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JOHN1-1.pngJohn Trautmann is one of the three coaches for HOKA ONE ONE NJNYTC. Trautmann was a fine high school, college and post collegiate athlete, having made the 1992 Olympic team. John also came back as a Masters runner and ran a new WR indoor for the mile.

Trautmann was asked what he loves about coaching. He could have gone on for an hour.

FRANK1-1.pngFrank Gagliano has been one of our most important coaches and educators for over five decades. Gags is not one to mince words. He loves his athletes and they know when they do well and do not do well. That is part of the educational process. Gags dream is to give young American distance runners the best chance to challenge their limits.

The Shoe Addicts and RunBlogRun met with the HOKA ONE ONE NJNYTC Coaching Staff at the Martinez Classic in June 2017. Questions were asked and answers were provided, and we hope that you enjoy this answers and use them. We have broken the questions into 34 different videos.

This is Coach Gags speaking on the need for coaches to be at workouts.

The 2018 NYC Marathon set a record for NYC Participants, with over 52,000 finishers on what was a nearly perfect day for marathon running on November 4, 2018.

Lagat_Bernard-NycM18.jpgBernard Lagat, photo by

Lelisa Desisa has now reach podium positions in marathon 14 times. After two wins in Boston, Lelisa now has a win in the Big Apple! Desisa charged away just after 40 kilometers, from Geoffrey Kamworor, then, had to hold off Shura Kitata as he closed to within two seconds in the final 400 meters. A smiling, ebullent Desisa greeted the media after his race.

Kamworor_GeoffreyLeads-NycM18.jpgDesisa and Kamworor, photo by

Bernard Lagat ran a debut marathon in 2:17.20, in 18th place. Bernard hit the half in 1:06.06 and started slowing down. It was a learning experience. Bernard walked to the media event obviously sore with his teenage son, looking like many marathon finishers. In the presser, Bernard made it quite clear that he will race at the marathon again.

Ward_Jared-NycM18.jpgJared Ward, photo by

Jared Ward finished sixth in the Rio Olympic marathon, a second exciting marathon in a row. Then, Jared had injury issues. His buildup to NYC was not without issue, as Jared reportedly considered not running just seven weeks ago. But Jared put together a fine race, running 2:12.24.

Here's a few thoughts from Bernard and Jared on the marathon. Jumpy video by Larry Eder. I missed early ten minutes because of BBC radio report.

This is Thursday, and with a few weeks from FootLocker and NXN. This is nice fartlek workout! Enjoy it! You have worked 23 weeks for this week!

IMG_5076.jpgKellyn Taylor just won RNR Las Vegas Half, photo by HOKA ONE ONE NAZ Elite

Thursday, November 15, 2018r-warm up, 60 minutes Fartlek , 20 times 90 seconds at 5k pace, 90 seconds easy, cooldown (slight hill preferred)

TOM1-1.pngTom Nohilly is one of the two assistant coaches at HOKA ONE ONE NJNYTC. He is a former steeplechaser who made two World Championship teams. Tom, like John Trautmann, was coached by Frank Gagliano in college and as a post collegiate. Now, some years later, Tom and John work with Frank Gagliano, to help a group of young American distance runners challenge their limits in the NJNYTC.

In this video, Tom Nohilly provides us some suggestions on how to speak to young athletes on their first big race. This is the big race season, and it shakes athletes up. Tom Nohilly uses his experiences well as a coach and offers suggestions on how to reach your young athlete rand how to inspire them for the upcoming big races.

Today is Wednesday, an easy run plus some stride outs, keep it relaxed.

IMG_5330.jpgRunning on the Trails, photo by HOKA ONE ONE NAZ Elite

Wednesday, November 14, 2018 -warm up, easy 50 minutes, 8 x150 meter stride outs, cooldown, cooldown.

Barshim celebrated also in Sweden
LUND (SWE): Last weekend the High Jump World champion Mutaz Essa Barshim staged his European wedding in Sweden. Among the some 100 guests also French pole vault star Renaud Lavillenie, Italian star Gianmarco Tamberi and South African World record holder Wayde Van Niekerk. This part followed the wedding staged in Qatar with some 300 guests. His wife is now Alexandra Barshim with roots in athletics.

Caster Semenya is one of the finest athletes in our sport. This interview was done by Stuart Weir and is part of his Ten Questions series that we will be posting.

Semenya_Caster1a-Pre18.jpgCaster Semenya, photo by

Bekele_Kenenisa1-Berlin17.jpgKenenisa Bekele, photo by

Steven Landells wrote this piece on the toughest session that athletes face. Steven writes about the NN Running Team, on a weekly basis. This is the column for this week.

Kamworor_Geoffrey-PreC16.jpgGeoffrey Kamworor, photo by

Semenya_CasterFHL-Pre18.jpgCaster Semenya, photo by

BLOEMFONTEIN (RSA): Caster Semenya won two awards at the annual SA Sports Awards in Bloemfontein last night. The world and Olympic 800m champion was named Sportswoman of the Year and Sports Star of the Year at the awards held by Sport and Recreation South Africa, a national government department. From

Semenya_CasterFV-Monaco18.jpgCaster Semenya, photo by

Mohamed Reda El Aaraby portrait.jpgMohammed El Aaraby wins BLOM Bank Beirut Marathon, photo by BAM Press

Medina Deme Armino finish.jpgMedina Deme Armino wins BLOM Bank Beirut, photo by BAM Press

The Beirut Marathon is one of the largest and most important races in the world. In a corner of the world complicated by global politics, the Marathon brings people from around the world to enjoy the beauty and culture of Lebanon. Here is a story on the BLOM Beirut Marathon.

Gebrselassie resigned

Gebreselassie_Haile1-IAAFgala16.jpgHaile Gebrselassie, photo by
Gebrselassie resigned
ADDIS ABABA (ETH): Ethiopian journalist Elshadai Negash has reported that Haile Gebrselassie has stepped down as President of the Ethiopian Athletics Federation after two years in function. "Happening now: @hailegebr announces shock resignation from #Ethiopia Athletics Federation presidency. First #EAF president to quit midterm in seventeen years," he said on Twitter. "Resignation comes after protests by athletes in #Sululta complaining of lack of facilities and services by the federation. @HaileGebr says differences are not longer reconcilable," writes Negash. The federation vice-president, 1992 Olympic champion Derartu Tulu will assume the presidential duties until new elections are held.
-- Elshadai Negash (@ElshSuperStar) November 12, 2018

This is the one of shoes that Cregg Weinmann is reviewing for RunBlogRun for Fall/Winter. This an exciting new product from Active 88. Cregg sees his job as to find fine products, from both new and old brands, to help make your rrrrunning more enjoyable.


Active 88 Boulder $120

Cregg Weinmann has reviewed footwear and apparel for California Track & Running News since the mid 1990s, and for the RunningNetwork since 1998. If you would like to see this review on Running Product Reviews, please go to: Active 88 Boulder, $120. At RunBlogRun, our goal is help you find the perfect shoe for you. Our suggestions: always visit your local running stores at end of day, take a clean pair of running socks, and try on five to six different brands, and jog around in them. Real running stores allow you to check the right show for you. For more reviews, please go to

JOHN1-1.pngJohn Trautmann is one of two Assistant Coaches with the HOKA ONE ONE New Jersey New York Track Club. John was a fine high school athlete, NCAA champion and Olympic Trials champion. Battling chronic injuries, John made a comeback as a Master and ran a new Masters Indoor WR.

John now works with assistant coach Tom Nohilly and Head Coach Frank Gagliano with some of the finest young American distance runners, sponsored by HOKA ONE ONE.

Here is John Trautman speaking on why he enjoys HOKA ONE ONE shoes.

This week has the NCAA championships, plus NXN regionals (FootLocker regionals on weekend post Thanksgiving).

_DSC0529.jpgScott Fauble sets PB of marathon, photo by HOKA ONE ONE NAZ elite

Tuesday, November 13, 2018-warm up, Tempo Run, 20 minutes, run at 30 seconds per mile above current 5k pace, so if you race 5k at 6 minute pace, run this run at 6:30 pace. Run on track or measured road, 8 times 150 meter stride outs, cooldown.

As you look at the rest of your season, please check your shoes and stay vigilant on your rest, health and nutrition.

IMG_4833.jpgTime to warm up, photo by HOKA ONE ONE NAZ Elite

Monday, November 12, 2018-warm up, easy 60 minutes, 8 x150 meter stride outs, cooldown

The Athens Marathon is one of the toughest marathons in the world. The course has had a reputation for tough hills, lots of heat, and a course record, from 1969 to 2004, set by Bill Adcocks, that was legendary: 2:11.07. 2004 Olympic champion, Stefano Baldini broke the CR in 2004, and the current record came in 2010, (2:10.37), by Felix Kandie. Womens' course record was set in 2010, it is 2:31.06, set by Rasa Drazdauteskaite.

The 2018 conditions were tough as well, as the race story below attests!

Special thanks to Race News serrvice and photos by Victah Sailer/PhotoRun/AMS.

Misoi_BriminLedsH-Athens18.JPGBrimin Misoi breaks open the race, photo by

Muriuki_ShelmithLeds-Athens18.JPGShelmith Muriuki (104) leads the pack, photo by

Milde_HorstA-Athens18.JPGHorst Milde, AIMS Lifetime Achievement, photo by

Horst Milde is one of my favorite people. I am fascinated with people who change the lives of others, with what appears to be a small change. Horst Milde shared his love of running with modern Germany. His founding of the Berlin Marathon was embraced by 40,000 marathoners and inline skaters from around the world. His enthusiasm, his drive and his encouragement helped develop the Berlin Marathon and make it into one of the finest marathons in the world.

Horst Milde is to Berlin what the late Fred Lebow is to New York. Both men understood their cities, and had these tremendous dreams about a city marathon. They made dreams a reality. It is important to see Mark Milde, Horst's son, building the Berlin Marathon into an even finer event.

Milde_SabineHorstA1-Athens18.JPGSabine and Horst Milde, AIMS Lifetime Achievement, photo by

Horst Milde has just turned 80. At Friday's AIMS dinner, Horst Milde and his lovely wife, Sabine, were recognized for the life long support of the sport.

This interview of Horst Milde is by Andy Edwards, of Race News Service. We congratulate Horst Milde on his fine work and his lifetime of achievement.

2aa6399f-9fad-42b2-9cfc-50bf4f51c10b.pngKhalifa Stadium, photo by Doha LOC

The IAAF and Doha 2019 LOC hosted a press conference in Doha, Qatar today to announce the opening of ticket sales for the upcoming 2019 World Championships. The link is below as well as information on ticket sales, to download the 2019 WC schedule, please just click here: doha-2019-world-championships-timetable.pdf

The IAAF answered the concerns on the IAAF World Ranking system with a revised qualification system for the World Championships, on the same day that ticket sales for Doha 2019 has opened.

398e0624-d0f0-4d38-8f91-db8f2981e599.jpgWorld Championships, photo by Getty Images/IAAF

Today is long run day. Enjoy the run with friends!

IMG_5000.jpgEnjoying the long run, photo by HOKA ONE ONE Naz Elite

Sunday, November 11, 2018-75-80 minute easy long run, on soft ground, or around a soccer pitch, remember to cool down

Here's the release on the biggest, most unknown marathon in the world. BLOM Bank Beirut Marathon will be run on November 11, 2018 in a city torn apart by civil strife over the past three decades, but now, a moving city where over 50,000 will run on Sunday!

Wesley Korir, 2012 Boston Marathon will resume his marathon career at BLOM Bank Beirut.

Wesley Korir Beirut.jpgWesley Korir, photo by BLOM Bank Beirut Marathon

Medina Deme Armino.JPGMedina Deme Armino, photo by BLOM Bank Beirut Marathon

Lelisa Desisa is man who is focused on the marathon.

In fourteen marathon starts, Lelisa has been on the podium ten times. Desisa has won Boston twice, yet, had not won in New York. The man had come close.

Kamworor_GeoffreyLeads-NycM18.jpgLelisa Desisa battling Geoffrey Kamworor, photo by

In 2018, just after 23 miles, Shura Kutata falls back and Lelisa Desisa is leading, with Geoffrey Kamworor in tow. Kamworor had won NYC last year, and he looked ominous. Desisa and Kamworor were battling together for two miles. Just about 40k, Desisa sprinted away, hands held high, arms pumping, like a high schooler racing the 100 meters.

We expected Kamworor to pull Desisa back, but, he was not! Kamworor, we would find out later, had back pain as he battled Desisa through Central Park. Desisa sensed the break and took off!

Then, Shura Kitata woke up and went by Geoffrery Kamworor, and pushed up to Lelisa Desisa. Desisa sensed Kitata coming and somehow, held him off! There was only two seconds separating Desisa and Kitata at the finish as Lelisa Desisa took the win in 2:05:59, the second fastest time in NYC history!

Here's my update on the race, done just after the elite finish, before my update for BBC radio.

The first half of the 2018 NYC Marathon was, well, tame. The pack, down to ten, hit the half marathon in 1:15:50. Mary Keitany then, took control. He second half, run in 66:58, was one of the fastest second half marathons ever for an elite woman, and Mary's final time of 2:22.48, as only seventeen seconds off the very best time ever run.

Keitany_MaryW1a-NYC18.JPGMary Keitany wins number 4 in the Big Apple, photo by

Mary Keitany made history in NYC on November 4. Her fouth win in New York makes Mary Keitany the second most winning marathoner in NYC history. The most winning marathoner at NYC was the late Grete Waitz, who won nine times.

This podcast is my salute to Mary Keitany, done right after the race, and similar to the audio I did for BBC radio that day.

My biggest impression from the race? Mary Keitany showed, for the first time, the self control needed to win a championship race. Several runners misinterpreted Mary Keitany's reluctance to lead early on as a sign of weakness. Keitany kept her cool and broke the race wide open by 25 kilometers, and that party was over. Keitany ran five of the last 13 miles under five minutes per mile pace.

Thanks to Mike Deering for producing and Brian Eder for posting.

We saw history made in NYC. Mary Keitany kept it in control in the first half, and then, dominated the second half like few others!

DrZaeenXcAE6jd1.jpg-large.jpgPortugal sports minister Mr. Joao Rebelo visited AAM Annual meeting, photo by Alfonz Juck/EME News

The Association of Athletic Managers is one of the most unknown, and yet, also, most important organizations in the sport. Please read the release below carefully. The AAM notes that they were not familiar with the IAAF World rankings protocal and they voice some concerns. (To see some other concerns on IAAF Rankings, please read our feature by A. Lennart Julin,, part 1 and part 2,

To learn more about AAM, please go to their website:

The SPAR Euopean Cross Country Championships will be held in Tilburg, Netherlands on December 9, 2018, one month from now. The European Cross Country Championships is, yearly, one of the largest and finest cross country events in the world. We have included the cool video on the Tilburg course.

1283441_G08_W01.jpgTilburg will stage the 25th edition of the SPAR European Cross Country Championships on 9 December, photo by European Athletics

2018-103.Tilburg. png.png

Pozzi_AndrewR-WorInd18.jpgAndrew Pozzi, photo by

FORMIA (ITA): World indoor 60m hurdles champion Andrew Pozzi will relocate to Formia in Italy to train with new coach Santiago Antunez, informs Sky Sports. The Cuban has coached two of the last five Olympic 110m hurdles champions Anier Garcia (2000) and Dayron Robles (2008). "It's a big change, one I have not taken lightly and maybe a bit confusing for some people but I've been displeased with my outdoor performances. I've been really good indoors, but now I'm conscious my outdoors needs more," he said. Pozzi's new training group includes Paolo Dal Molin.

Pozzi_AndrewW1a-Worlds18.jpgAndrew Pozzi takes the lead, Birmingham, March 2018, photo by

Shalane Flanagan took third in her third running of the NYC Marathon. In her previous visits to the Big Apple, Shalane Flanagan had taken second (2010) and first (2017). In 2014, Shalane Flanagan ran her marathon PB of 2:21.14 at the Berlin Marathon.

Flanagan_ShalaneW-NYC18.JPGShalane Flanagan took third in the 2018 NYC Marathon, photo by

As in all of her runs, this one was a battle. Shalane Flanagan had fought her way into third after Mary Keitany shook the race up. This was, more than likely, the last elite marathon of Shalane Flanagan, from her own words. A four time Olympian, Shalane Flanagan took 22nd in the 5000m in Athens (heats), 9th in the 5000m and the silver medal in the 10,000m in Beijing, took 10th in the marathon in London, and sixth in the Rio Olympic marathon.

This is a short piece as announcer Jay Holder asks Shalane Flanagan to comment on her race on 4 November 2018.

2016_07_12_panagopoulosKostas.jpgKostas Panagopoulos, photo courtesy of Running News Greece

The events around the Athens Marathon have become a meeting place for global road running. AIMS has meetings around the event, and also gives their Best Marathoners of the Year Awards and symposiums on the marathon. These events are supported by the Greek Federation.

The Athens Marathon continues to grow and has become a life goal for many marathoners. The Greek Federation has supported this event and the AIMS gathering.

In this audio, Andy Edwards interviews Kostas Panagopoulos, President Of Greek Athletics, prior to the Athens Marathon. Andy Edwards, and Jorg Wenig are Race News Service, and their company provides us coverage to some of the major events around the world.

Today is race day! Warm up well, and give it your best! Remember to keep something in the tank for the last 150 meters!

_DSC0526.jpgScott Fauble, photo by HOKA ONE ONE NAZ Elite

Saturday, November 10, 2018-warm up, 5k race, cooldown, or a 40 minute fartlek, four times, five minutes at 5k pace, five minutes easy, one minute easy, cooldown

Kipchoge_EluidR-Berlin18.jpgEliud Kipchoge breaks 2:01.39 WR, photo by

KAPENGURIA (KEN): World marathon record-holder Eliud Kipchoge will be a special guest at the annual Tegla Loroupe 10km Peace Race in Kapenguria in West Pokot on Saturday, informs the Daily Nation. "We will have more than 200 reformed warriors participating in the race from various warring communities who are now living in peace. Also a number of elite athletes will participate with the world marathon record holder Eliud Kipchoge expected to grace the occasion," said Tegla Loroupe Peace Foundation Communications Director Obadiah Kendagor.

Dominique Scott is one of South Africa's finest distance runners. Dominique was an NCAA champion at the University of Arkansas. She won titles both indoor outdoor, while taking 3rd in the NCAA cross country. Dominique now competes for adidas and is coached by Joe Bosshard, where she trains with Emma Coburn and Aisha Praught Leer.

Scott_Dominique-NBin17.jpgDominique Scott, photo by

Dominique competed over 10,000 meters in Rio in 2016. In 2018, Dominique competed in the World Indoors at 1,500 meters and 3,000 meters last March 2017 in Birmingham, England.

This is the second of 4 tips from Dominique Scott, who was interviewed by RunBlogRun on October 8, 2018. Dominique Scott went to Rhenish High School in Capetown, South Africa. Dominique ran 4:28 at 1500m, 9:40 for 3000m, and 34:28 for 10k. Those times recieved the attention of Lance Harter, long time coach at the University of Arkansas.

We thank Dominique Scott for her time and boundless enthusiasm.

Rebby Cherono Koech will be competing in the 2018 Athens Marathon on 11 November 2018. Ms. Koech recently won the Tours Marathon on 23 September 2018 in 2:41.30. With a PB of 2:33.40 from 2010 (Venezia, Italy), Rebby Cherono Koech will be battling a formidable course with the Athens Marathon.

Chepwony-Koech-KenyPC-Athens18.jpgBernard Chepkwony, Rebby Koech and Felix Keny (left to right), photo by Sailer

This interview was done by Andy Edwards of Race News Service for the Athens Authentic Marathon this weekend. Race News Service provides media support for some of the finest global road races. rr

The Media Center at the NYC Marathon allows the NYRR to un the post event pressers with absolute precision. On the women's side, Mary Keitany's total domination of the second half of the race gave her the second fastest time in NYC Marathon history, her 4th NYC title and talk about WRs.

Kieffer_Allie-NYC18.JPGAllie Kiefer, sevent in NYC, photo by

The second theme in the women's race was the continued performances of the American women. With Shalane Flanagan in 3rd, Molly Huddle in 4th, Des Linden in sixth and Allie Kiefer in seventh, US women had one of their finest days ever.

Flanagan_ShalaneFL-NYC18.JPGShalane Flanagan, 3rd in NYC, photo by

Shalane Flanagan has finished on the podium three times, in three finishes in NYC. Her 2nd place in 2010, first place in 2017, and a gutty third place in 2018. Shalane hinted that this was it, and also that she wants to serve the sport. Would sure love to see her work with Jerry Schumacher to impart her knowledge into another fine generration of American women runners.

Huddle_Molly-NYC18.JPGMolly Huddle, 4th in NYC, photo by

Molly Huddle took fourth in NYC, after her debut at third in 2016. In 2018, Molly finished 16th in the Boston Marathon. Our one time 5000m AR, and present 10k AR is focused on the marathon, and her coach, Ray Treacy, was very happy with her second NYC marathon, as he was with her first. Molly Huddle could be our finest American women marathoner over the next few years. I am happy that she will continue to race 10,000m and marathon.

Linden_Desi-NYC18.JPGDes Linden, 6th, photo by

Des Linden took sixth in NYC, after her gutty win in Boston last April. Des Linden changed her coaching and her training program this summer, having left Hansons Brooks DP and is now coached by Walt Drenth, her former college coach. Des is the thinking person's marathoner. She likes to shake it up, and she broke open the race, as cited by Mary Keitany. Des Linden will contine to run NYC until she win it, that simple.

Here's my less than perfect video via FB LIVE of the American women's presser, part 1.

Cherono_GladysFV-Berlin18.JPGGladys Cherono, Berlin 2018, photo by

Gladys Cherono is the winner of the Best Marathon Runner of the Year, from the AIMS organization. The award was given out, November 9, in Athens, at the AIMS dinner.

Why does Gladys Cherono get the award? Well, kind readers, it is because of her absolutely gutty run in Berlin on 16 September, where, she ran 2:18.11 and took the world lead. Cherono is one of the toughest and most under rated of the Kenyan women marathoners. Kenya has a plethora of fine women who have taken up the 26.2 mile distance. However, Kenya has, like the world, merely a few marathoners who can race with such vigor and focus. Gladys is one of the finest in the world: not only can she run fast, she can win races.

Cherono_GladysA-Athens18.JPGGladys Cherono, photo by

Here is a short interview by our dear friend, Andy Edwards of Gladys Cherono, who, along with Joerg Wenig, comprise Race News Service, one of our partners in promoting the global world of marathoning.

Mary Keitany speaks WR!

KeitanyLedsGudetaTusa59B-NYC18.JPGMary Keitany, photo by
Keitany speaks WR
NAIROBI (KEN): New York Marathon winner Mary Keitany believes she is still capable of challenging Paula Radcliffe's world marathon record of 2:15:25, informs The Star. "I'm confident with the right conditions and with my current form, I can break the world record or improve on my personal best time," she said. Keitany added she thinks she would have beaten the course record of 2:22:31 in New York with more opposition in the second half. "I had no idea that I was 17 seconds outside the course record pace in New York. I think if the Ethiopian athletes had kept pace, we would have broken the course record."
Keitany_MaryW1a-NYC18.JPGMary Keitany takes NYC for the 4th time, photo by

Chepwony-Koech-KenyPC-Athens18.jpgBernard Chepkwony, Rebby Koech and Felix Keny (left to right), photo by Sailer

The 2018 Athens Marathon is one the traditional ends of the global marathon year. Here's the preview of the Classic Athens Marathon, as done by our friends at Race News Service (Joerg Wenig and Andy Edwards). Race News Service covers many of the major events around the globe in conjunction with our blog,

This is Friday, another big weekend of cross country. Keep it relaxed today, and good luck tomorrow.

IMG_4945.jpgRunning in the fog, photo by HOKA ONE ONE NAZ Elite

Friday, November 9, 2018-warm up, easy 50 minutes, 8 x 150 meters stride outs, cooldown

Gabius_ArneH-Frankfurt18.JPGArne Gabius, 2018 Frankfurt Marathon, photo by

FRANKFURT (GER): Arne Gabius is aiming to race in either the Hannover, London or Boston Marathon next April after a 2:11:45 clocking in the Frankfurt Marathon, informs Gabius, who was paced by Richard Ringer up to the 31km mark, was pleased with his time after a lack of racing in the build-up and some missed training. "After such a difficult year, it was a great race. I had little competition experience this year."

Gabius_Arne1a-Frankfurt18.JPGArne Gabius, 2018 Frankfurt Marathon, photo by

Heinig_KatarinaFH-Frankfurt18.JPGKatherina Heinig,2018 Frankfurt Marathon, photo by

FRANKFURT (GER): Katharina Heinig will undergo foot surgery and will not contest a spring marathon, informs Heinig, who broke the 2:30-barrier again in the Frankfurt Marathon, is looking to target the 10,000m at the European 10,000m Cup in London next July.

Heinig_KatarinaW-Frankfurt18.JPGKatherina Heinig, photo by

Harrison_Queen1-Monaco18.jpgQueen Harrison, photo by

Claye_Will1b-Pre18.jpgWill Claye, photo by

The NYC Armory announced an upcoming indoor T&F camp, with a fine group of athletes and coaches! If you can make it, be there!

Korir_Wesley-BostonM15.jpgWesley Korir, photo by

BEIRUT (LBN): Kenyan Wesley Korir will be hoping to resume his racing career with a win at the 16th edition of the BLOM Bank Beirut Marathon on Sunday morning. The 35-year-old Kenyan, a winner of the Boston Marathon in 2012, has not raced in 19 months but is optimistic. To succeed on Sunday he will have to be near his best, with Ethiopia's Bazu Worku, who has a best of 2:05:25 and was a winner at the Houston Marathon this year, also in the field. Kenyans Ezekial Omullo and Andrew Ben Kimutai, Uganda's Felix Chemonges and Morocco's Mohamed Ahmami should be also mentioned. An interesting debutant at the distance is Kenya's Kalipus Lomwai. In women category eyes on Eritrea's Nazret Weldu set to make her debut at the distance. Kenyans Ednah Mukwana and Rebecca Korir are also set to attack the top positions along with Lithuania's Raza Drazdauskaite and Belarus's Sviatlana Kudzelich, a European indoor silver medallist over 3000m in 2015.

Korir_Wesley-OttawaM14.jpgWesley Korir, photo by

10 questions for Laura Muir


Muir_Laura15-WorInd18.jpgLaura Muir, photo by

Laura Muir had an excellent year. In March, Laura took silver medals at 1,500 meters and 3,000 meters at the World Indoors in snowy Birmingham, after a ten hour trip from snow clogged Scotland. With the end of vetinary school looming, Laura did not compete in the Commonwealth Games. She was ready for the European Outdoors last August in Berlin, where she ran and won the 1,500 meters. Laura Muir ended the season with a victory over the top women in the 1,500m, including Shelby Houlihan.

775199425AB00071_24th_Europ.JPGLaura Muir wins European Outdoor 1,500m, photo by Getty Images/ Berlin 2018

This interview is the beginning of a series, called, Ten Questions, all by Stuart Weir. We hope you enjoy this one!

Mary Keitany considers Doha!

Keitany_MaryW-NYC18.JPGMary Keitany takes NYC number 4, photo by
Keitany thinks Doha
NAIROBI (KEN): Fresh New York Marathon champion Mary Keitany is considering running in next year's World Championships in Doha, Qatar. Informs dailynation. She said on Thursday soon after landing at Jomo Kenyatta International Airport in Nairobi from New York that she will discuss with her manager about whether she will be running in the Middle East at the Worlds or she will defend her New York title that she has won four times. "For now, I wish to take some time off to relax and celebrate with my family as I wait for my manager to come over the next 10 days," said Keitany.
KeitanyLedsGudetaTusa59B-NYC18.JPGGudeta, Tusa, Keitany battle in NYC, photo by

This is Thursday and we offer a fun fartlek workout.

IMG_5274.jpgKellyn Taylor, photo by HOKA ONE ONE NAZ elite

Thursday, November 8, 2018-warm up, 60 minutes Fartlek , 20 times 90 seconds at 5k pace, 90 seconds easy, cooldown (slight hill preferred)

Mackey_Katie-USAout18.jpgKatie Mackey photo by

Heath_Garrett-USAout18.jpgGarrett Heath, photo by

IMG_6900.jpgIsaac Yorks, photo by Mike Deering/The Shoe Addicts

The Brooks running company is sponsoring a road mile in Vegas! I love road miles. It also gives road runners a chance to see track stars on the Brooks Beasts.

Centrowitz_Matthew1-USAout18.jpgMatthew Centrowitz, photo by

PORTLAND (USA): Alberto Salazar has confirmed he is longer working Olympic 1500m champion Matt Centrowitz. The split was revealed by Letsrun on November 3 and the Nike Oregon Project head has since told Oregon Live: "He has let us know he is not running with the Oregon Project. I'm not coaching him."

The Athens Marathon will be held on November 11, 2018. The Athens marathon also hosts the AIMS event, on November 9, 2018. Naming Eliud Kipchoge and Gladys Cherono was the 2018 Marathon runners of the year will happen on November 9. Kipchoge won the Berlin Marathon in a brilliant WR of 2:01.39. Gladys Cherono won the Berlin Marathon with a World leading 2:18.11!

Kipchoge_Eluid1d-Berlin18.JPGEliud Kipchoge, Berlin 2018, photo by

Cherono_GladysFV-Berlin18.JPGGladys Cherono, 2018 Berlin Marathon, rphoto by

Agents at Annual Meeting

DrZBwstWwAUMotK.jpg-large.jpgAgents behaving prior to Lisbon gathering, photo by EME News
Agents at Annual Meeting
LISBON (POR): Athletes Representatives organisation AAM held its annual meeting in Lisbon. It was also briefly visited by Sports Minister of Portugal Mr. Joao Rebelo. More than 40 track agents who represent the majority of top athletes discussed current issues related to latest developments in the sport. Agents welcomed on behalf of athletes the introduction of IAAF World Rankings but also raised concerns connected to the use of rankings as qualification tool for main championships. The athletes representatives put together proposals which will help athletes to have the qualification more flexible and defined. Agents supported the vision to modernise and change the IAAF Diamond League from 2020, but said also the existing meets should not be in danger while changes are implemented. The continuation of the dialogue with the IAAF and involvement of agents in decisions making process is another aim. The next Annual Meeting in 2019 will be held in Boston.

Olympic silver medalist Feyisa Lelisa will run the 2019 Standard Chartered Dubai Marathon, it was announced today. The 2019 Standard Chartered Dubai Marathon will take place on the 25th of January 2019.

Feyisa Lelisa Dubai Roads.jpgFeyisa Lilesa will make his return to the world marathon stage at the 2019 Standard Chartered Dubai Marathon in January

Feyisa Lelisa is one of the toughest marathoners on the current world stage. His lowest place in a marathon has been 4th (Rotterdam 2010, 2:05.23), with wins in Dublin (2009), Xiamen, China (2010) and Tokyo (2016). His bronze medal in 2011 (Daegu, Korea) and silver in Rio (2016) over 26.2 miles show that Feyisa is always a threat. In 2017, during his exile, Feyisa won two half marathons, in March, Lelisa won the United NYC Half in 60:04. This past August, Lelisa won the Bogata Half marathon in 1:04.30.

Now that Feyisa Lelisa is reunited with his family, and in good training, he is returning to the marathon distance. It will be exciting to see Feyisa Lelisa take on the stellar field on 25 January 2019 at the 2019 Standard Chartered Dubai Marathon!

For more info, go to:

RunblogRun visited the race last year and was very impressed with the culture, the event and the exciting race! Put the 2019 Standard Chartered Dubai Marathon on your bucket list!

Vicaut_Jimmy200Q-Worlds13.jpgJimmy Vicaut, photo by

PARIS (FRA): Co-European 100 m record holder Jimmy Vicaut is back to training. The French sprinter has ended his season in August after not beeing able to run the finals at European Championships in Berlin. Vicaut took the time to heal his hamstring injury and had a long break. In the group of coach Dimitri Demoniere also other sprinters Stuart Dutamby, Amaury Golitin with a newcomer Fanny Peltier. Vicaut has not yet resumed the exercises with intensity but feels no pain for the time being. From L´Equipe.

Here's your workout for Wednesday, November 7, 2018. The weeks are going fast now as we get closer to FootLocker and NXN. Now is the time for you to have a of your very own!

IMG_4945.jpgScott Faubles, Scott Smith, Ben Bruce, photo by HOKA ONE ONE NAZ elite

Wednesday, November 7, 2018-warm up, easy 50 minutes, 8 x150 meter stride outs, cooldown, cooldown.

Tempo runs today! Take the challenge as you finish your season. Know that you are fit and stay with it!

_DSC0501.jpgStephanie Rothstein takes 11th in NYC in 2:30.59, photo by HOKA ONE ONE NAZ elite

Check out Stephanie Rothstein Bruce! Stephanie is US 10k champ on the roads! Stephanie is a fine cross country runner, and excels on the roads, track and XC course!

Tuesday, November 6, 2018-warm up, Tempo Run, 20 minutes, run at 30 seconds per mile above current 5k pace, so if you race 5k at 6 minute pace, run this run at 6:30 pace. Run on track or measured road, 8 times 150 meter stride outs, cooldown.

The 52,000 plus finishers of the 2018 TCS NYC Marathon were running on a gloriously sunny day, with some bluster winds. The races, for both women and men, resulted in conservative first halves and enthallingly fast second halfs! The win by Mary Keitany, in 2:22.28, and the win by Lelisa Desisa, in 2:05.59, were both the second fastest NYC times of all times!

In this column, Justin Lagat provides the view from Kenya on the masterrful domination of Mary Keitany, who ran the second half nine minutes faster than the first half!

Keitany_MaryFL-NYC18.JPGMary Keitany, champion of the Five Boroughs, for the 4th time, by

How does an up and coming brand kick start the interest in their line? Well, they take a unique approach to celebrating the key influencers on their brand's future success-the staffs in the local running retail stores.

The 361 Degree Retail Racing Cup is a brilliant idea, and shows that good ideas can capture the interest of our business from unique settings.

Watch for more on this program to be announced at the TRE in Austin. And while you are at their booth, check out their new shoes! We think 361 Degrees has some fine product.


Yesterday was my annual pilgrimage to New York. Since 1985, I have been going to the race, having missed once in that time. Yesterday was a glorious day of running for 50,000. From Mary Keitany's amazing last half and Shalane Flanagan's third to the four US women in top 7 and 4 US men in top ten.

Running a nice PB, Scott Fauble, running for the HOKA ONE ONE NAZ Elite, took seventh, in 2:12.28, four seconds behind US leader Jared Ward ( sixth place, Rio).

Lots of hard work and burritos for @Scottfaubs.

Enjoy your run today! Someday, perhaps, you will run a marathon. Perhaps, you will run NYC.

_DSC0526.jpgScott Fauble taking 7th in NYC Marathon, photo by HOKA ONE ONE NAZ Elite

Mary Keitany, after going down in flames in London in a WR attempt, showcased her amazing talents and drive on the streets of New York today! The amazing speed she exhibited over the last 13.1 miles, run in 66:58, give notice, that, under the correct conditions, Mary Keitany can break the marathon World record. She showed today, by controlling her speed in the first half, that she can also win a championship in upcoming years. Her race today showed a maturity and focus not seen in her racing in the past.

Keitany_Mary-NYC17.JPGMary Keitany, photo by

Keitany noted that the race went out slow, through 10k, and she did not move until after Desi Linden busted it up a bit, after 8 miles. Keitany was supreme today, winning in 2:22.48.

Cheruiyot_Vivian-Frankfurt17.jpgVivian Cheruiyot, photo by

Vivian Cheruiyot was happy with second. Vivian, who had won London in April 2018 and Frankfurt in October 2017, had faced injuries and painful conditions that affected her training. " I wanted to say I'm happy to be second position today, because, the last race I run, I had a very bad injury." Vivian Cheruiyot ran 2:26.02 for second place.

This is the video of the presser that I did off the iphone. A great day of marathoning!

Keitany_MaryH-NYC17.JPGMary Keitany, photo by
What a second half for Keitany
NEW YORK (USA, Nov 4): Kenya's Mary Keitany won her fourth New York Marathon title in the second fastest winning time in race history of 2:22:48 with an incredible second half split of 66:58. Keitany won by more than three minutes from London Marathon winner and teammate Vivian Cheruiyot in 2:26:02 (75:50/70:12) and reigning champion Shalane Flanagan 2:26:22 (75:49/70:33). Molly Huddle just missed a podium spot in fourth in 2:26:44 and Ethiopia's Rahma Tusa faded back to fifth in 2:27:13 after following the break. World half marathon champion and teammate Netsanet Gudeta, who made the break just before halfway, fell out of contention in mile 19 and dropped out in the 24th mile. In the men's race, Ethiopia's Lelisa Desisa returned to winning form with his first marathon victory since Boston 2015, also winning in the second fastest time in race history of 2:05:59 (63:57/62:02) ahead of teammate and long-time leader Shura Kitata in 2:06:01 with reigning champion Geoffrey Kamworor from Kenya fading back to third in 2:06:26. Jared Ward was the leading US finisher in sixth in 2:12:24, one of four Americans inside the top-10. On his marathon debut, former world 1500m and 5000m champion Bernard Lagat (will be 44 in December) clocked 2:17:20.
Desisa_Lilesa-NycM17.jpGLelisa Desisa, 2017 TCS NYC Marathon, photo by

Sabrina Yohanes is a marathon whisperer. She wrote the following piece in November 2017, after the 2017 NYC Marathon. On November 4, 2018, Lelisa Desisa charged away from Geoffrey Kamworor, and held off Shura Kitata, to win the TCS NYC Marathon. After nine podium finishes, including 2 Boston wins, Lelisa Desisa finally had his win. We will ask Sabrina to write about next years champion soon. After Lelisa's win today, Sabrina, who translated for Lelisa today, reminded me of the article.

Originally posted on Nov 22, 2017

Reposted on Nov 4, 2018

Lelisa Desisa is one of the toughest marathoners that I know. I watched him win Boston in 2013 and 2015. His races in NYC show that he wants to win in the Big Apple in a big way. Here is a Sabrinna Yohannes' article on Lelisa and his dream of winning in NYC.

Desisa_Lelisa1-BostonM16.jpgLelisa Desisa, Boston 2016, photo by

Desisa_Lilesa-NycM17.jpGLelisa Desisa, photo by

The women's marathon went out like a lamb, and finished, like a tigress. Mary Keitany showed that she is the finest women's marathoner in world. She also showed something that has eluded her in past marathons: Keitany showed self control. Going out with a pack of 25 at the half in 1:15:50, Mary Keitany allowed 2018 Boston champ Desi Linden the chance to bust the race down to a pack of 10, then, Keitany, by 25k, took the race under her wing, and took off. Between 25-30k, Keitany ran 5:09, 4:55, then 4.58. Between 30-35k, Keitany ran 4:55, 5:01, 5:01. Keitany won in 2:22.48, the second fastest time in NYCM history, by running the second half in 66:58. Molly Huddle, when told that, captured what the rest of us thought, Huddle eloquently noted, "Holy Crap!" Why use ten words when one can use two?

Keitany-TV-NYC17.JPGMary Keitany, photo by PhotoRun.netrrrrrrr

In the men's race, nine time podium finisher Lelisa Desisa battled defending champion Geoffrey Kamworor, and between 23-34, put down a 4:30 mile, and Kutata fell back. Then, at 40k, Desisa sprinted and Kamworor dropped back! Kutata charged into second, but Lelisa Desisa, gutting it out, held on by two second! 2:05.59 to 2:06.01!

Desisa ran 63:57 in first half and 62:02 in second half! A glorious day for the 50,000 marathoners in the Big Apple.

This year, I did an experiment. I did not stay in Manhattan, as the prices of hotels for a week are more than my monthly mortgage. So, I stayed in Newark, NJ, and used some hotel points. Taking Lyft, Uber into Manhattan was a good deal, and I made all of my meetings and events on Saturday.

RadioCityM1-NYRR5k18.JPgAbbott Dash to the Finish Line, photo by

Sunday, I was concerned. I paid a little more, hired a local taxi and left about 7 AM. We arrived at 8th Avenue and 57th at 8:02 AM, and from there, a nice fifteen minute walk Up Central Park Avenue to 67th and the entrrance to the Media Center for the marathon.

Sunday is all about the long runs. Today was also about the NYC Marathon. 50,000 people are finishing the fabled city marathon today. After your run today, check out the broadcast. Fantastic races upfront!

_DSC0529.jpgScott Fauble, 7th place, 2:12.28, NYC Marathon, photo by HOKA ONE ONE NAZ Elite

Sunday-75-80 minute easy long run, on soft ground, or around a soccer pitch, remember to cool down.

Daska-Keitany-Flanagan-Kamworor-Kipsang-DesisaM-NycM17.jpGThe winners of 2017 TCS NYC Marathon, photo by

The NYC Marathon is the grand daddy of the big city races. The first Five Borough NYC event, in 1976, was to be a one time affair. It was the finest sales job that the late Fred Lebow, that crazy as a fox champion of the big city marathon, ever did. Well, take that back, he convinced Grete Waitz and Jack Waitz to run her first marathon, when her longest run had been 20k! That may have been the second.

The ghosts of Fred Lebow and Allan Steinfeld, and of course, Allan Schneider, Allan's wife, smile down on the race now, knowing where it started and where it can go!

Speaking of where it can go, the Media Center, assembled at the finish line for the marathon , is something to behold. Great viewing, seating, and wi fi keep the media in the Big Apple very happy.

Last year's win by Shalane Flanagan had a plethora of media at the Sunday and post event Monday event. What will happen in 2018? Who knows, but the fields are intense, and a great American field should attest to the possibilities.

The finish line of the TCS NYC Marathon is unforgiving. It is also a memorable finish. I ran the NYC Marathon in 1986, and it was sobering. I had gone out way too fast, and my dreamed of 2:50 became a 3:22. I had not calculated working on my feet all weekend and soaking in the amazing experiences of the city of New York.

Last year's Men's race was down to the seconds, and last year's women's race was 40 plus years in coming. The finish line will rock your world. So much emotion, so much drama, plus the audience, the 500,000 plus fans on the course lover each and every marathoner.

On NYC Marathon Day, as the late Fred Lebow noted, All of New York loves marathoners.

Kamworor_Geoffrey1a-NycM17.jpGGeoffrey Kamworor, champion of 2017 NYC Marathon, photo by

This video was done by Yours Truly after my interview with David Katz. The finish line is an amazing site and runners come fom aound the world to experience the event that the late Fred Lebow dreamed up and the late Allan Steinfeld and his team made a reality!

Good luck to all racing tomorrow!

Flanagan_ShalaneFV-NycMar17.jpgShalane Flanagan, photo by

This is my preview video on the coverage that we will do tomorrow on the 2018 TCS NYC Marathon. Watch for LIVE coverage, (well semi-LIVE), via twitter, Instagram posts and FB posts durin the six to eight hours of the race. We will also FB the video of the medalists and provide some commentary on the top athletes.

We love the TCS NYC Marathon and we hope that you enjoy our coverage of this fine event! There will be 50,000 marathoners in the Big Apple, living their own stories of focus and devotion to a cause. There are the elite athletes, looking to make New York City theirs on Sunday! Who will win? Who will place? Who will surprise?

David Katz is one of those quiet authorities in our sport, whom makes the sport work. David has overseen the finish line at the NYRR for many years. He also developed two Olympic Trials marathon courses and five Olympic Marathon courses. It should not surprise you that David is also on the IAAF Technical committee for road racing. His focus, his attention to detail, and his love of the sport are obvious. His sense of humor is, well, classic.

Katz_David-OlyT12.jpgDavid Katz, photo by

We met with David as he was touring the finish line on Saturday, November 3, 2018, and we asked for 2 minutes of his time. It actually took about 2:12, but you get the drift.

David Katz is a keen observer of the sport, a real character in a sport full of characters. That Katz cares about the spot is most apparent. That David knows about our spot is also apparent. Mr. Katz is an example of the tireless efforts that go into our sport.

Good luck to all racing today! It's been a long season, but more to come! Do you very best today!

IMG_5275.jpgKellyn Taylor, photo by HOKA ONE ONE NAZ Elite

Saturday,November 2, 2018-warm up, 5k race, cooldown, or a 40 minute fartlek, four times, five minutes at 5k pace, five minutes easy, one minute easy, cooldown

Today is Friday, November 2, 2018. State meets abound tomorrrow! Good luck to all!

IMG_5274.jpgKellyn Taylor, photo by HOKA ONE ONE NAZ Elite

Friday, November 2, 2018-warm up, easy 50 minutes, 8 x 150 meters stride outs, cooldown

Dominique Scott is a fine distance runner from South Africa, who travelled to the University of Arkansas. While a the Univeristy of Arkansas, under the direction of Coach Lance Harter, Dominique won both the 5,000m and 10,000m at the 2016 NCAA Championships. Dominque saw great success as well in cross country, taking 3rd in the NCAA Cross Country Champs in 2015.

Scott_Dominique-BAA10k17.jpgDominique Scott, BAA 10, 2017, photo by

Dominique also represented South Africa at the Rio Olympics and also the World Indoor Championships. In 2018, Dominique set three PBs at the 5000 meters, as well as PBs at the mile and 1,500 meters.

We asked Dominique to provide us with three training tips for young athletes. This was recorded on October 8, 2018, in Las Vegas at the Global Athletics Conference.

Fartlek is Swedish for "speed play". The workouts seem simple, but the truth lies in the focus. As you get fitter, you go faster, and you can faster and stronger. This workout today is about focusing on your 5k pace. Run hard, run easy. Make sure you warrm up and cooldown.

IMG_5076.jpgKellyn Taylor, photo by HOKA ONE ONE NAZ Elite

Thursday, November 1, 2018-warm up, 60 minutes Fartlek , six times, five minutes hard, five minutes easy, cooldown

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