2019 HOKA ONE ONE Week 25, Track Recovery, beginning of summer mileage, Day 7:


Sundays are made for long runs and watching track & field!

Enjoy the Pre Classic!

Community-7039-Martinez19.jpgHOKA ONE ONE Martinez, photo by PhotoRun.net

Recovery Week 2

Sunday, June 30, 2019: Long run, 60 minutes

Summer running begins, Week 2

Sunday, June 30, 2019: Long run, 60 minutes

Recovery week 2

Monday is a day off.

Tuesday is 45 minute easy run.

Wednesday is a day off.

Thursday is 45 minute easy run.

Friday is a day off.

Saturday is day off.

Sunday is a long easy run, 60 minute run.

Easy running week 2

Monday: warm up, an easy 45 minute run in a park, cooldown

Tuesday: warm up, trail run, find some hills (3-4), 45 minutes, cooldown

Wednesday: warm up, 40 minute easy run, try the roads, cooldown

Thursday: warm up, 50 minute holmer fartlek, go out in 25;30 minutes, come back in 24:30 minutes, cooldown

Friday: warrm up, easy 30 minutes, cooldown

Saturday: warm up, 45 minutes, on trails, cooldown

Sunday: warm up, long run, 60-65 minutes, cooldown

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