2019 HOKA ONE ONE Spring Track & Field Training Week 16, Day 3: Wednesday in the sun


Today, as I headed out of San Jose, CA, i saw the trail along the Guadalupe River. From 1974 to 1983, I ran on the trail several times a week, enjoying the sites and sounds along as the San Jose Airport developed. We could run 7 bridges, which would take us out to Alviso, and the smell of salty air would greet us. On the way back to Bellarmine, we could grab a few strawberries and the older Japanese American farmers would offer us a drink from their hose.

Today, I am thinking of Jim Linthicum, the long time coach and mentor at De Anza college. Today, April 24, there is a ceremony in honor of his tenurer at De Anza. Jim was the coach of Steve Pensinger, who coached us at Bellarmine in 1975. He changed my life. We would train on the 300m grass oval at De Anza and I broke five minutes in a track meet for the first time at De Anza.

I had to cancel my visit today as I have a doctor's appointment on Thursday before heart scan on Friday.

Today is also my late Mother, Marilu's birthday. I can hear voice calling out, as I took the lead in that mile at De Anza in the mile that day, against Sunnyvale. Mom came to many of my meets, for which I was always greatful. She always encouraged my runniing.

IMG_0938.jpegA day on the track is a good day, photo by Mike Deeing/The Shoe Addicts

Congrats to Jim Linthicum who made De Anza a sanctuary of athletics and influenced so many wonderful generations of athletes and coaches. I will be thinking of you all.

Wednesday, April 24, 2019-warm up, 45 minute run, 8 x 150m, core training, cooldown

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Week 16, 2019 Track buildup-time to get serious, racing is almost here

Monday-warm up, 45 minutes moderate run, back to the track, 8 x150m stride outs, core work, cooldown

Tuesday-warm up, 20 minute tempo run, run at 30 second per mile above your 5k current race pace, 6 x 300m, 100m jog, stride outs, cooldown

Wednesday-warm up, 45 minute run, 8 x 150m, core training, cooldown

Thursday-warm up, 8 x400m, 400m jog, 400m at mile pace, 200m jog, cooldown

Friday-warm up, 45 minute run, 8 x 150m, core training, cooldown

Saturday-warm up, Prime distance (1 race) and relay, if needed, cooldown

Sunday-warm up, 75-80 minutes, cooldown

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