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Tianna Bartoletta is the 2015 World Champion over Long Jump, 2016 World Champ over Long Jump. In 2012 and in 2016, Tianna Bartoletta won a gold medal on the US 4x100 meter relay. Many forget that Tianna won her first gold medal in Helsinki, in 2005, as the World Champion in the Long Jump. I was there, the weather was crazy, but it was the the first time I had watched Tianna Bartoletta do her thing. I have been a fan every since.

Bartoletta_Tianna1-PreC17.jpgTianna Bartoletta, photo by

What do I respect about Tianna Bartoletta? She is no B.S. Honest to a fault, Tianna is focused, and has an attention to detail that should be the model for other elite athletes. Tianna worked with Loren Seagrave for two years, now she is with Rana Reider, so she is based near Amsterdam, with Christian Taylor, Dafne Schippers, Desiree Henry, Shara Proctor. She gives a great interview. A deep breath before answers, Tianna is articulate, and she helps you appreciate her challenges. She is not asking for pity. Ms. Bartoletta wants you, the fan or media member to understand that her event is her focus, and she welcomes the challenges. But, they are challenges. The long jump is a techinical event.

Tianna Bartoletta describes herself as a sprinter who long jumps. Funny, that is what Carl Lewis used to describe himself. Tianna is fast, and fearless. Her win at the Olympic long jump was an epic performance, with Ivana Spanovic and Brittney Reese. Watch Bartoletta jump, and you will be fascinated. Tianna Bartoletta is a long jump warrior. And that, is good.

This column was just amazing. Great response and pass around by the athletes who need it! Tianna Bartoletta is quite explicit with what she needs to compete at her best. Take the time to read this fine piece and understand why that being an elite athlete is a tough endeavor.

It Takes Money...
July 13th, 2017
by Tianna Bartoletta

We have ALL heard the line: It takes money to make money. And we all know it's true too. Since the unveiling of my e-book, "Why You're Not a Track Star" my inboxes across all my social media platforms and email addresses have been filling up with young eager athletes asking me what it takes.

I want to say the usual things...

an unwavering belief in yourself...

an impressive unparalleled work ethic...



I'm not saying that those characteristics aren't useful, but I am saying that it's not enough.

Let's back up though.

Some of us aren't in this to make money. So let's replace the latter half of the cliche with: to be elite.

It takes money to be elite.

But for those of us still uncomfortable with talking money, let's replace the first part with another word: support.

It takes support to be elite.

Today I was taking a look at my American Express credit card statement and I thought, "this season is costing me so much money." But at the same time it's also been the best season of jumping I've had (not including championships).

So you're probably wondering what I need to spend money on right? After all don't the meet directors pay for my travel, my rooms, my meals?

I'm so glad you asked...

The meet directors do pay for some of my travel but not all- AND this is definitely not standard for every athlete attending the meet either. I used to fly economy at the beginning of my career- when I had no money and no choice. But after my back injury in 2013 traveling in economy class back and forth overseas was almost unbearable. Economy comfort, and economy plus cabins started to pop up but the problem was the same. I needed to lay flat on those long flights.

Let me explain to you some of the costs I incur on the circuit.

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