mary1-NYmini17.JPGMary Keitany, photo by PhotoRun.net

Fadjek_Pavel1a-Pre16.jpgPawel Fadjek, photo by PhotoRun.net
Fajdek 82.40 WL
TURKU (FIN, Jun 13): World and European hammer champion Pawel Fajdek extended his world-lead at the Paavo Nurmi Games in cold weather to 82.40m and had two more throws over 80m: 81.85m and 80.59m. Fajdek won by nearly six metres while Olympic champion Dilshod Nazarov finished fifth with 75.69m. Thomas Rohler went out to 88.26m to win a high quality javelin from teammate Johannes Vetter (87.88m), Keshorn Walcott (86.48m) and Qatar's Ahmed Bader Magour 85.23 NR while world champion Julius Yego only finished seventh despite improving his season's best of 82.60m. European champion Tatsiana Khaladovich kept up her good form with victory in the women's javelin with 65.03m to defeat Australia's Kelsey-Lee Roberts who set a PB of 64.06m. Renaud Lavillenie cleared 5.81m in the pole vault to defeat younger brother Valentin (5.61m) for his fourth 5.80m-plus competition of the summer while Maria Lasitskene extended her win streak in the high jump although her 1.95m winning clearance was her lowest of the outdoor season. World and Olympic triple jump champion Caterine Ibarguen won with 13.97m while Ukraine's Serhiy Nykyforov went out to 7.73m in the long jump. After setting a 1500m world-lead in Hengelo, Bahrain's Sadik Mikhou won the 3000m in 7:44.36 (Caleb Ndiku was only fifth in 7:54.53) while there were good marks in the sprints: Turkey's Ramil Guliyev won the 100m in a 10.02 PB, Germany's Rebekka Haase won the women's 100m in 11.21 while Garfield Darien won a good quality 110m hurdles in 13.22 from Hungary's Balazs Baji (13.35) and South Africa's Antonio Alkana (13.35). Elsewhere, Ukraine's Hanna Plotitsyna won the 100m hurdles in 13.08, Brit Jack Green won the 400m hurdles in 49.78 and teammate Rabah Yousif won the 400m in 45.81, Ukraine's Olha Lyakhova won the 800m in 2:01.50 and Daisy Jepkemei won the 3000m steeplechase in 9:31.98.

Here's our friend from Kenya, Justin Lagat, who has returned from Ottowa, Canada and his racing tour, and his weekly column for RunBlogRun.

Here's Three of Justin Lagat's favorite athletes websites:


Usain Bolt, photo by PhotoRun.net, www.usainbolt.com

Farah_MoFH-Euros14.jpgMo Farah, photo by PhotoRun.net, www.mofarah.com

Cheruiyot_Vivian5k-Rio16.jpgVivian Cheruiyot, photo by PhotoRun.net, www.viviancheruiyot.com

This week, Justin writes about why he believes athletes should not only have their own website and social media, but should get the benefits from them.

I remember European, World and Olympic champ Andreas Thorkildsen telling me that the website I thought was his was run by someone who had nothing to do with him. I always thought that was pretty low.

Well, here's some deep thoughts from Justin Lagat:

This is part 2 of the adidas Boost Boston Press conference, held, June 2 at the adiRunBase Boston. Geoff Wightman interviewed Tori Bowie, Jeff Henderson and Sally Pearson. The presser was filmed by The Shoe Addicts for RunBlogRun.

Watch all three athletes this summer!

Bowie_ToriPc1-BosOut17.jpGTori Bowie, photo by PhotoRun.net

Henderson_JeffPc1-BosOut17.jpGJeff Henderson, photo by PhotoRun.net

Pearson_SallyPc1-BosOut17.jpGSally Pearson, photo by PhotoRun.net

Sifan_Hassan_-_Women_s_1500m_-_Rome_2017_34327_5939b5d896.jpgSifan Hissan, 3:56.22, Rome DL, June 8, 2017, photo from IAAF Diamond League

This is the the newest report on European athletics, report 20, compiled by our friend from Catalonia, Carles Baronet.

Carles Baronet publishes http://trackinsun.blogspot.com, an amazing site on all things athletics. Our friend from Catalonia provides most results reports that are published in RunBlogRun.

Here is part one of the adidas Boost Boston Games Presser, filmed by The Shoe Addicts. This presser was done at the adidas RunBase Boston on June 2. In this first part of the presser, we had Shaunae Miller Uibo, @hey_itsShaunae and Wayde van Niekerk, @waydedreamer, for about fifteen minutes.

vanNiekerk-MillerPc1a-BosOut17.jpGWayde Van Niekerk and Shaunae Miller-Uibo, photo by PhotoRun.net


TW1_1690.jpgThe photo shows meeting director Martin Seeber with Lisa Mayer and Christoph Harting plus representatives of Bridgestone and the European Championships 2018, Julia Krönlein and Claus Frömming during the press conference in Berlin on Tuesday, 13 June. Credit : ISTAF / Camera 4,

The ISTAF Meet is one of the most iconic meets in Europe, and always a big draw in Germany. Held in Berlin, at the famous Olympic stadium, which not only hosted the 1936 Olympics, but also the 2009 World Championships, ISTAF always draws fine athletes and strong performances. This years' ISTAF will be the 76th meeting!

Watch for more announcents!

An exclusive to RunBlogRun today, check out the new innovation that ISTAF will launch at its meet for fans! http://www.topsportonline.de/wp-content/uploads/2017/06/ISTAF-2017-Bühne-PreViz-Animation.mp4

Recovery weeks are important to give you the break as you prepare for the next season. Enjoy these two weeks. We will begin light training next week.

Lutz_Craig3-USAxc17.JPGCraig Lutz, photo by PhotoRun.net

Tuesday, June 13, 2017. Take a Day Off

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Keitany_MaryFV-NYmini17.JPGMary Keitany breaks the tape, photo by PhotoRun.net

Mary Keitany, the new World record holder for the women's only Marathon, won her second NYRR New York Mini-10k with her fine 31:20. The New York Mini-10k is one of the oldest women only races in the world, championing women's running when from the beginning of the running boom.

Mary Keitany is opinionated, focused and proud of her running and women's running. She rightly chastized me in London, in the Monday champions interview, when I asked her about the breaking2 effort.

Yee_Alexander-Poland16.jpgAlex Yee, photo by PhotoRun.net

RunBlogRun asked Paul Halford to write a blog each week. This is his first column. We will call it UK Athletics Diary. Paul was a long time contributor to Athletics Weekly and will provide us with an inside view on the birthplace of modern athletics.

Enjoy Paul's insights into the sport.

Sifan Hassan has had a very busy few weeks. On May 26, Sifan HIssan took third in the Pre Classic 5000 meters, running a fine 14:41.24, a NR and the European leader. It was near perfect conditions, but, in truth, as Hassan was about sixteen seconds back from Dibaba's record attempt. Hassan stayed within herself, running a fine race and showing that her fitness has continued to improve.

Hassan_Sifan-Pre17.JPGSifan Hassan, photo by PhotoRun.net

Less than two weeks later, on 8 June, Sifan Hissan ran a spectacular 1,500 meter in Rome, running away from a world class field, and winning by four seconds, with her fine 3:56.22! This was Hissan's fastest time since 17 July 2015, when, in the Monaco DL, she ran 3:56.05, finishing second to Genzebe Dibaba, who set the WR that day of 3:50.7.

On June 11, Sifan Hissan continued to show her fine shape, running and winning the 1,500 meters in front of her home crowd, at the FBK Games in Hengelo, The Netherlands. Hissan again dominated the race, winning by 4.75 seconds, running 3:56.14. This puts Sifan Hissan just .09 off her National Record.

This is fine middle distance running, and Sifan Hissan is showing that her time training in Portland, under the watchful eyes of Alberto Salazar and Peter Julian has been a good move. Hissan is racing much more aggresively and with much more confidence.

Hissan's medal-less performance in Rio was a huge disappointment, and 2017 has started with a short campaign indoors in the US and her focus is obviously on London 2017 in less than two months.

The FBK Hengelo meeting always has fine performances, and this meet was highlighted with Ethiopian performances meant to show fitness for their selectors prior to the London 2017 Champs. Athletes such as Dafne Schippers (11.08) and Sandi Morris (4.65m) in the 100 meters and pole vault.

The other two major performances were the high jump leader by Maria Lasitseken, who cleared 2.04 meters PB, EL and WL. In the men's long jump. Luvo Manyonga continued his amazing leaps, with a fine 8.62 meter leap into a legal wind.

Full results are right below.

Murphy_ClaytonFH1b-USOlyTr16.jpgClayton Murphy, 2016 US Olympic Trials 800 meters, photo by PhotoRun.net

This is an exclusive interview with Clayton Murphy with David Hunter. David Hunter has written several pieces on Clayton Murphy on RunBlogRun. We look forward to watching Clayton Murphy race at the USATF Champs in Sacramento.

This is your second week of recovery time, if your track season end the last week of May or first week of June! The idea is to give you two weeks of just relaxing, then, two weeks of easy running before we get the summer mileage program moving, in the last week of June.

Taylor_Kellyn43-USAxc17.JPGKellyn Taylor, photo by PhotoRun.net

Monday, June 12, 2017. easy 30 minute run, one hour walk or one hour bike ride (wear your helmet), stretch afterwards.

As you begin running again, please consider the HOKA ONE ONE training shoes.

To learn about our sponsor, please go to 2017 HOKA ONE ONE Postal Nationals

And while you are relaxing, check out the video below, which highlights the 2016 HOKA ONE ONE Postal Nationals. It should inspire you to ask coach if your team can compete in it. All teams are welcome and it is free! See how your team ranks across the U.S! Here's the video: http://www.runnerspace.com/video.php?video_id=190549#ooid=E2OHhiODE6d19qhv14SIqSXQX088IklV

Aries Merritt has touched the sun, so to speak. In athletics, there are no higher accolades than winning the Olympic gold medal, and then, setting a world record. Aries Merritt has done both.

And then, the nightmare years began. Two years of issues in 2013 and 2014. In Moscow, in 2013, Aries Merritt finished sixth in the World Champs final. Aries Merritt discovered that something was wrong. He knew what fitness level was needed to be at the top of the 110 meter hurdles, perhaps, the most competitive event in the men's track schedule under 400 meters. Aries Merritt just could not get there. Something had to be wrong.

Merritt_AriesSF-OlyTr16.jpgAries Merritt, photo by PhotoRun.net

The challenge, dear readers, is to maintain high levels of fitness, or, after injuries, to regain such fitness. Reaching the highest level of our sports requires that athletes train and race at very high levels. It also requires the fine tuning of recovery days. As highly trained athletes are always a cold or fall away from an injury, they always have to be every mindful of the the injury pitfalls.

Gelete Burka ran 30:40.87 at the FBK Games day one on June 10, 2017 at Hengelo, Netherlands. Gelete has been a world class runner since 2003. Burka took the bronze in the World Cross Country Championships in 2003. Gelete was eighth in the 1,500 meters at the World Championships in Helsinki in 2005.

Burka_Gelete-Pre16.jpgGelete Burka, photo by PhotoRun.net

In 2008, 2010, and 2012, Gelete Burka medaled in the World Indoor Champs. In Valencia, Burka won the 1,500 meter indoor title. In 2010, in Doha, Burka took the bronze in the 1,500 meters, and in Istanbul, in 2012, Gelete Burka won the bronze at 3000 meters.

Distance runners move up in distances, over their careers. In 2006, Gelete ran a 3000 meters in 8:25.92. In 2007, Gelete Burka ran the 5000 meters in 14:31.20.

Gelete Burka has had a long career in athletics. In April 2015, Geleta Burka ran her first 10,000 meters, with the company of Shalane Flanagan for 24.5 laps. Burka, I believe, ran 31:06, and Flanagan ran 31:08. Burka took the silver medal in Beijing 2015 in 10,000 meters.

In Rio, Gelete Burka ran her PB of 30:26.66 over 10,000 meters, finishing eighth.

This is another year.

On 10 June 2017, Gelete Burka, ETH, ran 30:40.87 to win the women's 10,000 meters at Hengelo. In second, Senbere Teferi, ETH, ran 30:41.68. In third, Belaynesh Oljira, ETH, ran 30:44.57. The race was, essentially, the Ethiopian Trials for London 2017 World Championships. Burka is a fine 10,000m runner, and her kick, honed over racing 1,500m, 3,000m and 5000m, is like a surgeon with its precision. Finely tuned, Burka knows how to put some real estate between her and her pursuers.

Gelete Burka used her wonderful kick to put that distance between her and Senberi Teferi and Belaynesh Oljira.

Complete results are below on day one.

Poland's Pawel Fajdek has won the gold medal in two World Championships, in Moscow 2013 and Beijing 2015. Mr. Fajdek has also won the gold in the European Champs in 2016 and the silver in 2014 in Zurich. The Polish hammer thrower has a personal best of 83.93 meters, from 9 August 2015.

At the Janusz Kusocinski Memorial on 10 June, Pawel Fajdek, POL, won the men's hammer throw with a throw of 80.53 meters. Wojciech Nowicki, POL, took second with a throw of 76.19 meters. Nick Miller, GBR, took third with a throw of 76.00 meters.

Fadjek_Pavel1a-Pre16.jpgPawel Fajdek, photo by PhotoRun.net

Anita Wlodarczyk is the finest women's hammer thrower in athletics history. The Polish hammer thrower won both the gold medals in the London 2012 and Rio 2016 Olympics. Anita Wlodarczyk has the current world record, which is 82.98 meters. Among her medal haul are three golds in European Championships (Helsinki 2012, Zurich 2014, Amsterdam 2016), a bronze in Barcelona 2010, plus two golds in Berlin 2009 and Beijing 2015 and a silver in Moscow 2013.

Wlodarczyk_Anita-Rio16.jpgAnita Wlodarczyk, photo by PhotoRun.net

Last summer, watching Anita in Rio was one of my big treats of the Olympics. One of the finest athletes in our sport, who broke the WR in the hammer throw, throwing an WR and OR of 82. 29m.

On 10 June, Anita Wlodarczk, POL, threw 77.07 meters to win the Kusocinski Memorial. Hanna Skydan, AZE, takes second with 74.12 meters. Malwina Kopron, POL, takes third with 71.88 meters.

Complete results are below.

The Oregon Duck women won their third team championships in one year on Saturday, at Hayward Field. It came down to the final event, the 4x400 meters, and to the final leg.

Emma Childs wrote this piece on the Duck victory on June 10, 2017.

Emma Childs, an honors journalism student at the University of Oregon, is a producer for Duck TV Sports, the vice president of the Oregon AWSM chapter and a group fitness instructor at the Student Recreation center.

Karissa Schweizer won the NCAA cross country title last November, and then, in March, won the indoor title for 5000 meters in March. On Saturday, Karissa Schweizzer won the outdoor 5000 meter title.

Maverick Pallack, a journalism student at the University of Oregon, loves the Oakland A's, San Francisco 49ers and the Golden State Warriors. He was Steve Prefontaine for Halloween and prefers mustache Pre over the clean-shaven Pre.

The art of finishing a race and throwing up your school's gang sign #ncaatf

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Madie Boreman finished second in the NCAA steeple yesterday. Her second place produced an American junior record. Abigail Winn focused this piece on Madia Boreman and how she came to the steeplechase. We thank Abigail Winn for covering the NCAA championships this past weekend.

Bound and leap. Leap and bound like a zephyr set free. #ncaatf

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Carolyn Mather is one of the finest observers of our sport and one of its most enduring. Carolyn wrote this piece about the 2017 Grandma's Marathon, and much of what happens behind the scenes of the race. It is a unique view into the marathon and what it takes to make a living, breathing, near city size, annuel event a success.

It's going to be the best #grandmasmarathon weekend to date! #gmas17 #garrybjorklundhalfmarathon #williamairvin5k #dlh

A post shared by Grandma's Marathon (@grandmasmarathon) on

I hope you were able to watch the NCAA championships his past weekend. Both the men's and women's events were quite exciting. We will publish several stories on the NCAAs today, as well as the Portland Track Festival.

Taylor_Kellyn11-USAxc17.JPGKellyn Taylor, at USA Cross Country, photo by PhotoRun.net

Sunday, June 11, 2017. Long walk, or nice bike ride (wear your helmet)

As you begin running again, please consider the HOKA ONE ONE training shoes.

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And while you are relaxing, check out the video below, which highlights the 2016 HOKA ONE ONE Postal Nationals. It should inspire you to ask coach if your team can compete in it. All teams are welcome and it is free! See how your team ranks across the U.S! Here's the video: http://www.runnerspace.com/video.php?video_id=190549#ooid=E2OHhiODE6d19qhv14SIqSXQX088IklV

Fisher_Grant_NCAA_5000m_After_Winning_09-Jun-2017_Lotsbom.jpgA Jubliant Grant Fisher, 5000m winner, photo by Chris Lotsbom, RRW, used with permission.

Kerr_Josh_NCAA_1500m_After_Winning_09-Jun-2017_Lotsbom.jpgJosh Kerr, Winner, 1,500m, photo by Christ Lotsbom, RRW, used with permission. (Wondering if Josh Kerr is metalhead).

Friday was the men's final day at the NCAA Championships. Here's Chris Lotsbom's piece on the great middle and long distance races in Eugene. Of course, RRW article used with permission.

This story is the crazy men's 1,500 meters. It is written by Gus Morris.Gus Morris is a junior at the University of Oregon. He's an aspiring sports reporter who has covered an array of sports including football, golf and men's basketball for the Oregon student paper, the Daily Emerald. He'll be a free agent after graduating next spring.

Eyes on the prize😎

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Fred Kerley won the 400 meters on Friday night with the number 4 timer ever run by an athlete competing in NCAA competitions. Here is the story on that fantastic run by Kim Holm. Kim Holm is a junior at the University of Oregon, studying journalism and communication. She is a native Oregonian and loves to hike and explore all the wonders that Oregon wildlife has to offer.

The men's high jump was an exciting battle on Friday at the NCAA Championships. Becky Hoag wrote this piece on the high jump for RunBlogRun.

Becky Hoag is a sophomore at the University of Oregon majoring in journalism and marine biology and is the incoming president of the UO's student chapter of the Society of Professional Journalists.

✌🏻, Day 3️⃣. #NCAATF

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Grant Holloway competed in four events over the NCAA Outdoor Championships this past week. Ariel Sax wrote this piece on Grant Holloway. This is the second article written by University of Oregon journalism student Ariel Sax for RunBlogRun . Ariel Sax is a sophomore at the University of Oregon studying journalism and communication.

As you continue to enjoy your first week off from track season, taken an easy day, or a day off. For inspiration, watch the last day of the NCAA Outdoors, or, go online and check out the Rome DL on You Tube.

Lutz_Craig3-USAxc17.JPGCraig Lutz, photo by PhotoRun.net

As you begin running again, please consider the HOKA ONE ONE training shoes.

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And while you are relaxing, check out the video below, which highlights the 2016 HOKA ONE ONE Postal Nationals. It should inspire you to ask coach if your team can compete in it. All teams are welcome and it is free! See how your team ranks across the U.S! Here's the video: http://www.runnerspace.com/video.php?video_id=190549#ooid=E2OHhiODE6d19qhv14SIqSXQX088IklV

OBIRI_Hellen_-_Women_s_5000m_-_Rome_2017_6720x4480_PF_34333_5939c5424f.jpgHellen Obiri runs 5,000 meters in Rome DL, photo courtesy of Jean Pierre Durand/IAAF/DiamondLeague

Hellen Obiri is an amazing athlete. Her run in Rome last night was masterful. A nearly perfect 5,000 meters was run by Hellen Obiri last night. Here is Stuart Weir's fourth piece from Rome. We hope you enjoy it. I concur with our friend Stu that Hellen is an exceptional athlete. And yes, she has her focus on the London World Champs 5000 meters.

It will be a magnifiscent race.

Bolt_Usain4x1R-OlyGames16.jpgUsain Bolt, photo by PhotoRun.net
Usain Bolt expects emotions
KINGSTON (JAM): Usain Bolt has ruled out improving his world records in his farewell season, informs the Jamaica Observer. "I always try my best to go out there and push myself. But to me, this season is all about just trying to win and continue winning and end my career on a winning note. So that's really my focus this season to try and get everything right," he said. World's fastest man has also said that he is looking forward to what he expects to be an emotional send-off when he runs his final race on home soil on Saturday at the JN Racers Grand Prix at the National Stadium tomorrow. "It's gonna be a great reception," Bolt said. "I'm home, the amount of people that called me to get tickets (he laughs), I know the stadium's gonna be full, so I know it's gonna be high energy, and I know it's gonna be just one big party. It's going to be emotional, but I'm definitely looking forward to it."

Guy Morse was the Former Executive Director of Boston Marathon, from 1985-2014. This is part three of the interview produced by The Shoe Addicts. RunBlogRun interviewed Guy Morse on April 18 after the 2017 Boston Marathon.

Morse_Guy-WorldMM06.jpgGuy Morse, photo by PhotoRun.net

In this section of the interview, Guy Morse speaks of the relationship with John Hancock Financial Services with the Boston Marathon.

Schippers_Dafne200HSSF-Worlds15.jpgDafne Schippers, photo by PhotoRun.net
ROME (ITA): Andre de Grasse is aiming to win three medals at the World Championships in London to replicate his Olympic accomplishments last summer. "For the London World Championships I am thinking about both events, the 100m and the 200m. But I have a bad start, I have to work on my start. This is why I compete more in the 200m. My aim is to get three medals, like in Rio, definitely. We have a strong relay team and I also hope to win a medal in London," he said. It was his last 200 m before Canadian Championships early July.
ROME (ITA): Dafne Schippers is planning a full racing schedule ahead of the World Championships in London where she is aiming to contest both the 100m and 200m. "To get faster, I just need more races. The more starts I have, the faster I get. That is the key now on the way to London. I am preparing myself for both distances, 100 and 200 metres," she said. Her next 100 m on Sunday in Hengelo at FBK Games.
ROME (ITA): Katerina Stefanidi's next two competitions will be the Greek Championships and the European Team Championships in Lille.
ROME (ITA): Mariya Lasitskene will compete in the Monaco Diamond League on 21 July, informs R-Sport. "The organisers of the Diamond League in Monaco has confirmed Maria's participation in the competition," said her agent Olga Nazarova. Lasitskene will also compete domestically at the Zhukovsky Memorial on 16 June.
ROME (ITA): Sergey Shubenkov's coach Sergey Klevtsov was pleased he lowered his season's best to 13.21 in the Rome Diamond League but has said a lack of competition is preventing him from running faster, informs Sport Express. "There is a definite progress. The question is that, in my opinion, the lack of competitions in 2016 has led to the situation that Sergey is now really a beginner. Well, how could he be so slow to accelerate? I cannot understand it," he said.
ROME (ITA): Aries Merritt achieved his first DL win since 2015 transplant. "It was a bit slappy - I just got off the plane after it was late from the States, just arrived 2 days ago and it is not a secret I am still jetlagged. I wanted to run much faster but in the end I am happy with the season best. I made many mistakes, hit a lot of hurdles today but my speed is getting better." He added that he is at 80 - 90 percent of his speed work.
ROME (ITA): Colombian star Catherine Ibarguen since 2012 Olympic Games lost only twice until now. Last year at Birmingham DL to Olga Rypakova and on Thursday in Rome to Yulimar Rojas. "The shape is not so brilliant yet but i'm working to improve day by day. It's not easy to be on the top for many years, younger competitors like Rojas are very strong but I think to be able to manage them and achieve some more important results," she added.

Here's David Hunter's day two feature on the action on Hayward Field at the 2017 NCAA Championships. Some exciting field events plus an exciting 10,000 meters won by an athlete from the University of San Francisco!

That feeling you get when you get the hardware. 🏆 #ncaaTF

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Taylor_Charlotte_NCAA_10000m_Winning_08-Jun-2017_Lotsbom.jpgCharlotte Taylor wins the 10,000 meters, photo by Chris Lotsbom, RRW, used with permission

Here is Chris Lotsbom's feature on Thursday night's surprising women's 10,000 meters! Thanks to Race Results Weekly for their fine stories!

Marc Scott.jpgMarc Scott charging to victory, photo by Chris Lotsbom for RRW

This is Chris Lotsbom's feature on the first day of the NCAA, on Marc Scott's victory over 10,000 meters, after an medical emergency on the previous Monday. We thank Chris Lotsbom for his fine stories.

Bunch_Dani-USOlyTr16.jpgDanielle Bunch, photo by PhotoRun.net

Stuart Weir wrote this third piece on the Rome DL about the person sitting next to him on the bus to the Golden Gala, Danielle Bunch, who took second in the shot put. We thank Stuart for this fine piece, where we learn about the complexity of changing shot put technique after eleven years and an athlete's love of horror movies.

Enjoy the Friday run. Run with friends, and then, check out the NCAA champs, or the Rome DL from the night before!

VanAlstine_Amy3-USAxc17.JPGAmy Van Alstine, photo by PhotoRun.net

Friday, June 9, 2017. Easy 30 minute run, one hour walk or one hour bike ride (wear your helmet), stretch afterwards.

As you begin running again, please consider the HOKA ONE ONE training shoes.

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And while you are relaxing, check out the video below, which highlights the 2016 HOKA ONE ONE Postal Nationals. It should inspire you to ask coach if your team can compete in it. All teams are welcome and it is free! See how your team ranks across the U.S! Here's the video: http://www.runnerspace.com/video.php?video_id=190549#ooid=E2OHhiODE6d19qhv14SIqSXQX088IklV

rp_primary_Thomas_Kent.jpgDanneil Thomas, photo courtesy of Mid America Conference

Abigail Winn wrote this piece about Danniel Thomas, the NCAA shot put champion. Abigail Winn wrote this piece on Danniel Thomas representing both Kent State and being a role model for young woman in Jamaica.

Abigail Winn is a sophomore at the University of Oregon studying journalism and music.

Stuart Weir travels around the universe, searching out good track meets for RunBlogRun. Stuart is in Rome and is covering the Diamond League. At each meet, I ask Stuart to write about British athletes.

In this piece, Stuart wrote about British athletes and their performances. Last week, at the adidas Boost Boston Meet, I was fortunate to watch the long jump for a few rounds with Desiree Henry. Desiree trains with Rana Reider in Amsterdam. Desiree is a British sprinter. She loves the 100 meters and thinks the 60m is too short and the 200 meters is too long. I enjoyed chatting with Desiree about her upcoming meets. For me, meeting and talking with the athletes that we idolize is part of the pleasure of what I do. I want to know why they jump, run and throw. Why is athletics so important that they give many of the normal things in life for half of their young lives? In the high season, juggling training, racing and travel are essential skill sets for an elite athlete. Desiree is one of the athletes Stuart covered in this piece.

Ujah_Chijindu4x1FH-Euros16.jpgChijindu Ujah, photo by PhotoRun.net

Chijindu Ujah was the British performance of the night. Ujah took the win in the 100 meters, taking down some of the finest sprinters in the world.

Thanks, Stuart, once again. Writing four stories while watching the returns of the British election had to be a challenge. Stuart was up until 4 am Rome time writing these pieces. We live in difficult times.

Sometimes, our solace are the moments in athletics, when we see athletes challenge themselves to run, jump and throw. Those moments bring some sanity into modern life.

Morgan Sudduth wrote this piece on the first Day of the NCAA Championships. The University of Oregon women's team moved ten athletes through to the finals. Oregon won the cross country and indoor track & field, and they now are focused on winning the outdoor track & field. Morgan is part of the University of Oregon Track Journalism overseen by Lori Shontz.

University of Oregon student Morgan Sudduth is studying journalism. Next fall term she is taking her studies abroad in London with a PR internship at a fashion magazine.

HaywardFieldFE1a-USOlyTr16.jpgHayward Field, photo by PhotoRun.net

Hassan_Sifan-PreC17.jpGSifan Hassan, photo by PhotoRun.net

Obiri and Hassan with top times
ROME (ITA, Jun 8): First European stop in IAAF Diamond League Pietro Mennea Golden Gala 2017 brought 4 World leads and 1 meet record including lot of surprises. Sifan Hassan offered great display of shape in women 1500 m as did both jumping winners Ekaterini Stefanidi with Mariya Lasitskene. Hellen Obiri ruled in the 5000 m without any doubts. Italian athletics celebrated junior Tortu in the 200 m before a crowd of close to 30 000.
Event by event
100m (non-DL) - European one-two with Chijindu Ujah clocking 10.02 (-0.2) ahead of Jimmy Vicaut in 10.05 with Baker only third also 10.05. Last time Obikwelu won as European the 100 m in 2008.
200m - Andre de Grasse found improved form with a 20.01 (+0.6) season's best ahead of fast finishing Christophe Lemaitre (20.29). In his first serious race at the distance, Filippo Tortu was fourth in 20.34 to move to fourth on the European all-time U20 lists.
800m - In a tactical encounter, Adam Kszczot defeated world U20 champion Kipyegon Bett 1:45.96 to 1:46.00. Pacemaker Kinyor started too fast (49.25).
3000m steeplechase - Olympic champion Conseslus Kipruto was pushed hard by Olympic fourth placer Soufiane El Bakkali, 8:04.63 WL to 8:05.17 PB.
110m hurdles - Aries Merritt equalled his season's best of 13.13 (-0.3) ahead of Orlando Ortega (13.17) with Sergey Shubenkov improving his season's best to 13.21.
Javelin - With his last throw of the competition, Thomas Rohler went beyond the 90m-line with 90.06m to defeat teammate Johannes Vetter (88.15m).
100m - Sub-11 for Dafne Schippers with 10.99 (+0.5) ahead of Marie-Josee Ta Lou (11.03) and Michelle-Lee Ahye (11.07).
400m - Natasha Hastings won by more than half-a-second with 50.52 from Novlene Williams-Mills (51.04).
1500m - Sifan Hassan set a meeting record and world-lead of 3:56.22 ahead of Kenya's Winny Chebet (3:59.16) and Germany's Konstanze Klosterhalfen (3:59.30) who both set big PBs.
5000m - Hellen Obiri improved her world-lead down to 14:18.37 to break Vivian Cheruiyot's Kenyan record. Ethiopia's Genzebe Dibaba faded to sixth in 14:41.55. Gidey with 14:33.32 missed the World U20 record by 3 seconds.
400m hurdles (non-DL) - Jamaica's Janieve Russell opened the programme with a 54.14 win ahead of Denmark's Sara Petersen (54.35 EL)
Triple jump - Yulimar Rojas handed Caterine Ibarguen a rare defeat, 14.84m to 14.78m, actually her first win over the Olympic champion ever.
High jump - Another win for Mariya Lasitskene with a 2.00m clearance before three attempts at 2.05m.
Pole vault - World-leading mark of 4.85m for Katerina Stefanidi before three attempts at a world record of 5.07m.
Shot put - Back-to-back Diamond League wins for Gong Lijiao with 19.56m with Olympic champion Michelle Carter only third (18.86m).

Here is Stuart Weir's first of four pieces on the Rome Diamond League. Rome DL is one of my favorite stadiums to watch a meet and enjoy the performances. I was not there this year, but Stuart Weir was, and we will enjoy his coverage of the Golden Gala!

DSCN0092.JPGGolden Gala 2017, photo by J. Stuart Weir

HaywardFieldFE-USOlyTr16.jpgHayward Field, July 2016, photo by PhotoRun.net

As you head to Hayward Field, after your walk on Pre's Trail, and a beverage at the Wild Duck, heres's David Hunter's piece on Day One of the NCAA Champs! We have five stories posted already on the NCAA's, so please tell friends to go to runblogrun.com. Thanks to David Hunter on this fine piece!

This press conference is always a fun one. Of course, much of it (first 30 minutes and any segments), is in Italian. There are some gems, however, with Ekaterina Stefanidi and Sandi Morris, and Christophe Lemaitre.

This was held the day before the Rome DL. Enjoy the interviews.

Marc Scott spent a night in a hospital early in the week, and came back to win his first NCAA title, taking the 10,000 meters! Heres' how Kim Holm covered the event. Kim Holm is a junior at the University of Oregon, studying journalism and communication. She is a native Oregonian and loves to hike and explore all the wonders that Oregon wildlife has to offer.

Winkler_RudyQwide1d-Rio16.jpgRudy Winkler, photo by PhotoRun.net

Rudy Winkler won the NCAA Men's Hammer throw on Wednesday night, June 7. The Rio Olympian won it, despite dealing with a sore back all season. University of Oregon journalism student Ariel Sax wrote this for RunBlogRun. Ariel Sax is a sophomore at the University of Oregon studying journalism and communication.

Keandra Bates, by Tim Casey for Florida Gatores.jpgKeandra Bates, photo from FloridaGators.com, photo by Tim Casey

Special thanks to the University of Oregon's Journalism department. Lori Shontz, the associate professoer who manages the program for track journalists, has worked with us for several years. This piece is by RJ Chavez. RJ Chavez is a senior at the University of Oregon graduating in one week with a degree in journalism. He plans to do some freelance work with his hometown newspaper in Hood River, Oregon, during the summer of 2016. RJ did a nice job on giving RunBlogRun readers a wonderful view of the historic performance by Gators in the mens' long jump!

Today is Thursday, June 8. The Rome Diamond League is today, as is the second day of the NCAA Championships. The big meets are great inspiration. Also check out the Adrian Martinez Classic from last week on runnerspace.com.

Taylor_Kellyn18-USAxc17.JPGKellyn Taylor, photo by PhotoRun.net

Thursday, June 8, 2017. Take a day off

As you begin running again, please consider the HOKA ONE ONE training shoes.

To learn about our sponsor, please go to 2017 HOKA ONE ONE Postal Nationals

And while you are relaxing, check out the video below, which highlights the 2016 HOKA ONE ONE Postal Nationals. It should inspire you to ask coach if your team can compete in it. All teams are welcome and it is free! See how your team ranks across the U.S! Here's the video: http://www.runnerspace.com/video.php?video_id=190549#ooid=E2OHhiODE6d19qhv14SIqSXQX088IklV

Bowie_Tori1-BosOut17.jpGTori Bowie, photo by PhotoRun.net
Schippers_DafneR-Euro16.jpgDafne Schippers, photo by PhotoRun.net
Bowie vs Schippers
LAUSANNE (SUI): Current world and Olympic triple jump champion Christian Taylor has confirmed his participation in the Athletissima Lausanne Diamond League on 6 July, informs organisers. Taylor will face teammate Will Claye, who recorded a wind-assisted 18m-plus jump to finish second to Taylor in Eugene last month, along with world silver medallist and fellow 18m-plus performer Pedro Pablo Pichardo. Tori Bowie will go head-to-head with world champion Dafne Schippers in the 200m while the 400m hurdles features all three Olympic medallists (Dalilah Muhammad, Sara Slott Petersen and Ashley Spencer) along with two-time world champion Zuzana Hejnova and Swiss favourite Lea Sprunger. Maria Lasitskene is confirmed for the high jump and Ivana Spanovic will also compete in the long jump.

The truth is this: Steve Prefontaine was a fun loving, highly talented, highly motivated and creative young adult when he died. No one knows what he would have become, but there is a good chance he would have improved his American records from 2000m to 10,000m and, perhaps, helped change the sport. In American track & field, Steve Prefontaine was colorful and quotable. His gutty running, his obvious love of his sport and competition made him a figure of prominence.

Taylor_Christian-PreC17.jpGChristian Taylor, photo by PhotoRun.net

Each year I go to the Pre Classic, I wonder what Steve Prefontaine would think of the meet. So, I pretend that Steve is there, sitting in the stands, up in the corner, with a couple friends. His hair is gray now, his mustache still there, and he is in Oregon sweats. Would he enjoy the meet? I think so. And as I am sitting next to him, sharing a bag of Taco Bell, and a few cold beverages, hidden in our back pack, here are the five things I learned from the 2017 Pre Classic.


Jimmy Vicaut, photo by PhotoRun.net


Ronnie Baker winning Pre, photo by PhotoRun.net

The Golden Gala Pietro Mennea is being held on June 8 in the eternal city of Rome. The Golden Gala is one of my favorite meets on the Diamond League Tour. My first visit was in 2011, and it was alot of fun and history rolled into one visit. The performances, the Olympic Stadium, and the enthusiasm of the crowd was amazing.

EME News provided the preview below, please enjoy!

image1.JPGFrank Shorter speaking at Mt. Hermon, photo by Jeff Benjamin

Here if Jeff Benjamins' story on Frank Shorter's return to his high school. It was at Mt. Hermon where Shorter began his love of running. It is an amazing story, and we thank Jeff Benjamin for his view of Frank Shorter's visit to Mt. Hermon.

NetFit #LacedUp @puma

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Salute to a legend 100 m
KINGSTON (JAM): Salute to a legend is the headline of the special farewell 100 m race of Usain Bolt on Saturday at JN Racers Grand Prix meet. His top colleagues from national team will run with him Asafa Powell, Michael Frater and Nesta Carter. The current headliners will run in another race with Akani Simbine, Yohan Blake and Kemar Bailey-Cole. Olympic winners will compete in 200 m (Wayde Van Niekerk), 800 m (David Rudisha), 3000 m (Mo Farah) and triple jump (Christian Taylor). Top women clashes in the 400 m Allyson Felix against Shericka Jackson and 100 m hurdles World champion Danielle Williams with 2012 Olympic winner Sally Pearson, Sharika Nelvis and Nia Ali. From racersgrandprix.com.

David Bedford has been an iconic fixture in the sport since his heralded running days in the late 1960s and 1970s. David Bedford ran with spirit and fearless abandon. Bedford's hard training, no, scratch that, really hard training. 200 mile weeks got one into shape and also got one injured. Bedford danced that magic line between increadible fitness and painful injuries throughout his career. On June 11, 1973, David Bedford set the World record for the 10,000 meters, running 27:30.8. In that race, Bedford had surpassed the WR of his hero, Ron Clarke, the former WR holder and the current world record of one Lasse Viren. Chopping eight seconds off those iconic times, David Bedford had nearly reached the sun.

The late 1960s and early 1970s were an amazing time in British Athletics. David Bedford, Ian Stewart, Brendan Foster, Alan Pascoe, were some of the shining lights, and quotable and colorful characters of British sport at the time. Fans loved them because they gave their all in their races, training and their lives.

A unique mustache, a wry sense of humor, red socks and his amazing racing ability made him a favorite of European athletic fans for his entire career. His love of the sport, his respect for the sport, and his understanding of what the sport should stand for, has shaped the past three decades of gloal marathon running.

World Record Medal for David Bedford.jpgWorlds Records Holder Plaque, 10,000m for David Bedford, photo by RunBlogRun

After a few years out of the sport, David Bedford became involved in the London Marathon. From 1999 to 2014, David was the Executive Director of the Virgin Money London Marathon. In the late 2000s, I would enjoy David Bedford always welcoming the media and industry players to the "Greatest Marathon in the world". Hugh Brasher, the son of the late Chris Brasher, one of the founders of the London Marathon, is now the Executive Race Director.

IMG_8588.JPGDavid Bedford holding some of the track from famous White City, photo by RunBlogRun

David Bedford is now the Elite Athlete Coordinator of the Virgin Money London Marathon. We sat down with David on May 21, to do a long interview on many aspects of his career and to guage his opinions on the sport of athletics.

We thank David Bedford for his time and generosity. This is the first part of this interview. In this segment, David explains his red socks, some of his first experiences in running, and some fine stories about a glorious time in British athletics.

There will be some fun track to watch this week. Rome DL on June 8, and Portland on June 10 and 11. Hengelo is June 10 and 11 as well. Check You Tube, Runnerspae and NBC for schedules.

898T0461.jpegVitality 10k, photo by London Marathon Events

Relax this week, enjoy your easy run, bike or walk today.

Enjoy Global Running Day! Run with your friends.

Wednesday, June 7, 2017. easy 30 minute run, one hour walk or one hour bike ride (wear your helmet), stretch afterwards.

Dibaba_Genzebe1-Pre17.JPGGenzebe Dibaba, photo by PhotoRun.net
Obiri_Hellen-Pre16.jpgHellen Obiri, photo by PhotoRun.net
Genzebe vs Obiri
ROME (ITA): The Rome Olympic Stadium track has produced great performances in the 5000 metres in the past. This year marks both the 60th anniversary of the world record set by Vladimir Kuts and the 30th anniversary of the first sub-13-minute time clocked by Said Aouita. He broke the world record in the Golden Gala edition, which took place shortly before the 1987 World Championships in Rome. One year ago another world record was under threat in women 5000 m by Almaz Ayana. This year Genzebe Dibaba against Hellen Obiri could be the clash to bring back the 5000 m excitement.

Thinking of Gabby Grunewald


Gabby Grunewald is a fine athlete. Many have followed Gabby over the past few years as she has battled cancer. We are caught by her love of life, love of those around her, and her positive attitude. I have watched her race this spring and did not get to give her my personal good wishes. So, here it is. Gabby, best wishes. Keep running and racing. But most of all, keep up the good fight. We think of you often and we are in awe of your fighting spirit.

Flanagan_Shalane1-USAout15.jpgShalane Flanagan to run Portland Track Festival

PORTLAND (USA): Shalane Flanagan will make her much-anticipated return to racing with a 10K at the Portland Track Festival, race organizers confirmed on Monday. Writes flotrack. The four-time Olympian was sidelined from competition after a fracture in her iliac crest kept her from racing the Boston Marathon. The Portland Track Festival will mark Flanagan's first race since finishing sixth in the marathon at the 2016 Olympic Games last August.

RunBlogRun opines: Shalane Flanagan is the former AR holder at both 5,000 meters and 10,000 meters. In 2008, Shalane took the Olympic bronze medal at 10,000 meters and set the AR. She was 10th in the 2012 London Olympic Marathon and sixth in the 2016 Rio Olympic marathon. Her medal in 2008 has since been upgraded to the silver medal due to the disqualification due to a drug positive during retesting of the former silver medalist.

Shalane Flanagan is one of the most popular and enduring athletes in the sport of American Track & Field. She is extremely popular in Boston Marathon venues and fans with her fine performances there. It is exciting to see that she will be racing this coming weekend in Portland.

The adidas Boost Boston Games was held in Boston, MA for the second time in 2017. Over 100 meters, Symon Mason won the the race! Tori Bowie set a WR over 150 meters on the 200 meter straight track. A good crowd enjoyed the sprints, long jump and pole vault. As Maurice Greene noted, the street Games idea should be taken across the country. That would be a fun trend.

Bekele_Kenenisa1h-Berlin16.jpgKenenisa Bekele, photo by PhotoRun.net
Dibaba_TiruneshM1-RAK17.jpgTirunesh Dibaba, photo by PhotoRun.net
Kenenisa and Tirunesh headlining the marathon selection
ADDIS ABABA (ETH): Ethiopian Athletics Federation confirmed marathon teams for World Championships in London. On the men side legendary Kenenisa Bekele with Dubai winner Tamirat Tola and Hamburg winner Tsegaye Mekonen. Reserves are Yemane Tsegaye and Mule Wasihun. Women are four because Mare Dibaba has the Wild card as defending champion. With her another top legend Tirunesh Dibaba with Birhane Dibaba and Shure Demissie. Two reserves are Aselefech Mergia and Amane Gobena. Informs Bizuayehu Wagaw.

Here is our most recent report, number 19, on results from around Europe! The European Athletics results are edited by Carles Baronet, our friend from Catalonia. Check out Carles' blog, http://trackinsun.blogspot.com.

Ugen_Lorraine-PreC17.jpGLorraine Ugen, photo by PhotoRun.net

Bolt_UsainFans-Ostrava10.jpgUsain Bolt, photo by PhotoRun.net
Bolt confirms Ostrava for 9th time
OSTRAVA (CZE): Usain Bolt fulfills his promise and will return to Ostrava Golden Spike for the last time as competitor on June 28 for the 56th edition of the meet (IAAF World Challenge). He will run in his last season the 100 m. In total, Bolt started in Ostrava four times at 100m, three times at 200m and once at 300m, always winning. This will be his 9th, record among the one day meetings. "The Golden Spike meeting in Ostrava is always one of the first meetings I put in my diary each year and I am happy to announce that I will be competing there for the ninth and final time on June 28 this year. I think it was the first professional track meet that invited me to run back at the start of my career and it is fitting that I should return there in my final season. The fans in the Czech Republic always give me a great welcome and I am happy to have eight wins in the Mestsky stadium and hold the meet records in the 200m and 300m." Other Rio gold medalists competing in Ostrava will be Mo Farah (10 000 m), Wayde Van Niekerk (300 m), Christian Taylor, Thomas Rohler, Anita Wlodarczyk, David Rudisha (1000 m debut) and Conseslus Kipruto.

This is day two of the two weeks pre season recovery from track and field. Take the afternoon off, watch a movie, check out some track on the You Tube.

Hehir_Martin3-USAxc17.JPGMartin Hehir, photo by PhotoRun.net

Tuesday, June 6, 2017. Take a Day Off

As you begin running again, please consider the HOKA ONE ONE training shoes.

To learn about our sponsor, please go to 2017 HOKA ONE ONE Postal Nationals

And while you are relaxing, check out the video below, which highlights the 2016 HOKA ONE ONE Postal Nationals. It should inspire you to ask coach if your team can compete in it. All teams are welcome and it is free! See how your team ranks across the U.S! Here's the video: http://www.runnerspace.com/video.php?video_id=190549#ooid=E2OHhiODE6d19qhv14SIqSXQX088IklV

The Portland Track Festival will be held on June 10 and 11 this year. The meet continues to grow in terms of stature and reputation. This year, Skechers Performance has come on as the title sponsor, allowing meet management to expand the meet. To find the schedule, and early entries, please go to : www.portlandtrack.com.

Barshim_Mutaz1a-Doha16.jpgMutaz Barshim, photo by PhotoRun.net
Lasitskene_Maria-Pre17.jpgMariya Lasitskene, photo by PhotoRun.net
Barshim 237 WL, Lasitskene 200 MR
OPOLE (POL, Jun 4): Despite not ideal weather conditions and later rain the special high jump meet here brough excellent winning marks by current World leaders. Qatari Mutaz Essa Barshim cleared 230 and 235 in first attempt and new world lead 237 in second attempt. Then he tried three times at new meet record 241. "Thanks god, win and WL," he said on his twitter. Next competition will be Bislett Games. Belarus Pavel Seliverstau was second 228. Russian Mariya Lasitskene jumped in third two meters as already confirmed winner with very nice attempt in rain. The 2015 World champion then tried at new WL and PB 204. Second Czech World U20 Champion Michaela Hruba 190.

The adidas Boost Boston was this wonderful combination of old school and new school. Somerville, the Friday night at the races, was the old school. And it was fun! Here's my five lessons from Somerville. (And at $10, the Somerville meet is the best sports deal in Boston!).

#Regram @notafraid2fail dream mile #whyirunboston #sdmsports

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Miller-Uibo 21.76 straight WR
BOSTON (USA, Jun 4): The adidas Boost Boston Games were highlighted by straight all-time best by Shaunae Miller-Uibo 21.76 (+0.5). It is also better than her best in the curve 200 m. Second Natasha Hasting 22.50. Close to all-time best was also another Olympic winner Wayde Van Niekerk with fast 19.84 (+0.6) ahead of Beejay Lee 20.17. Tori Bowie clocked 16.30 (+0.1) in the 150 m ahead of Shalonda Solomon 16.71. In men 150 m Alonso Edward 15.09 (+1.1) ahead of Nickel Ashmeade 15.16 and Yohan Blake 15.17. Surprise in the men 100 m as Keston Bledman in 10.208 (+0.1) was just edging Akani Simbine 10.209. Trinidad success in women 100 m Kelly-Ann Baptiste 11.06 (+0.2) ahead of Michelle-Lee Ahye 11.11. Orlando Ortega won 110 m hurdles in 13.30 (+0.2) clearly over Aleec Harris 13.46. In women final Jasmin Stowers 12.61 (+0.6) ahead of Christine Manning 12.69. Shara Proctor won women long jump 673 (+0.4), in men competition Jarrion Lawson 806 (+1.0), Fabrice Lapierre 803 (-0.1) and Olympic winner Jeff Henderson 802 (+0.3). Canadian record holder Alysha Newman cleared 460 to win women pole vault over Olympic winner Jenn Suhr 450.

IMG_20170528_180910.jpgEliud Kiptanui, winner of 2017 ScotiaBank Ottowa Marathon, photo by Justin Lagat

IMG_20170528_171222.jpgJustin Lagat, NIcholas Bor, Eliud Kiptanuie, photo courtesy of Kenyan Athlete

Our friend from Kenya, Justin Lagat ventured to Canada once again to race, and did much better than his first attempt. In part of his adventure, Justin learnt something about elite athletes and the community of runners. They admire each other. Here's his story.

Guy Morse was the Executive Director of the Boston Marathon from 1985 to 2012. In that time, the Marathon, and the Boston Athletic Association moved into the world of professional marathoning. Guy Morse was there before sponsorships and was directly invovled in nearly all of the major sponsorships of the marathon that are in place today.

Morse_Guy-WorldMM06.jpgGuy Morse, Boston Marathons' Executive Director, 1985-2012, photo by PhotoRun.net

RunBlogRun sat down with Guy Morse on the 18th of April, and discussed several topics pertaining to his time at the helm of the Boston Marathon. We found the discussion fascinating, and think you will as well.

Wayde Van Niekerk is the king of the 400 meters. His world record of 43.03 broke an inconic record, set by Michael Johnson some 17 years ago. Many did not think they would see the day when that record was broken. But, Wayde Van Niekerk did it in Rio, under cool conditions, but with very hot competition on the track, including Olympic champions from 2008 and 2012! At 300 meters, all were close, thenk Wayde Van Niekerk put the South African hammer down, and ran away from the field.

Funny thing was, the day before the final, I had been speaking with Maurice Greene. Maurice said it like this: there was no one in that field who was going to beat Wayde. Why? How do you beat a guy who will run himself into unconsciousness to win his race? It's that simple.

On Sunday, June 4, at the adidas Boost Boston Games, Wayde Van Niekerk ran the 200 straight, no turns, with the fitness of a superhero. HIs long stride, and high arm carriage provides just a glimpse of the power of this young man, as Wayde ran 19.84 seconds, just a few hundredths off the WR of Tyson Gay (19.81).

That was one of the finest sprints I have ever witnessed. We can not wait to see Wayde Van Niekerk race in London at the World Championships.

Heading to the line yesterday: @waydedreamer on his way to 200m win in 19.84. #WhyIRunBoston

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unnamed.jpgJulia Ratcliffe, photo courtesy of Beverly Schaefer Photography

Julia Ratcliffe is an NCAA hammer champion. She will be competing in the NCAA Hammer Throw final on Wednesday, June 7, in Eugene, Oregon. David Hunter wrote this fine piece on this fine athlete a few weeks ago, and I, of course, got behind. Here is an exciting story on the Princeton thrower. We wish Julia the best of luck on Wednesday!

Welcome to the HOKA ONE ONE Postal Nationals Summer Cross Country Mileage Program for the summer and fall of 2017!

Track & Field, for most of you, has ended over the past few weekends. If you are running in the New Balance Outdoor, AAU or USATF Juniors, best of luck. Let us know if we can help you with training suggestions.

Fauble_Scott3-USAxc17.JPGScott Fauble used cross country to build for his 2017 track season, photo by PhotoRun.net

If you are looking to be ready for the 2017 Fall Cross Country season, you have come to the right place! We will provide two weeks of pre training, a relaxed way to enjoy some time away from the sport and keep in a few workouts a week. We will begin Summer Training in the last week of June.

So, take today off, have some fun, or follow the workout instructions today:

Monday, June 5, 2017. Take a half hour run, hour walk or an hour bike ride (wear your helmet), and do a little stretching. Keep it fun, keep it simple.

As you begin running again, please consider the HOKA ONE ONE training shoes.

To learn about our sponsor, please go to 2017 HOKA ONE ONE Postal Nationals

And while you are relaxing, check out the video below, which highlights the 2016 HOKA ONE ONE Postal Nationals. It should inspire you to ask coach if your team can compete in it. All teams are welcome and it is free! See how your team ranks across the U.S! Here's the video: http://www.runnerspace.com/video.php?video_id=190549#ooid=E2OHhiODE6d19qhv14SIqSXQX088IklV

Jeffrey Eggleston debuted at the RNR San Diego Marathon, and won in 2:21. Bridie McCarey won the women's race,, in 2:48. And, among many other things, 94 year year old Harriette Thompson finished the half marathon, becoming the oldest to do such an event. In it's 20th year, and just days after the Competitor Grooup, CGI, was sold to IRONMAN, the RNR San Diego Marathon is at a cross roads. Where does the largest group of marathons and half marathons grow? We will have to wait and see.

The RNR San Diego Marathon began in 1998. The race was stopped en route, by a train crossing. At the time, the celebretory part of marathons was not as big a deal as it is now. RNR San Diego reminded us that marathons are destination events.

The RNR San Diego event is an example of an event that reaches out to runners of all levels, and from various communities. That is part of its continued success.

The race went off well today, with some fine performances, as the release below attests.

Thompson_HarriettFV-SanDiego17.JPGHarriett Thompson, 94 years old, finishes RNR San Diego Half Marathon, photo by PhotoRun.net

Eggleston_JefferyFV-SanDiego17.JPGJeffrey Eggleston wins RNR San Diego Marathon, photo by PhotoRun

McCarey_BridieFV-SanDiego17.JPGBridie McCarey, winner of women's RNR San Diego Marathon, photo by PhotoRun.net

If you are in the Boston area, get down to Charles Street, right between the Boston Commons and Public Garden to enjoy two hours of fantastic track & field on the streets! Yohan Blake, Wayde Van Niekerk, Tori Bowie, Shaunae Miller Uibo, are all here! Be there!

If you can not be there in person, watch it live, on NBC TV at 3:15 PM EST!

Today is the last day of the Spring 2017 Outdoor Track Program. Thanks to the 16,000 schools who took our programs and thanks to the athletes and coaches who used it as a start for their personalized training programs.

IMG_2854.jpgPatrick Parker won the adidas Dream Mile for Boys yesterday in 4;03.99! photo by The Shoe Addicts, Mike Deering

We will start a slow launch of the Summer Mileage Program and Fall Training programs, sponsored once again by HOKA ONE ONE. For those still in track & field, we suggest you look at our weeks 17-20, but again, find what works for you!

Enjoy your long run today!

Sunday, June 4, 2017. Long run, 6-8 miles, with warm up and cooldown and yes, push ups and sit ups.

IMG_3038.jpgThe battle is on, Chris O'Hare begins his rush for the tape, photo by The Shoe Addicts/Mike Deering

The adidas Boost Boston Games is this wonderful combo of old school and new school for athletics. Now, in its second year, the adidas Boost Boston Games is all about getting fans and athletes involved in what Meet Director Mark Wetmore calles Boston, " a city that loves sports."

The story below is by Chris Lotsbom, for Race Results Weekly. It covers the June 2 night of athletics at Dilboy Stadium. If you are in the Boston area, come to the June 4 event tomorrow at Charles Street, between Boston Commons and the Public Garden!

Vicaut_JimmySF1-Birmingham15.jpgJimmy Vicaut, photo by PhotoRun.net
Vicaut 10.02, Birech 8:10.11 WL
MARSEILLE (FRA, Jun 3): European record holder Jimmy Vicaut won the 100m at the Meeting International d'Athletisme de Marseille in a fast 10.02 ahead of Cuba's Yunier Perez (10.12) with Brit James Dasaolu third in the same time. Nigeria's Blessing Okagbare won the women's 100m in 11.17 from Carole Zahi (11.34), world silver medallist Hansle Parchment from Jamaica won the 110m hurdles in 13.49 from teammate Deuce Carter (13.54) and Germany's Pamela Dutkiewicz maintained her good form with a 12.84 win in the 100m hurdles. South Africa's Pieter Conradie won the men's 400m in 45.58 from Brit Rabah Yousif (45.76) with Borlee twins Jonathan and Kevin fourth and sixth in 46.03 and 46.06 respectively. There were European wins in the women's 400m and 400m hurdles courtesy of Ukraine's Olha Zemlyak (51.74) and Poland's Joanna Likiewicz (56.46) respectively. In a good quality steeplechase, Jairus Birech won in 8:10.11 World lead from teammate Abraham Kibiwott (8:10.62) with Mahiedine Mekhissi third in 8:14.67 in his first race of the season, also European lead 2017. Morocco's Abdelaati Iguider won the 1500m in 3:35.19 from Uganda's Ronald Musagala (3:35.38) while Kenya's Nelly Jepkosgei won the women's 1500m in 4:06.37 from Ethiopia's youngster Fantu Worku (4:06.93). In the technical events, Godfrey Mokoena won the long jump with 8.07m from Dan Bramble (8.00m), Melina Robert-Michon went out to 61.70m in the discus while European indoor champion Kristin Gierisch won the triple jump with 14.16m from Jeanine Assani-Issouf 14.03m. All results wind legal.

Emily Lipari is the reason why footwear companies sponsor performance running clubs. A fine high school runner, a fine college runner, Emily has spent much of the past two years dealing with injuries and trying to come back to the fitness level that she knows, and BAA Coach Terrance Mahon, know she can achieve.

On Thursday night, at the Adrian Martinez Classic in Concord, MA, Emily Lipari moved over the last 100 meters like the proverbial bat out of hell (great title by MeatLoaf), winning the B section of the 800 meters in a PB of 2:03.0. Lipari was in full sprint and moved past Mag Manley in the last thirty meters.

Lipari_Emily-BosOut17.jpGEmily Lipari, winning adidas Boost 1,500 meters, photo by PhotoRun.net

On Friday night, at the adidas Boost Boston Games, held at Dilboy Stadium in Somerville, MA, Emily Lipari stayed close and then, moved by Dominique Scott and Eleanor Fulton on the final, final meters of the race! It was a championship winning move, and BAA's Lipari showed her stuff, and a warm smile of victory.

We spoke to Emily on Instagram LIVE right after her race. It is great to see athletes, who have dealt with challenges, coming back to form. Emily told us that she wante to see how she could run on tired legs. We think that she did pretty darn well.

A nice long weekend of track & field in Boston. The Adrian Martinez Classic, now in its fifth year, is held at Emerson Playground, in Concord, MA. The meet celebrates the legacy of Adrian Martinez, a young man who played on the fields of Concord, and who was taken away too early in life. His legacy is this wonderful meet, a combination of family relays, neighborhood miles, and elite events, is sponsored by HOKA ONE ONE.

Torrence_David_Martinez_Classic_01-Jun-2017_Winning_Mile_Lotsbom.jpgDavid Torrance, wins Adro Mile in 3:53.21, photo by Chris Lotsbom, RRW, used with permission.

Mike McManus, the global sports marketing director of HOKA ONE ONE, told RunBlogRun that he tried to put together some fun incentives to encourage runners to run fast. And run fast they did. Ten men under 4 minutes for the mile, seven under 7:50, and sixteen under 8:00 for 3000 meters. Meet records in the 800 meters for men and women, plus the 3000 meters for men!

Here is the fine story from Chris Lotsbom of Race Results Weekly, which we use wit permission.

McLaughlin_Sydney1-NBON16.jpgSydney McLaughlin, photo by PhotoRun.net
McLaughlin 54.03 WJR
EGG HARBOUR (USA, Jun 2): US talent Sydney McLaughlin lowered her own world U20 record in the 400 m hurdles from 54.15 to 54.03 Friday at the NJSIAA Group Championships. She captured her fourth consecutive win in the Non-Public A section. She will return to the track later in the 400 when she attempts to win the 10th state outdoor Group title of her legendary career. The run is only the third 400m hurdles race that McLaughlin has competed in this year; she opened her season with a 56.15 at the Blue Devil Classic and clocked 55.52 at her sectional championship last weekend. The senior at Union Catholic High School set the prior world junior record at 54.15 last summer, when she took third in the 400m hurdles at the U.S. Olympic Trials and earned a spot at the Rio Games. McLaughlin, a University of Kentucky recruit, will also compete in the 400m this weekend and attempt to lower her state record of 51.87. Writes nj.milesplit.com.
RunBlogRun opines: Sydney McLaughlin is the real thing. This young women has the talent, focus and ability to go all the way. Her first visit to the Olympic Games will not be her last. Watch Sydney McLaughlin in Sacramento in a few weeks.

Renny Quow has been on the global stage of athletics since 2006, when he took gold in the World Juniorrs in Beijing at the 400 meters. In 2009, Renny completed his rise to global contender, with his bronze medal at 400 meters in the World Championships in Berlin. In 2012, Renny took the bronze in World Indoor Champs in Istanbul, running the indoor 400 meters, which is a totally different race than the outdoor 400 meters. The Indoor 400 meters is kind of like roller derby meets WWF: lots of pushing, shoving and falling. Fortunately for Renny, he knows how to stand on his feet!

Quow_Renny-NYDL12.jpgRenny Quow, from 2012 adidas GP NYC, photo by PhotoRun.net

In 2014, at the inaugural World Relays, Renny took the bronze with his team from Trinidad and Tobago in one of the most exciting 4x400 meters in recent memory, with just the US and the Bahamas in front of TTO! A few months later, in rainy Glasgow, I was fortunate to see Renny take his team to the bronze in the Commonwealth 4x400 meters.

In 2015, TTO took the silver in Beijing in the 4x400m, and the gold in Pan Am Games, with Renny again on the TTO team. The TTO team is fast and furious. Never discount this speedy team from the Caribbe! This is one of my favorite things about the sport. TTO always brings their A game, and the tiny nation medals home often.

Renny is fun to speak with, but I grabbed him just after his 400m race in Somerville, where he had finished his second race of the year. Renny finished fourth in 46.69. Renny told me afterwards, that he has to race himself into shape.

400 meter runners who remain world class for a decade are few and far between. Renny Quow knows that he has to be in shape in August for the World Championships, and that is his focus.

We look forward to seeing our friend in London in a few months. Here's his interview on Instagram LIVE video! I enjoy these one minute videos as I can stay focused.

Baker_Ronnie-Pre17.jpgRonnie Baker winning Nike Pre Classic, photo by PhotoRun.net

Ronnie Baker won the Nike Prefontaine Classic 100 meters last weekend in a wind-aided 9.86 on May 27. On May 5, Ronnie had run his first Diamond League, a 10.24 for seventh place. On May 20, Ronnie ran 9.98 in Kingston, Jamaica, finishing second to Yohan Blake, and setting a nice PB, his second time under 10 seconds (Ronnie ran a 9.99 on April 15 at Mt.SAC Relays 100m). At Eugene, with Justin Gatlin, Andre DeGrasse, Micheal Rodgers, Bingtian Su, Adam Gemeli and Chijindu Ujah, Ronnie took the right time to show the world his stuff.

Ronnie Baker has a rather unique style. He gets very low in the blocks. And unlike many sprinters, who stay down low until 30 or 40 meters, Ronnie Baker is right out of the blocks and flying. At Pre Classic, Ronnie Baker took over the race as everyone else was decelerating.

RunBlogRun interviewed Ronnie Baker (thanks to Trident Sports Management's Charlie Wells) on Friday, May 27. Ronnie was a fun interview (watch for that later). This is his one minute Instagram Video where we asked Ronnie to tell young sprinters what is key to development. Ronnie believes that smart nutrition and sleep are key parts of the training culture that many forget!

We wish Ronnie Baker much luck this season. As the Rome Golden Gala are calling him, "the new rocket at Golden Gala!"

Ronnie Baker's next race is at the Golden Gala in Rome, Italy, on June 8!

Alexa Halladay controlled her excitement, and stayed in the pack of the adidas Dream Mile, running against 12 of the finest American and Canadian high school girls in the country. In a final move over the last lap, Alexa Halladay, a freshman from Idaho grabbed the lead, barely, and made a lunge just before the tape, winning in a PB of 4:41.80, just over six seconds PB.

Halladay_LexyA-BosOut17.jpGAlexa Halladay, photo by PhotoRun.net

Here is the interview:

Some amazing races yesterday at the adidas Boost Boston Games! The adidas Dream Miles for high school boys and girls were amazing. Won by Patrick Parker in 4:03.98 for the boys, and Lexy Halladay (a freshman) for the girls in 4:41.80! Today is the final day of the California State meet. And Sydney McLaughlin ran a World Junior record on Friday of 54.03 for the 400m hurdles!

Halladay_LexyFH1-BosOut17.jpGLexy Halladay going for the line, adidas Dream Mile, photo by PhotoRun.net

Enjoy the last races of the season! And we look forward to seeing you for cross country training (sponsored by HOKA ONE ONE, starting Monday, with easy runs, big stuff about July 1).

Saturday, June 3, 2017. Race today, race a team relay or a single event. Remember to warm up and cooldown.

This second group for the adidas Boost Boston presser, emceed by Geoff Wightman. Torie Bowie, who took three medals in Rio, Jeff Henderson, who won the LJ in Rio and Sally Pearson, who won the 100m hurdles in London 2012 were on the dais.

Pearson_SallyPc1-BosOut17.jpGSally Pearson, photo by PhotoRun.net

Sally Pearson, the 2012 London champ at 100 meter hurdles, spoke first. She is fit once again, after two years of challenging injuries. She just ran 12.81 over the 100m hurdles in Manchester, England last weekend, during the CityGames.

Henderson_JeffPc1-BosOut17.jpGJeff Henderson, photo by PhotoRun.net

Jeff Henderson, the 2016 Rio LJ Champion, is focused on one thing: making the team for London. He noted that the US Champs will be tough and he has to stay focused on that event. He gets enthused about the long jumps being done so far in 2017, but he has to stay focused.

Bowie_ToriPc1-BosOut17.jpGTori Bowie, photo by PhotoRun.net

Tori Bowie won medals in the 100m (silver), 200 meters (bronze) and 4x100m (gold) in Rio. In 2015, she won the bronze medal in the 100 meters. Last weekend, she ran a world leading 21.77 for 200 meters, winning the prestigious Nike Pre Classic 200 meters over Shaunae Miller Uibo, Elaine Thompson, Dafe Schippers and Allyson Felix.

All three are competing on the adidas Boost Boston Games on Sunday, June 4, from 3:15 PM to 5:55 PM. The meet will be held on Charles Street between Boston Commons and the Boston Public Garden. Be there!

Here are their comments during the interview.

The purchase of the Competitor Group, known to consumers as the Rock N Roll Marathon series, was the brainchild of Tim Murphy and Tracy Sundlun way back in 1998 (neither are involved with the CGI group at this time), by IRONMAN is one of the largest aquisitions in our sport, next to the IRONMAN purchase by Wanda Group nearly two years ago.

The Rock N Roll Group started with the RNR San Diego Marathon, now in its 20th year this very weekend. Many thought Murphy and Sundlun (plus our dear friend, elite coordinator, the late Mike Long), were out of their minds. But early on, they caught the interest of the third running boom, with runners in charities in the U.S. and putting a marathon on their to do list (aka 'Bucket List'). The group grew and grew. Murphy left with the purchase of the RNR series, which became the Competitor Group, combining races, sports marketing and media into their portfolio.

What does the purchase by IRONMAN mean? Well, some had considered either IRONMAN or their parent company, Wanda Group, as two interested parties in the CGI sale. It means the continuation of a global brand with IRONMAN. IRONMAN has been interested in the world of running, as they had five races of their own.

What does the purchase mean? It means that global business interests are quite bullish about the running culture and community, and that has to be seen as a good thing.

Wayde Van Niekerk is the 2015 World Champion, 2016 Olympic champion and World Record holder in the 400 meters, at 43.03. Tall, thoughtful, with a nice sense of humor, no one has run as fast at Wayde over 100m, 200m, 300m and 400 meters.

IMG_8731.JPGGoeff Wightman with Wayde Van Niekerk and Shaunae Miller-Uibo, photo by the Shoe Addicts

Shaunae Miller-Uibo is the 2016 Olympic champion over 400 meters, in one of the closest races of the Olympics. Last weekend, Shaunae finished second to her training partner, Tori Bowie, Shaunae took second in 21.91, a PB.

Both Wayde Van Niekerk and Shaunae Miller-Uibo will be racing at the adidas Boost Boston street games on Sunday, June 4, 2017.

Remember, check out Dilboy Stadium for adias Boost Boston Somerville, 5 to 8 pm, tonight, June 2, 2017, for some fun middle distance races!

The end of the track season for high school state meets is this weekend, in California. The national meets are over the next three weeks.

Farah_MoFHH-Pre17.JPGFinal race at Hayward Field by Mo Farah, Photo by PhotoRun.net

If you are not racing after this weekend, watch our easy weeks the next three weeks on RunBlogRun.

Friday, June 2, 2017. warm up, 3 miles, on soft surfaces, 8 times 150 meters, ten sit ups, ten push ups, five pull ups, cooldown.

The Somerville meet, at Dilboy Stadium is night one of the adidas Boston Boost meet. This is a fantastic two meet (June 2 and June 4), featuring both old school and new school meetings. The Old School features 800 meters to 5000 meter races, with some of adidas' finest global athletes and Next Gen athletes, plus top elite runners from around the country.

Getting #Dilboy in #Somerville ready for the big night on Friday! #WhyIRunBoston

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This meet is the work of Global Athletics & Marketing. In their second year with this meet, GAM has put on a the NB Boston Indoor for 23 plus years and put on the NY Diamond league meeting for over a decade. adidas decided that they wanted to shake things up a bit, and Global Athletics pitched adidas on a meet with both stadium and street persona.

June 2016 saw the first adidas Boost Boston meet. Brett Schumacher, the Chief of Operations for Global Athletics spoke to RunBlogRun earlier today. Brett spoke of the 2016 meet and recognized the challenge of laying a track on Charles street in 24 hours. Now, they have one day more! Makes a huge difference.

We look forward to the second year of the adidas Boost Boston Games on June 2 and June 4 and hope to see you there!

The Adrian Martinez Mile ends with the Adro Mile. David Torrence lead ten men under four mintues, with a fine 3:53.21. Nicole Tully end the meet on a great note, taking on Eleanor Fulton and taking the victory in the Adro mile, at the line, in 4:30.22. After Eleanor Fulton, Stephanie Schappert was third!

Nicole Tully won the U.S. 5000 meter title in 2015 with a crazy lean at the finish. She had injury issues in 2016, and just a bad year. Coming back into shape, and with this race, Nicole looks ready for the upcoming U.S. Championships in Sacramento, CA.

Nicole Tully wins Adro Mile in 4:30.22, exciting end to meet, #martinezclassic, #hokaoneone

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Consesius Kipruto, Evan Jager in Rio 2016, photo by PhotoRun.net
Consesius Kipruto thinks WR
MOSORIOT (KEN): Olympic steeplechase champion Conseslus Kipruto, who will lead Kenyan elite runners at Ostrava Golden Spike meeting (the IAAF World Challenge) on June 28, said that world record has been on his mind since winning the Olympic gold medal. "My training this season is geared towards winning the World championships in London. However, I have hopes of trying to break the world record in Ostrava and am really working hard towards that goal," Kipruto told Xinhua.
RunBlogRun opines: Consesius Kipruto understands that Olympic years are not years for world records. Ostrava, the Golden Spike meeting, is one of the most under rated meets in the world. With fine athletes coming to Ostrava on June 28, the meet will features several attempts at world bests, in front of 30,000 screaming fans. This meet is on my list for 2017.

Mitchell_CurtisFHL-USout14.jpgMitchell Curtis, Sacramento State, USA outdoors 2014, photo by PhotoRun.net

Northern California has back to back great track and field events in June, from the SouthBay to Sacramento! Here's the info, all in one place courtesy of PAUSATF's Fred Baer!

Schippers_DafneR-Doha16.jpgDafne Schippers, photo by PhotoRun.net
Schippers leads the cast
HENGELO (NED): Organisers of 36th FBK Games in Hengelo (June 11, IAAF World Challenge) presented on Thursday their starting field. Dafne Schippers is the top star in the women 100 m, also Churandy Martina in the 200 m and Sifan Hassan in the women 1500 m as top home names. Olympic winner Kerron Clement runs 400 m flat, great high jump duel Mariya Lasitskene vs Ruth Beitia, World champion Katharina Molitor is in women javelin. US Olympic medalist Sandi Morris is in women pole vault, German Cindy Roleder is the top name in women 100 m hurdles. South African World leader Luvo Manyonga is in long jump, Jamaican World leader Fedrick Dacres in discus. Top quality Kenyan and mainly Ethiopian runners (including their trials) are the headliners in middle and long distances.
RunBlogRun opines: This is a fine meet, the Fannie Blankers Koen Meeting. I have gone several years and truly enjoy the feel of the meet. Great performances, in a wonderful village in the Netherlands, at a near perfect time in the early European summer season.

Here is report 23 for the 2016-17 United States and Canada results reports, edited by Carles Baronet. Carlet Baronet does this all year long, in each global region, for RunBlogRun. We thank our friend from Catalonia for his hard work.


Kendricks_Sam1-Pre17.JPGSam Kendricks, photo by PhotoRun.net

The Adrian Martinez is a community meet with an elite series of events. It celebrates the life of Adrian Martinez, who loved his family, friends, Concord and running and soccer. The meet is June 1, at Emerson Playground track in Concord. Parking is very limited, but get over there, hang out, see your friends and watch races with relays, miles, 800 meter elite, mile elite and 3000m elite!

Love the logo and spirit of #adrianmartinezclassic

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Updated August 29, 2017 in honor of David Torrence

Originally posted June 1, 2017

David Torrence was found dead on 28 August. Our thoughts are with his family, and friends. David was well liked by his fans, fellow athletes and loved by many. David Torrence was 31 years of age. We are reposting three stories on David Torrence that we originally posted on @runblogrun.

The Adrian Martinez Classic is one of my favorite meets of the year. The meet is a cominbination of a local track meet and a selection of elite events. Local miles, family relays, and three elite events (800m, mile and 3000m), for men, women.

The meet always ends with the Adro Miles. On the men's side, David Torrence, who represents Peru and HOKA ONE ONE, took over on the back stretch of lap 4, and blasted the last 200 meters, running a fine 3:53.21, leading ten men under 4 minutes at the Emerson Playground track in Concord, MA.

The Adrian Martinez Classic honors the legacy of Adrian Martinez. Adrian loved to run and play soccer. In a thoughtful interview at the meet, Angel Martinez, fahter of Adrian, said, that we should enjoy each day, and treasure the moments with friends, families and communities. That is a wonderful legacy.

The adidas Boost Boston Games are in their second year, and they are upon us! Dilboy Stadium will host the June 2 event, with exciting track events including adidas Dream Mile and Golden 100 meters! On June 4, please go to Charles street at Boston Commons, to see some really fast running over 100 meters to 200 meters! Go to www.adidasBoostBoston.com for more information or Tickets. For Tickets, call 1-877-849-8722!

Thursday is a speed day, and the last speed week workout of this 20 week program. Enjoy the workout.

Kipyegon_Faith-Pre17.JPGFaith Kipyegon, winner of Pre Classic 1,500m, photo by PhotoRun.net

Thursday, June 1, 2017. warm up, 4 x 200 meters, run at 400 meter current pace, then ten push ups, pull ups, sit ups, cooldown.

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