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Muir_Laura15-WorInd18.jpgLaura Muir, photo by PhotoRun.net

Laura Muir had an excellent year. In March, Laura took silver medals at 1,500 meters and 3,000 meters at the World Indoors in snowy Birmingham, after a ten hour trip from snow clogged Scotland. With the end of vetinary school looming, Laura did not compete in the Commonwealth Games. She was ready for the European Outdoors last August in Berlin, where she ran and won the 1,500 meters. Laura Muir ended the season with a victory over the top women in the 1,500m, including Shelby Houlihan.

775199425AB00071_24th_Europ.JPGLaura Muir wins European Outdoor 1,500m, photo by Getty Images/ Berlin 2018

This interview is the beginning of a series, called, Ten Questions, all by Stuart Weir. We hope you enjoy this one!

10 questions for Laura Muir

RunBlogRun, 1 What was your first ever race?

Laura Muir: I think it was Primary 6 (Age 10 approx) cross country championship in Perth. I definitely didn't win but I think I was top ten.

RunBlogRun, 2 What other sports did you do when you were young?

Laura Muir: Tap dancing, karate for several years, some hockey. I also used to like kayaking and rock climbing.

RunBlogRun, 3 At school what distances did you run?

Laura Muir: Usually 400, 800 and 1500.

RunBlogRun, 4 At what point in your life did you decide you wanted to be a vet?

Laura Muir: I grew up with animals. I had a pet rabbit, a guinea pig and a dog. As early as primary school I knew I wanted to do something with animals. Zoo keeper was one idea, or a marine biologist. By second year in high school, when I had to choose subjects, I knew I wanted to be a vet.

RunBlogRun, 5 What is the best race you have ever run?

Laura Muir: Paris 2016, Diamond League 1500m when I ran 3:55.22. That was one when I felt "Yes, I nailed it".

RunBlogRun, 6 What is your biggest disappointment?

Laura Muir, Rio, it has to be the Olympics. I went there to win the gold but came away without any medal.

RunBlogRun, 7 What do you like to do away from the track?

Laura Muir: I'm a pretty boring person to be honest. I just train, chill with friends - go to cinema or shops. I'm quite a foodie so I like to go out for lunch or dinner.

RunBlogRun, 8 How did you manage to train while on a demanding course at university?

Laura Muir: Mornings and evenings. It depended on the day as some were busier than others in terms of lectures or placements. But generally I would get up and run in the morning and then be in lectures or placements all day and train again in the evening.

RunBlogRun, 9 What has been the biggest difference for you since you became a fulltime athlete?

Laura Muir: I don't really know yet. It's been similar to other years when I had exams in May and had the summer off and then went back to Uni in September. I think it'll be this winter that I see the difference when I don't go back to Uni.

RunBlogRun, 10 How much cola does Andy (coach) drink?

Laura Muir: A lot. 2 liters a day perhaps.

(Interview September 2018)

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