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Peter Connerton .jpgPeter Connerton, from You Tube, courtesy of Dubai Marathon

Original post: January 24, 2018

repost: December 18, 2018

We are just over a month from the 2019 Dubai Marathon, so we thought we would begin to tease you on the event in 2019. This marathon is fast and exciting!

Peter Connerton is the race director of the 2018 Standard Chartered Marathon. In this interview from the Dubai Marathon media team, Peter speaks about attracting more runners and walkers to the 18th Standard Chartered Dubai Marathon.

Peter Connerton is proud of how his team and sponsors have seen this event go from 600 people to 27,000. He has lots to be proud about. The 2017 Dubai Marathon again opened the global marathon season with some fantastic performances, amazing depth and and increased participation. We look forward to seeing what the 2018 race will bring.

This is October 5, 2018, an easy day before your big race of the week! Good luck today!

Fauble_Scott10-USAxc17.JPGScott Fauble, photo by

Friday, October 5, 2018-warm up, easy 50 minutes, 8 x 150 meters stride outs, cooldown

This was my first experience visiting the Dubai Marathon and I was impressed on many levels. Here are, after a couple weeks, my deep thoughts on what I took home from this fine event.

HB5Q5099.jpg2018 Dubai Marathon, January 26, 2018, photo courtesy of Dubai Marathon

1_2237.jpegMosinet Geremew wins 2018 Dubai Marathon photo by Dubai Marathon

The 2018 Standard Chartered Dubai Marathon was a huge success. Seven men under 2 hours, five minutes, and four women under 2 hours, 20 minutes. 30,000 people ran the marathon, 10k and 4k on Friday, January 2, 2018. Here's the complete video of the race courtesy of the Dubai Marathon. Please enjoy!

The elite marathon in Dubai Marathon began at 6 am. The temperature was a modest 57 degrees and the fog was thick! Off the big screen in the Media Center, we watched the athletes, with three pacemakers for men and two for the women, pushing the pace for lead packs as they ran into history.

And from the fog, into history they ran. In this short video, you see the accurate viewing of the fog, the cool desert airt ( a bit humid for first 10k), as lead packs of men and women got into a rythm.

This piece was written by our Kenyan correspondent, Justin Lagat, on the Dubai Marathon. Justin Lagat gives us a view from Kenya nearly each and every week of the year.

CO1_2275-Dubai Marathon 2018.jpgMengstu, Geremew, Legese, congratulate each other after Dubai Marathon photo by Dubai Marathon

1_2571.jpegRoza Dereje wins 2018 Standard Chartered Dubai Marathon, photo by Dubai Marathon

The Standard Chartered Dubai Marathon was a great way to start the 2018 season. On Friday, the race was fascinating to watch, from the 6 am start on. Both races had amazing depth, and Alan Ewans, the Dubai Marathon Media Coordinator, sent this release out on some of the high points. Later in the day, we will post the full embed on the Dubai Marathon.

Photo Updates on January 27, 2018

This was my first visit to Dubai and the Dubai Marathon. The long trip to Dubai (four days in Dubai) has reminded me how important it is that events have good teams, good sponsors and great venue. Dubai has all three.

HB5Q5099 2018 Dubai .jpgThe 2018 start of the Dubai Marathon, photo courtesy of Dubai Marathon

In the 19th running of the Standard Chartered Dubai Marathon, nearly 30,000 people enjoyed the marathon, 10k and 4k.

Two of the happiest people here, besides Race Director Peter Connerton and Media Director Alan Ewens were the men's winner, Mosinet Geremew and the women's winner, Roza Dereje.

This short piece will highlight both races, but we will come back and discuss them in detail!

Start of Standard Chartered Dubai Marathon from 2017, photo by Dubai Marathon

Here's a final column of the Dubai marathon by Pat Butcher, one of the journalists that we rely on for updates on marathons around the world. This is my first visit to Dubai, and the race looks like it could be terribly fast, maybe even challenging the world record. Tamirat Tola, 2016 Olympic bronze medalist over 10,000m, World Championship silver medalist over the marathon is in top condition. At the presser, Tola told us he is in better shape than in 2017.
Tamirat Tola, Paula Radcliffe, Worknesh Degefa, Asselefech Mergia, photo from Dubai Marathon
The race begins at 6 am and it could be a cool 57-60 degrees. The race director, Peter Connorten has modified the course so that it is as flat as
the proverbial pancake.
Defending champions, Tamirat Tola and Worknesh Degefa, photo by Dubai Marathon
With pacemakers rumored to go out at 61:30, that is just about perfect pace for a fast race. The women's race has a tough field, with Asefelech Mergia, three time winner and Worknesh Degefa, 2017 winner. A toughly fought, sub 2:20 race could be here, with several in contention to the very last.

Radcliffe_PaulaWide1a-Berlin11.jpgPaula Radcliffe, Berlin 2011, photo by

How do I describe Paula Radcliffe?

One of my all time favorite athletes. I recall her 2003 World record, her gutty, all out running, and her effort taking a huge price from her. A world record is meant to be like that. It is not something that happens each and every day. It is a near perfect moment, when our bodies, our spirits and our focus come together.

Paula gets that, she's been there, and she's been there when the day was, well absolute crap. That is part of the reason why I always have time for Paula Radcliffe. One of the few humans who shot for the sun, got pretty darn close and lived to tell about it.

This video, courtesy of the Dubia media team, and we thank them for it.

Paula Radcliffe will be doing expert TV commentary for the 2018 Standard Chartered Dubai Marathon. This is her second time in Dubai in the last three years. Watch for our audio interview with Paula, that will be posted next.

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