Ben Flanagan, Reebok Boston Track Club, 2018 Falmouth Champion, 2018 NCAA 10,000m Champion, the RunBlogRun Interview


Flanagan_Ben-Falmouth18.JPGBen Flanagan, 2018 Falmouth Road Race, photo by PhotoRun.netr

Flanagan_BenFH1b-Falmouth18.JPGBen Flanagan takes 2018 Falmouth Road Race, photo by

Ben Flanagan joins Justyn Knight at the just announced Reebok Boston TC, to be coached by Chris Fox, formerly the Coach at Syracuse University. Ben Flanagan just won the NCAA 10,000m with a killer kick and used the same kick to win the Falmouth Road Race. Ben Flanagan answered my 8 questions with aplomb. His answer to question two may be the funniest and most honest answer I have seen in some time.

Questions for Ben Flanagan

RunBlogRun, # 1. You won the NCAA 10,000m - can you tell us about that race?

Ben Flanagan: Absolutely. NCAA's was an incredible experience for me. I knew heading into the race that most of the athletes in the field had much better credentials than I did, so I was going in under the radar. University of Michigan coach Kevin Sullivan (Sully) and I really emphasized the importance of staying patient and conserving as much energy as possible for a fast close. The goal was really just to be in contention with a lap to go. Fortunately the legs were feeling good and the Hayward fans were able to bring me through the final straightaway! It was really special getting the opportunity to share the experience with my family who was there watching.

ben flanagan.jpg

Ben Flanagan takes the NCAA 10,000m in last three meters, photo by UMich Track

RunBlogRun, #2. When did you know you were going to win the NCAA 10,000m?

Ben Flanagan: About 9,997-meters into the race.

Flanagan_BenFH1c-Falmouth18.JPGBen Flanagan takes 2018 Falmouth, photo by

RunBlogRun, #3. You won the iconic Falmouth road race, tell us about that experience?

Ben Flanagan: Falmouth was another incredible experience. The Falmouth Road Race has such a rich history and the local community embraces the event so well. It was really cool be a part of it all. As for the race, in a lot of ways my approach heading into the event was similar to NCAA's. Sully and I thought that we had an outside shot for the win, so we planned on making sure I put myself in contention with a mile to go. What was really cool about Falmouth is that it provided me with a lot of confidence during my summer transition to the professional scene. During the duration of the trip, I also stayed with an amazing host family - the Ghelfi's. I am very grateful about getting the chance to share the experience and celebration with them, as well as my immediate family. I had such a great time, so lookout Falmouth, because I'm certainly coming back!

Flanagan_BenFH1d-Falmouth18.JPGBen Flanagan takes Falmouth, photo by

RunBlogRun, # 4. What was the biggest lesson you have learned from Coach Sullivan?

Ben Flanagan: Oh boy, it's hard for me to pick just one. I have to say, Sully really helped me develop a sense of a 'big picture' mentality. He's very purposeful in everything he does and his training plans, advice and personal accolades reflect that. In doing so, Sullyr helped me learn how to prioritize what is truly important to me, whether it be related to training, racing and/or leadership. Additionally, he really helped me get to a point where I really believed in myself. He's an honest and genuine coach that really believes in his athletes. I'm very grateful for my experience having him as coach and friend.

Flanagan_BenFH1e-Falmouth18.JPGBen Flanagan takes 2018 Falmouth, photo by

RunBlogRun, # 5. What are your thoughts on running now for Reebok Boston TC?

Ben Flanagan: I honestly could not be more excited. The whole situation is truly a dream come true for me. The team consists of incredible talent and just as importantly, great personalities. My philosophies related to the sport and prior training and racing experiences align really well with Coach Fox and Coach Smith's philosophies and envisions. I just signed a lease in Charlottesville, VA and once I finish my final semester of school, I'm heading right down there to move in with some of the guys!

Flanagan_BenFH1-Falmouth18.JPGBen Flanagan likes the finish line, photo by

RunBlogRun, # 6. Will we see you focus on roads or will you do track and roadsr

Ben Flanagan: Great question. It was really cool to test out the roads this past summer, and I had a blast at both Falmouth RR and Bix-7. I also love the track and think that I still have room to grow across many distances. Furthermore, I like to consider myself a flexible and open-minded athlete, so Coach Fox and I will likely set up racing schedules that incorporate both styles of racing. Priority will always be to represent Canada on the global stage, and summer racing will likely be planned around those opportunities. Spoiler alert, I'm not ready to give up XC either!

Reebok 2.jpg

RunBlogRun, # 7. Can you tell us your thoughts about running for Reebok?

Ben Flanagan: I'm incredibly grateful. I really love what Reebok is doing for the sport right now and am so proud to represent the brand. Recently Reebok invited us all out to its headquarters in Boston, and we had an absolute blast. I learned a lot about the history of brand and really like what Reebok stands for and is all about. All the gear is sweet, and the shoes are fast. I'm really looking forward to repping the racing kit again soon.

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