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One of the finest athletic events every 4 years is the U.S. Olympic Trials. The thrill of victory and agony of defeat, the line from ABC sports for decades, is seen day in and day out. I have gone to most Trials since 1980 (well, missed 1988), and watched each one since 1972. Truth is, in some Olympic years, the US Trials is still the best athletic meet of the year.

Do not miss it!

Duplantis-LaVillenie-Kendricks-Lausanne19.jpgMondo Duplantis, Renaud Lavillenie, Sam Kendricks, Lausanne 2019 DL, photo by PhotoRun.net

Lisek_Piotr-Lausanne19.jpgPiotr Lisek, Lausanne DL 2019, photo by PhotoRun.net

This is the last piece from Monaco, from July 12. I have been sick this week and am catching up on the content of the week. Stuart Weir wrote this piece, on the men's pole vault in 2019. One of my favorites of the year, well done, Stuart!

We asked Justin Lagat to give us his view of a local championships in Kenya. This was the recent Uasin Gishu championships, held in Eldoret. Justin Lagat is our long time senior writer in Kenya. Justin covers his country once a week and more during major championships.

IMG_20190713_121552.jpgNicolas Kimeli in 1,500m, photo by Justin Lagat

IMG_20190717_161949.jpgWomen's 5000m race, photo by Justin Lagat

IMG_20190713_130341.jpgMen's 5000m race, photo by Justin Lagat

Saturday is another dangerously hot day across most of North America and Europe. Please run early or late in day when cool. Hydrate, wear a hat and be careful. If you feel strange, stop and get shade. Drink water. Just be careful.

IMG_5334.jpgBe careful in summer running, photo by HOKA NAZ Elite

Saturday, July 20, 2019: 50 minute easy run

This is Friday. It is going to be hot as hell across the country this weekend, so, a) hydrate before, during and after, b) wear a hat and light colored clothing, and c)run in the coolest parts of the day, or evening. Be careful! Have fun!

IMG_2691.jpgEnjoy your run, just be careful in the heat, photo by NAZ Elite

Friday, July 19, 2019: 45 minute park run, relaxed

The London Diamond League is one of the finest of the Diamond League Meetings of the season. We will have some fine events! Can not wait to watch the meet this weekend.

Asher_Dina1-Pre19.JPGDina Asher-Smith, photo by PhotoRun.net

Muir_Laura-Stockholm19.jpgLaura Muir, photo by PhotoRun.net

Barshim_MutazR1a-Oslo18.jpgMutaz Barshim, photo by PhotoRun.net

Gebrhiwet_Hagos-Stockholm19.jpgHagos Gebrhewit,10,000m, Stockholm, photo by PhotoRun.net

Gidey_Letesenbet-Pre19.JPGLetsenebet Gidey, 3000m, Nike Pre, photo by PhotoRun.net

The 10,000m that happened last night in Hengelo will change the way the WC 10,000m in Doha. Deepest 10,000m in some time. Please read the story below from the IAAF site.

Fartlek is speed play. It can the most unsophisticated workout or the most sophisticated workout. The beauty of fartlek is that it can work for a younger athlete or an elite athlete.

Brown_CeAiraFHL-Martinez18.jpgCe'Airra Brown takes 2018 Martinez, photo by Kevin Morris

Thursday, July 18, 2019: 60 minute fartlek, 20 times 1 minute hard, one minute easy, 10 minutes easy before and after, keep it good effort

Gidey_Letesenbet-Pre19.JPGLetesebet Gidey takes 10,000m WL, photo by PhotoRun.net

I have been fortunate to be witness to several Ethiopian 10,000m Trials in Hengelo in the past, including the last 10,000m of Haile Gebrselassie. This one, last night, was, as Jon Mulkeen notes, one of the deepest by a single nation ever! Results below.

Take Wednesday easy. Enjoy the run.

IMG_5151.jpgAn easy run, photo by NAZ Elite

Wednesday, July 17, 2019: 45 minute run, relaxed

This is Tuesday. We are going to add some tough mile repeats to the schedule. Find a mile on grass or trail. The goal is to get fit, get used to challenging footing, and run hills. The miles should take six minutes to nine minutes. I recall my coach finding a hilly mile so bad that we could not break 8:30 on it, when we could average 5:20 pace for 5k.

IMG_5330.jpgGet in the hills, photo by NAZ Elite

Hills are the secret sauce of our summer and fall training. They help build your racing fitness. They build endurance and they give you confidence. If you can handle the big hills, you can handle just about anything.

Tuesday, July 16, 2019: 20 minute warm up run, 3 times hilly mile, 5 minute jog between each, 20 minute cooldown

Repost: July 15, 2019

additions and corrections

The Nike Pre Classic was held on June 30, 2019. It was a fun meet and there were some excellent performances. Rai Benjamin blew my mind, his 47.16 shows that the 400m hurdlers in Doha should be a true highpoint. The Nike Pre Classic has the deepest fields of any DL event, year in and year out. For Nike, it is the yearly affirmation of the support that Nike gives to global athletics and a living, breathing legacy to the late Steve Prefontaine, AR holder, 2000m-10,000m, and guiding spirit in the brand's early years.

Here are my five lessons from Stanford, or Pre in Exile.

Benjamin_Rai1-Pre19.JPGRai Benjamin, 47.16 WL, 400m hurdles, 30 June 2019, photo by PhotoRun.net

Lyles_Noah-Lausanne19.jpgNoah Lyles, photo by PhotoRun.net

Making a judicious decison, Noah Lyles and his coach, Lance Brauman, have made the decision not to double at the US Champs in 2019. With such a long career ahead of him, and the original 2019 plan of sticking with the 200m, Lyles confirmed with Reuters that he would focus on the 200m. We at runblogrun applaud that decision.

The Stockholm Bauhaus Meeting has a long, rich history in our sport. For nearly three decades, the same meet director, Rajne Soderberg, managed the meet with the judiciousness of King Solomon. In a bloody coup, Mr. Soderberg was relieved of his duties some years ago. The meeting, quite frankly, has never been the same. This year was probably the best year since Rajne left.

Truth is this: being a meet director is a no win job. One must possess the showmanship,creativity,salesmanship and the belief that you are on a sacred mission. Fred Lebow comes to mind at the NYC Marathon.

The problem is, our sport tends to eat its young, its talented and its obsessed.

20190530_190755_resized.jpgStockholm, May 30, 2019, photo by Stuart Weir

In looking back at the meet this week, here is what I came up with to reconsider:

On a recent episode of Gotta Run with Will, RunBlogRun's Staten Island Editor Jeff Benjamin did an excellent interview of Kerri Gallagher and Matt Centrowitz, the coaches of Manhattan College. The interview is wide ranging and Jeff Benjamin spends much time with both of his guests. We think that you will enjoy the 36:09 minute program.

gallagher and centrowitz .jpgKerri Gallagher and Matt Centrowitz, photo courtesy of Manhattan College/Jeff Benjamin

This is mid July. It is time to begin the serious focus on fall cross country, which begins in six to eight weeks for most of the 550,000-600,000 in high school cross country athletes in the US and Canada. We will provide varied workouts for athletes and gear this to the high school athlete. Many open and college athletes use our programs on a daily basis. Again, we suggest college athletes or advanced high school seniors add a 30-45 minute morning run, 3-5 times a week, and basic core work (bent leg sit ups, push ups, pull ups, start with 5, build up to 25 each, push ups, sit ups, and 10 pull ups, 3x a week).

Crawford_Graham2-Martinez19.jpgGraham Crawford, photo by Kevin Morris

Time to get two pairs of training shoes, one lighter, one heavier, to insure 16-20 weeks of trainers. Check out www.hokaoneone.com and also, we recommend, to see other brands, please check out, www.runningwarehouse.com.

Monday, July 15, 2019: 55 minute park run

DSC_0065.jpgCaterine Ibarguen, TJ on the Harbor, 11 July 2019, photo by E. Fiacre/FMA

DSC_0443.jpgYulimar Rojas, TJ on the Harbor, 11 July 2019, photo by E. Fiacre/FMA

20190711_192432.jpgThe TJ venue, photo by Stuart Weir, 11 July 2019

I remember watching the women's shot put on the harbor a few years ago. It was enjoyable to watch in the harbor in Monte Carlo. In this column, Stuart Weir writes about the amazing TJ competition held on the 11th of July.

The Monaco Herculis Meeting is one of those track meetings that reside in a parallel universe. From Sifan Hassan's WR, to Charlie Grice's 3 second PB, to Sydney Mclaughlin's fine WL at 400m Hurdles, the Stade Louis II delivered.

Here's Justin Lagat with his weekly view from Kenya.

ElBakkali_Soufiane-Monaco18.jpgSoufiane El Bakkali, Monaco 2018, photo by PHotoRun.net

Long runs have been a big part of my life for 45 years. It started with five loops on the DeSmet Campus in Creve Couer, Mo, or running the parking lot of St. Blaise in Bridgeton, Mo for an hour in 1972-73. In San Jose, I would run down the Guadelupe River, with my Bellarmine teammates. We would eat a few strawberrries in the Japanese American farmers fields. Sometimes, the old guys would offer us water, real cold water and it was wonderful, after an hour on the dirt path.

In college, my coach, Dan Durante, found 20 mile runs on runs through ghost towns in the Santa Cruz mountains. On the long ones, Paul Gyorey, aka Geza to me, and I would get into this zone, for the last 35 minutes uphill, and we could just hear each other's breathing, and perhaps the birds on the redwood covered trails.

When my son Adam was small, I would take him out in a baby jogger. The 3 mile woods trail was our home. Near Newark, DE, we would do 12-15 a day, sometimes as much as 22. Adam would fall asleep on the second loop and we would run by foxes, rabbits and deer. One day, our moment of Adam day, a large buck stopped in front of us, looked at Adam, fast asleep, with stick in one hand, apple juice box in other, and came up and smelled the young human. I stood there, knowing that the buck had probably seern use causing a ruckus in his woods for some time. He looked at young Adam, then, me, and walked away regally.

Alexander_ColbyFHL-Martinez18.jpgBreaking the tape, Colby Alexander, photo by Kevin Morris

In San Jose, upon my return, I would walk six miles most days with mry son Adam, Hachi the wunder dog and Sumo, the most loving dog in the world. We would stop at a Starbucks, have a coffee and head on our way.

Now, post heart surgery, I have built back up to 90 minutes to two hours. I love walking along the Rock River, with my ear phones on, no music. I like the sounds of silence. The hawks, the frogs, the bugs.

Last week, on a walk, my brother found a lama on his walk in Warrenton, Mo. I found fellow walkers and runners enduring the humidty.

Moving is good, consider the alternative.

IMG_6999.jpegSifan Hassan, 2017 Millrose Games, photo by Jeff Benjamin

DSC_0065.jpgCaterine Ibarguen was second in TJ, photo by E. Fiacre/FMA for Diamond League

DSC_0479.jpgYulimar Rojas takes the TJ win, photo by E. Fiacre/FMA for Diamond League

Enjoy the complete results for the Monaco Herculis DL, from 12 July 2019...

A fantastic meet with WR Mile of 4:12.33 by Sifan Hassan! EME News gives us an event by event piece update on Monaco Herculis DL!


20190712_190406.jpgStade Louis II, 12 July 2019, photo by Stuart Weir

We paid Stuart double his normal rate to file this piece. He went in depth on the Monaco Herculis DL, and just how hot the meet was in 2019.


Brits in Monaco, oh my!

Stuart Weir notes which Britons appeared in Stade Louis II in Monaco on Friday night. We thank him for finishing this column before his ship set sail back to the British Isles.

20190711_192820.jpgQuick quiz, Which boat is Stuarts'? photo by Stuart Weir

20190712_190406.jpgThe stadium in question, Stade Louis II, photo by Stuart Weir

Weightman_Laura1-Pre19.jpgLaura Weightman sets 3000m PB at Pre! photo by PhotoRun.net

I have to admit. I have enjoyed watching Laura Weightman develop as an athlete. She is the Rodney Dangerfield of British distance running. I am not sure that she gets the respect that she deserves. The two time European bronze medalist at 1,500m (and CG 5000m bronze medalist) is truly fit and wonderfully confident. Here's Stuart Weir's column on the exciting British athlete.

The building of mileage over the summer is not a science, but a bit of art. Finding your right mixture of long runs, hill runs and easy runs take some time. Make sure you get sleep (8-10 hours), hydrate (water, non carbonated drinks, no sugar free drinks), eat well (veggies, legumes, protein source -fish, lean meat, fruit), stretch.

Brown_CeAiraFH-Martinez18.jpgCe'Aira Brown takes the 800m, photo by Kevin Morris

Saturday, July 13, 2019: 45 minute easy run, cooldown

Let's go back to 17 July 2015. I was sitting in Monaco and was enthralled with the Monaco DL. Watching the women's 1,500m was like watching Philip K. Dick novel. The pacemaker had hid the 800m in 2:06 and Dibaba was off! Over the last 700 meters, Genzebe Dibaba put nearly seven seconds on Sifan Hassan, who ran a PB of 3:56.05, which was a big PB, by .85.

The only problem was Genzebe Dibaba ran 3:50.07! The equivalent of a sub 4:09 mile!

Sifan Hassan was inconsolable! How could Genzebe Dibaba defeat her by nearly seven seconds?

Hassan was doing what all athletes do, questioning her training and racing.

I make the point that Hassan's questioning in 2015 was when the mile record became only a matter of time...

IMG_6999.jpegSifan Hassan, 11 February 2017, Millrose Games, photo by Jeff Benjamin

Friday is a 50 minute run in a park. Afterwards, check out the Monaco Herculis Diamond League meet from today! Amazing events!

Brown_CeAiraFHL-Martinez18.jpgCe'Airra Brown, photo by PhotoRun.net

Friday, July 12, 2019: 50 minute park run

Rojas_YulimarPort-Monaco17.jpgYulimar Rojas, photo by PhotoRun.net

At the TJ, held in the Harbour in Monaco, Yulimar Rojas ended the 30 event winning series of Caterine Ibarguen!

OH1_6516_2019071182913124.JPGJimmy Gressier takes U23 10,000m for France, photo by Getty Images for European Athletics

Lyles_NoahR1-Lausanne19.jpgNoah Lyles running 19.50 in Lausanne (5 July), photo by PhotoRun.net

The Monaco Herculis meeting is one of my favorites, and on 12 July it will have some amazing events! This is the event by event preview from EME News.

During the second World War, in neutral Sweden, track and field was kept alive by the epic battles of Arne Andersen and Gundar Haag. They brought the mile WR from 4:06.8 to 4:01.6. Among the workouts that they used was speed-play. In Swedish, it was called fartlek. It can be as sophisticated or un sophisticated as one needs. Todays workout is a Holmer fartlek. You come back in the second half of your run faster than you went out.

Brown_CeAiraLeds-Martinez18.jpgMartinez Classic 2018, Ce'Aira Brown, photo by Kevin Morris

Thursday, July 12, 2019: 50 minute run, go out in 26 minutes, come back in 24 minutes

The Istvan Gyulai Memorial is one of those precious gems of athletics in Central Europe. There are always big sprints and jumps, and the crowd is always rewarded with fine performances! Check out the report below on the meet.

Dibaba_Genzebe1a-Pre19.JPGGenzebe Dibaba, photo by PhotoRun.net

Wednesday is a relaxed run. Enjoy the run.

IMG_4833.jpgRun with your friends, photo by NAZ Elite

Wednesday, July 10, 2019: 60 minute run, relaxed

The Shanghai Diamond League Meeting was held 18 May 2019. In its tenth year, the Shanghai DL celebrates the growth of athletics in China. In just one lifetime, Chinese athletics has gone from participants to having medal challengers in many events. The throws, jumps, sprints, hurdles and relays show China as being competitive globally.

The success of the Shanghai DL? A huge Chinese crowd comes to see their athletes and some of the global stars. And the meeting will only get better. Here's what @runblogrun liked about the second Diamond League meeting of 2019.

Special thanks to The Shoe Addicts Mike Deering on the project management and development of this podcast.

IMG_3844.JPEGShanghai Diamond League, 18 May 2019, photo by Jeff Shaver

Hilly runs are one of the keys to your future success. Hills are the secret sauce of your summer training.

IMG_5274.jpgGetting in some hills, photo by NAZ Elite

Tuesday, July 9, 2019: 50 minute hilly run, with at least 5 hills

Our friend from Catalonia is back, with fantastic results from across Europe. Carles Baronet is providing us the most extensive results from across the European continent. Check out Carles Baronet, at @Trackinsun - http://trackinsun.blogspot.com.

Lisek_PiotrR-Lausanne19.jpgPiotr Lisek, Polish NR, 6.01m, WL, Lausanne, July 5, 2019, photo by PhotoRun.net

This is the second week of the beginning of summer mileage. On Monday, you run 50 minutes in a park. The idea is to give your feet a variety of surfaces to keep them healthy. Run with friends.

hoka-one-one-carbon-x-JIM-WALMSLEY-CARBON-X-SANTA-BARBARA-17.jpgJim Walmsley, 50 mile WR Holder, photo by HOKA ONE ONE

Monday, July 8, 2019: 50 minute park run

Romani_Darlan-Pre19.JPGDarlan Romani, 2019 Pre in Exile (Stanford), photo by PhotoRun.net

Darlan Romani continues his winning ways in Poland, with a street shot against Michal Haratyk. Thanks to EME News.

Stuart wrote this piece as his final for Lausanne. I believe that all coaches should read it.

The Doha 2019/Tokyo 2020 are dangerous seasons. The length of 2019 is as dangerous as the 2020 season is short. Neither developed with the needs of the athlete in mind. This is about federations needing more money to stand out in 21rst century sport. Coaches and athletes have to deal with it. Such is life.

But, in order to excell, one must be wary of the vagaries of each season.

Fraser_ShellyAnnFL-Lausanne19.jpgShelly Ann Fraser-Pryce, photo by PhotoRun.net

Stuart wrote this piece as his final for Lausanne. I believe that all coaches should read it.

The Doha 2019/Tokyo 2020 are dangerous seasons. The length of 2019 is as dangerous as the 2020 season is short. Neither developed with the needs of the athlete in mind. This is about federations needing more money to stand out in 21rst century sport. Coaches and athletes have to deal with it. Such is life.

But, in order to excell, one must be wary of the vagaries of each season.

Fraser_ShellyAnnFL-Lausanne19.jpgShelly Ann Fraser-Pryce, photo by PhotoRun.net

775279465_BL_1522_06BDA0541B8ACDBE5932390D74E6CA15.JPGLaviai Nielson, photo by Getty Images/Glasgow 2019

Stuart Weir wrote this piece on Laviai Nielson, one of the athletes that he has observed develop over her career. This is a piece on how the Briton is developing this season.(Editor apologizes for always bungling Laviai's last name, now corrected).

Williams_JodieFH-Lausanne19.jpgJodie Williams leans at the finish, 5 July 2019, Lausanne DL 200m, photo by PhotoRun.net

Jodie Williams has been one of those British athletes that British and knowing global fans wondered about her whereabouts. This year, Jodie has had some fine racing, including a fine 200m in Lausanne. Stuart Weir, who has known her for ages, writes about this promising young athlete.

In all of his travels, our favorite scribe from Briton, Stuart Weir recognizes all of the Brits who competed in Lausanne. Stuart is a thoughtful man, who loves our sport and throws a bit of humor into the columns too. In the end, our goals are to help your enjoy the sport, and assist you in learning more about the sport.

Asher_Dina1d-Pre19.JPGDina Asher-Smith, photo by PhotoRun.net

The Lausanne Athletissima is always a fun meet. The time of this meet each season always means that there are some fine sprints, field events and distances. Our keen observer, Aptos HS coach Dan Gruber had this to say on his visit to Lausanne: "Crowd was very enthusiastic, full, but not sold out. Very track savvy and knew a great performance when they saw one. They do love their home grown kids and win or lose, they support them. Gatlin endeared himself to the crowd, they cheered and applauded wondrously for him. They were in awe of Noah Lyles on how much he an away from the field. And, of course, Diamond League is very much a matter of pride to host such an event. Fireworks afterward were spectacular, and I don't think anyone left until after the fireworkrsr and presentations."

Gatlin_JustinFH1-Lausanne19.jpgJustin Gatlin takes the 100m in 9.92 in the 2019 Athletissima Lausanne DL, photo by PhotoRun.net

WomensLeadMile-Martinez19.jpgRacing the mile, Martinez Classic 2019, photo by Kevin Morris

The secret sauce in successful distance running is consistency. Keeping long runs as part of your weekly program all year long builds your fitness. They also give you time to access the week and what you want to do in the next week. Enjoy the long run.

Sunday, July 7, 2019: Long run, 60-65 minutes.

M5000-Lausanne19.jpgMen's 5000 meters, photo by PhotoRun.net

Justin Lagat wrote about the distance events at Lausanne DL. In this column, he writes about the 5,000m, 1,500m, and both 800 meters. The Lausanne Meeting had a WL at 1,500m and a very competitive 5000m, plus some confusion by a top athlete with the finish of the 5000m.

The field events in Lausanne hold a special place in my heart. I watched Renaud Lavillenie, Sam Kendricks, Mondo Duplantis and Piotr Lisek battle, two years ago. At the other end of the field, Mariya Lasitskene cleared 2 meters plus.

2019 had Piotr Lisek winning the PV, Mariya Lasitskene taking the HJ and some big jumping in the TJ and LJ!

Stuart Weir covers the field events in this column.

Winners-Lausanne19.jpgThe winners of Lausanne DL, photo by PhotoRun.net

Ingebrigtsen_JacobR-Lausanne19.jpgJakub Ingebrigtsen, Lausanne 2019, photo by PhotoRun.net

Stuart Weir wrote this second piece on the men's distance races, always a high point of the Athletissima. Watch for more of our pieces to come! Lausanne was an excellent meet.

Our friend, Stuart Weir, is back on the road, covering Lausanne, Monaco and London for us. This is his first of several on Lausanne. We enjoy Stuart's commentary on the athletes, many he has followed for many years. We also like his sense of humor, although, I for one, would sure like to see Justin Gatlin over 400 meters!

Gatlin_JustinFL-Lausanne17.jpgJustin Gatlin, from his Lausanne win in 2017, photo by PhotoRun.net

The Nike Pre Classic is one of the best supported events in the world. Nike's top athletes are there to both celebrate the sport and memory of the late Prefontaine, but to show the strength and support of Nike in global athletics.

Big changes afoot in athletics, and David Hunter writes about them below, in a thoughtful interview with Pre Meet Director, Tom Jordan.

This is David's second piece on the 2019 Pre Classic and we thank him, once again, for his insights into the sport and the obvious love he has for global athletics.

Jordan_TomPC-Pre18.JPGTom Jordan, 2018 Pre Classic, photo by PhotoRun.net

The idea behind this program is gradual development. As you get into shape, you get faster, and can handle more workout stress. Enjoy today's 30 minute run.

Beginning summer mileage, week 1.

Saturday, July 6, 2019: 30 minutes easy run

Ford_Robert-Martinez19.jpgRobert Ford, photo by Kevin Morris

We hope all had a good 4th of July. Today is a fifty minute run in a park. Keep the pace easy and enjoy.

Beginning of summer mileage, week 1

Friday, July 5, 2019: 50 minute run in a park

Crawford_Graham2-Martinez19.jpgGraham Crawford, photo by Kevin Morris

The Doha Diamond League took on a bigger role in 2019, as it is both the beginning of 2019 and a chance to see the Khalifa Stadium, which will be the host of the Doha WC (September 26, 2019-October 5, 2019.

The following is my five lessons from the Doha Diamond League. Special thanks to Mike Deering and the Shoe Addicts on constructing the podcast.

I have always enjoyed the Doha DL and, thanks to the host, have visited the event on several occassions. The meet has fantastic performances each year and gives us a chance to see new stars and also those emerging from their Winter coccoons.

2019 is a terribly long season, and this long season will also effect 2020 and the buildup to Tokyo. How will athletes deal with this as they chart out their plans for 2019/2020.

csm_khalifa_stadium_6936d98acf.jpg Khalifa Stadium, Doha, Qatar, photo by LOC

The Athletissiam meeting is one of my favorite events of the year. A fine stadium, excited crowd and fine weather make the meet a big PB night. Watching the Pole Vault at one end of the field and Mariya Lasitskene doing the high jump at the other end of the track. Swiss fans love their athletes so, Lea Sprunger and Selina Buchel, plus the Swiss 4x100m team.

Here's the predictions from EME News on 2019 Athletissima DL!

Duplantis_Mondo-PreC19.JPGMondo Duplantis is on fire! photo by PhotoRun.net

Easy runs are as important as hard runs. Enjoy the 243rd Celebration of our country's Independence. Happy 4th of July!

Crawford_Graham4-Martinez19.jpgGraham Crawford, photo by Kevin Morris

Thursday, July 4, 2019: 45 minutes, easy run in park

The AJC Atlanta Peachtree Road Race is America's road race. On 4 July 2019, the AJC Peachtree will celebrate it's fiftieth anniversary. The fields, for both men and women, are stupendous, and the citizen runners, who still dream of the tshirt given ONLY to those who complete the 10k under sixty minutes, make this a tremendous event.

To see the entire elite fields, please check the release below. The fields are impressive. Good luck to all racing the streets of Atlanta!

Kipruto_RhonexH-Kidney18.JPGRhonex Kipruto, photo by PhotoRun.net

Chemutai_FancyH-BAA10k19.JPGFancy Chemutai, photo by PhotoRun.net

Romanchuk_Daniel-BAA10k19.JPGDaniel Romanchuk, photo by PhotoRun.net

Susannah Scaroni.jpgSusannah Scaroni, photo by PhotoRun.net

A Wednesday run in the park, is a good way to begin the summer training. Enjoy the run, make sure that your shoes are in good shape. If you can, use 2 pairs of training shoes. That's an injury prevention protocal.

Cabral_Donn-Martinez19.jpgDonn Cabral, photo by Kevin Morris

Beginning of summer mileage, Week 1

Wednesday: 60 minutes, hilly run

VanNiekerk_WaydePC-Lausanne17.jpgWayde Van Niekerk, photo by PhotoRun.net

Van Niekerk must postpone come-back
PRETORIA (RSA): World and Olympic 400m champion Wade van Niekerk's training has been set back by up to six weeks due to a new injury. The South African, who made his comeback in February from his autumn 2017 knee injury but has raced only once, is still hopeful of being able to compete at the World Championships. "He had MRI scans which showed the ligaments and meniscus in his (right) knee were fine, but unfortunately he picked up a bone bruise, which has set him back five or six weeks," said his manager Peet van Zyl. Van Niekerk, who said he was pulling out of scheduled Diamond League appearances, said: "It's very disappointing as I probably pushed myself too hard but I'm now working towards the goal patiently and I will review my competition schedule with my team and, with my coach (Ans Botha) we will decide where and when to race."

vanNiekerk-Botha-BosOut17.jpgWayde Van Niekerk and Coach Ans Botha, photo by PhotoRun.net

The summer is just beginning. Keep your running easy. Don't worry about the mile pace, just get moving. Follow our time suggestions and make sure that you hydrate and enjoy the early runs.

IMG_2688.jpgTime to get in your Tuesday run! photo by NAZ Elite

Week 2, Beginning of summer

Tuesday, July 2, 2019: 50 minutes, easy run in park

For 2019, the Nike Pre Classic, now in its' 45th year, moved to Palo Alto, CA. The meet was a huge success, wtih World Leaders, National records, and personal bests galore, and 8,128 fans saw a fine track meet.

David Hunter wrote this piece on the Mixed Zone and the comments from the sport's elite.

Coleman_ChristianPC-Pre19.JPGChristian Coleman, photo by PhotoRun.net

The Pre Classic Meet was held in the confines of Palo Alto. And Stanford's Track Complex played the host. What did we learn? That the US could and should be hosting two DL meets on the West Coast. Stanford is a great place to host a Diamond League meet.

Here's EME News comments on each event!

Lasitksene_Mariya-Pre19.JPGMaria Lasitskene, photo by PhotoRun.net

Romani_Darlan-Pre19.JPGDarlan Romani, photo by PhotoRun.net

The 2019 Prefontaine Classic was one of the finest meets in the event history. It also showed that, as the sponsors have noted before, more DL events can and should be held in North America.

Hassan_SifanFH-PreC19.JPGSifan Hassan made history, photo by PhotoRun.net

The finest event? The women's 3000m was deepest. The most exciting?

Well, the men's 100m and women's 200m were also hot!

Coleman_Christian-Pre19.JPGChristian Coleman, photo by PhotoRun.net

The most telling? Rai Benjamins' 47.16 showed how deep the men's 400m hurdles is in 2019.

Benjamin_Rai1-Pre19.JPGRai Benjamin's 47.16, photo by PhotoRun.net

Justin Lagat wrote this piece on the Pre Classic, held at Stanford University this past weekend. The Pre Classic at Stanford showed that a DL can be held in US outsde of Eugene, and they did it with style.

Here's Justin's thoughts on the distance events in Palo Alto!

Hassan_SifanFH-PreC19.JPGSifan Hassan takes the event of the meet, the women's 3000m, photo by PhotoRun.net

Cross country is one of top five biggest High school sports in U.S. If you run 400m on up, you should run cross country. When the late Bud Winter was at San Jose State, he had his 4x400m running NCAA cross country!

The track season is just over. Time to put in some miles...

IMG_5151.jpgGetting in the miles, photo by NAZ Elite

Beginning the summer, week 1

Monday: 45 minutes, easy run in park

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