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In high school in the 1970s, if you ran cross country, you ran "The Postal". The postal was a team event where you went to the track and ran 2 miles all out, at end of XC season. You would take the average team time and compare to teams all over the world. I did them 2 times in high school, once in college. In high school, I hit 10:52, a big PB for me. In college, I hit 9:51. Back then, South Eugene High school had a team that averaged 8:56!

HOKA ONE ONE brought postals back in 2016, you can find the site at

IMG_5330.jpgSpeed is key and you must develop it with care, photo by NAZ Elite

We are changing workouts a bit this week. We will begin tempo runs today.

Tuesday, Sept 17, 2019 : 20 minute warm up run, 20 minute tempo run, run this 20 minutes on a track or flat road, at 30 seconds per mile above last weeks 5k race pace, 10 minute jog, then, 6 x 300m, cut downs, with each 300m faster than one before, 20 minute cooldown

Monday is funday? What am I thinking? Has your remote advisor/coach/commedian/commentator just had too many cups of Peets coffee? Au contraire, mes amis.

Monday is the beginning of the week, but is also about attitude. The winner of the 1980 Olympic 800m was Steve Ovett. His best distance was the mile and 1,500m, but he could run a 22.8 for 200m and a 1:05 at half marathon. He was a racer. Once, Mr. Ovett was asked if he planned his races. He said no, he did not want to put himself into a box. Racing is fluid, and things change. One must be able to adapt.

Checked your shoes? If you need new ones, check out

IMG_5000.jpgThe solitary morning run is a gift, photo by NAZ Elite

Monday, Sept 16, 2019, 55 - 60 minute park run

My attitude changed in college when I recognized that running was a game. I would still get nervous before races, but I approached them differently. One time, I took off a bit fast, and hit the mile, 2 mile, 3 mile, 4 mile and 5 mile in PBs, finishing the 12k in a big PB. I was pleasantly shocked as I had limited myself to a certian pace and schedule.

Challenge yourself. Know how lucky you are to move, to be alive and to see the sun come up each and every day. r

In high school, my long Sunday uns were 80-90 minutes. In college, I went 18 miles, 20 miles, 22 miles and then, back again. The long runs were a weekly thing, and I obsessed about mileage.

IMG_4945.jpgSunday runs, photo by NAZ Elite

I had built up to 120 miles a week as a junior in high school, and then, after a health scare, stuck at 70 miles and did well my junior year. My improvement in the 2 mile was 90 seconds and in the mile was a minute. I was scoring points on my team, instead of finishing last. In college, my miles built up over 5 years, and I took 3 minutes off my 10k time, 90 seconds off my 5k time and finally went under 10 minutes for two miles. My best event was the hour run, where I went just under 11 mlles in an hour. It was fun, and I found the distance enjoyable.

Long runs are key to your development. Do them, enjoy them.

In my era, we raced prolifically. Most of my high school, 20-25 times a year, and in college and post, 35-40 times a year. Of course, there were the key events (2 x a year, 3-4 weeks), that I always focused on and knew my fitness.

In cross country, I would take 3-4 races to feel good and then, 6-8 events to be in top form. Olympic bronze medalist Bill Dellinger, long time coach at University of Oregon, explained to me one time that we must callous ourselve, in races and not racing. One season, Coach Bill did 3/4 repeats on the sand, on a lonely beach in Alaska, using his fingers to count distance. He broke the 5000m AR later that season.

IMG_5330.jpgGet your miles in, photo by NAZ Elite

All good things take effort, and to cherish the good times, you are going to live through crap. Take a deep breath, and wipe off the tears, and consider the next run.

Saturday, September 16, 2019: 5k hilly race, get the first few races in

2019 Doha WC Diary: Doha News


SP018375.JPGSAFP, photo by Getty Images/ British Athletics

Friday is an easy day. Enjoy the day and enjoy your easy run. Race on Saturday. The season is beginning.

IMG_4945.jpgPutting in the miles, photo by NAZ Elite

Friday, Sept 13: 30-45 minute minute park run, relaxed

20190910_RO4596.jpgJohannes Vetter, photo by Getty Images/ European Athletics

GettyImages-1173150866.jpgOur friends at EME News put this short piece together on the day 2 of the The Match.

The Match, by any standards, was a huge success. The Team Europe and Team USA athletes put their efforts into the meet and the fans loved it. The Dinamo stadium and staff gave The Match the authenticity that was desired and needed. And the event had big crowds, both nights. Belarus proved a worthy host.

Here are six deep thoughts on my An American in Minsk, column, part 2.

GettyImages-1173148031.jpgDinamo National Olympic Stadium, Minsk, Belarus, photo by Getty Images/ European Athletics

20190910_RO4805.jpgMaggie Ewen, took shot put with PB of 19.47m, photo by Getty Images/ European Athletics

oh_22816_20190910105637607.JPGLukas Weisshadinger took the discus for Team Europe, photo by Getty Images/ European Athletics

oh_23493_20190911125153262.JPGYuliva Levchenko, took the high jump with a PB 2.02m, upsetting Mariya Lasitsekene, photo by Getty Images/ European Athletics

20190910_RO4596.jpgJohannes Vetter gets over the 90 meter mark, photo by Getty Images/ European Athletics

This is the piece on day 2 of The Match by USA Track & Field media department. Team Europe won 724.5 to 601.5, with a plethora of field event wins on Day 2. Here is how USATF saw the day.

The fartlek on Thursdays is a big deal. It taxes you, and shows you what you are made of. Take the workout one part at a time.

IMG_5330.jpgGetting in the runs, photo by NaZ Elite

Thursday, September 12, 2019: 80 minute fartlek, 10 x 2 minutes at 5k pace, 2 minute jog, 10 x 1 minute, 5k pace, 1 minute jog, 10 minute warmup up, 10 minute cool down

The ebb and flow of training is good for the body. One must challenge the mortal engine (your body) and then, give it time to rest. The ability to keep consistent training through modern life is an art form. There will also be distractions. In high school, I kept 1-2 workouts most days and did not miss much that I cared about on the social arena. In college, I maintained 2 workouts a day, six days a week (long on Sunday) for six years (that's another story on the college thing, I took a year in a seminary, then, worked in an auto plant).

I am 61 years old today. By the time you see this, I will be on a plane, from Minsk to SFO, writing on The Match, a competition between Team Europe and Team USA challenged each other. It was fun. I have been involved in the sport for 47 years now. I was an athlete, a coach, and now, a sports journalist.

Enjoy the sport, enjoy your friends, enjoy the run, enjoy your life.

images.jpgThe writer in Rio, August 2016, photo by Brian Eder r

oh_29094_20190910112747474.JPGYuliya Levchenko clears 2.02m, photo by Getty Images /European Athletics

This is the day 2 report from the IAAF's Bob Ramsak. We have a paragraph then link to the full piece on the IAAF site. It was a very impressive second day.

Bob Ramsak is a long time friend of the sport. As one of the key players in the IAAF communications department, Bob has written about the sport we love for over two decades. He is also a fine photagrapher. This is his piece on day one of The Match.

Maksim Nedasekau.jpgMaksim Nedasekau, photo by AFP/Getty Images, copyright AFP/Getty

The athlete who trains for middle distance running, long distance running and cross country has their work cut out for them. The body is a mortal engine. Challenge it, it will respond. One winter, I built up to 20 times an 800m uphill twice a week, to build for racing 10,000m. I found myself handling the racing fine, just needing to fine tune with some 200m and 400m speed work.

Cross country is different. In coaching, I found out, with friend and fellow coach, that hills could do many things for the runner. The workout below is what I used to build for my junior year in college ( I cut the repeats down). Hills build strength, speed and focus.

One more thought, have you checked your training shoes? If they need replacement, please check out our sponsor,

Alexander_ColbyFHL-Martinez18.jpgColby Alexander, photo by Kevin Morris

Maksim Nedasekau.jpgMaksim Nedasekau, photo by the IAAF

This is the report by Alfons Juck for EME News on Day 1 of the The Match: Team Europe vs Team USA.

It is Tuesday morning, and I have been up much of the night, posting video and photos. My window is open and I hear the traffic outside the Hotel Minsk, and it comforts me. I can see people heading to work, and the buildings across the street, from the Soviet Union days, have hammersr and sickles. I am in Minsk for The Match, an athletic battle between Team Europe and Team USA. At the end of day one, Team Europe is leading, 328-312. Here are some no order...

frankfurt2.jpgFrankfurt Airport, photo by Larry Eder

The Match has finished its first day. The US is behind sixteen points and will have to rally to take The Match trophy. Big wins by Darrell Hill, Kara Winger, Mike Rodgers, Tori Franklin and both 4x100m relay teams. This is the USATF communications update....



Maksim Nedasekau and Ilya Ivanyuk finished first and second for Team Europe in the men's high jump on the first day of The Match Europe v USA, photo by Getty Images / European Athletics

The first day of The Match: Team Europe VS Team USA was gripping. While the US won more individual events, Europe had the depth, and put more athletes in bigger scoring positions. Day 1 ended, Team Europe with 328 and Team USA with 312. Here is how European Athletics wrote it up.

The NN Running team has some of the finest athletes from Ethiopia, Kenya and Europe on their rosters. From Eliud Kipchoge to Julian Wanders. Herer are some suggestions on how to get more focused on nutrition.

Kipchoge_EluidThumbUp-Berlin18.jpgEliud Kipchoge, Berlin 2018, photo by

Engels_CraigQ-USAo19.JPGCraig Engels, photo by

Reese_Brittney-USAo19.JPGBrittney Reese, photo by

This is the 3/3 podcast building up to The Match, which will be held on 9-10 September 2019. Please enjoy the podcast and thanks to Mike Deering for putting podcast this together.

Engels_CraigQ-USAo19.JPGCraig Engels, photo by

Reese_Brittney-USAo19.JPGBrittney Reese, photo by

This is the 3/3 podcast building up to The Match, which will be held on 9-10 September 2019. Please enjoy the podcast and thanks to Mike Deering for putting podcast this together.

1289162_G08_W01.jpgDinamo National Olympic Stadium, photo by Getty Images

On Monday, Sept 9 and Tuesday Sept 10, our US based viewers can see The Match on NBCN and NBC Sports Gold, 9AM-12 noon Eastern time. You can watch the historic event by streaming (well, except if you are in South America, or New Zealand).

Monday is how you start another week as you build to cross country fitness, just take one day at a time.

Brown_CeAiraFH-Martinez18.jpgCe'Aira Brown took the 800m bronze for Team USA in Minsk, Belarus on 9 September, photo by Kevin Morris (Marrtinez Classic)

Monday, September 10, 2019: 55 - 60 minute park run

This is the opening of The Match Presser. The opening remarks by Sven Arne Hansen, President, European Athletics, Duffy Mahoney, Chief of Sports Performance, USA Track & Field, and Vadim Devyatovsky, Chairman of Belorussian Federation. We broke the comments into 3 sections, and hope you enjoy.

IMG_9310.JPG2019 The Match Presser, photo by Larry Eder

Mariya Lasitskene is the genius of her event, the high jump. Elegant, focused, and extremely competitive, Lasistekene has gone 2.06m this year, and she is without peers, at this time. Can she get the world record? We will just have to wait and see!

Mariya has cleared 2 meters seven times in her ten competitions in 2019. Her best in 2019: A 2.06m on June 20, and a 2.04 on June 30.

Lasitskene_Mariya-Stockholm19.jpgMariya Lasitskene, Lausanne 2019, photo by

Our interview was relaxed, even with Piotr Lisek photo bombing Mariya Lasitsekene and her translator, Elizaveta Gordeevar, the Media director for The Match and the Belarussian Federation.

Simpson_JennyFH1c-5thAve19.JPGJenny Simpson takes 8th Fifth Avenue Mile! photo by

Willis-OHare-ParsonFH1a-5thAve19.JPGNick Willis takes win over Chris O'Hare, photo by

The NYRR Fifth Avenue Mile is an amazing event. It is the actual close, in my mind, of the athletic season. This year, it is being held prior to Doha World Championships (Sept 26-Oct 5). The EME news piece is below:

The story about this meet is fascinating. The discussion began at breakfast in 2015, at the Beijing World Championships, in a discussion with Sven Arne Hansen, Duffy Mahoney, Stephanie Hightower, and Max Siegel. As Duffy notes in the interview, the US said yes, and the development of the event was on! Duffy gives much credit to Belorussian Federation and Europeran Athletics.

aaabc173-ed51-4d2b-8a30-52e57115c082.jpgDuffy Mahoney, photo by USATF

This is a wonderful event for USA Track & Field, as it helps develop athletes, gives them a good pay day and also provides established athletes a good chance to compete.

The last time the event was held was in 1973, in Minsk! The then Soviet Union defeated the USA team. European Athletics and USA Track & Field want to revitalize this event, and so does NBC sports network.

Thanksr again to Duffy Mahoney for his time and candor.

The javelin is one of the most iconic of athletic events. It dates back to the Ancient Greeks. The javelin is a true techinical event. One of the finest javelin throwers in the world is 2016 Olympic Champion Thomas Rohler. Thomas has taken 4th twice in World Championships, and in 2018, he took his first European Athletics Championships.

Rohler_Thomas-Zurich19.jpgThomas Rohler, photo by

Thomas has a PB of 93.90m. He threw that monster in Doha, in 2017, at the Diamond League. I was there. I saw it. I was, well, magnifiscent. He has some amazing athletes that he battles in his own country. He is using The Match to build his focus for Doha. Thomas said that javelin throwing conditions could be challenging in the Dinamo Stadum, on Tuesday, September 10, 2019.

We thank Thomas for his time and interview.

Darrell Hill is a student of the sport. He loves athletics and watches everything on the sport that he can! Eleven competitions in 2019, outdoors, Darrell had his best throw, 22.11 meters, on 26 July in Des Moines, at the US Champs. Darrell Hill was also the 2018 USATF Outdoor Champion, and in 2017, Darrell took the Diamond League title.

Hill_DarrellW1a-USAo19.jpgDarrell Hill, photo by

HIll loves to compete and he gets people excited when he competes. He is using The Match to prepare for Doha, plus to help the USA challenge Europe in the Dinamo Stadium. Darrell will compete on 9 September 2019, at 21:20 local time. We wish him luck.

Kosgei_BrigidFL-Houston19.jpgBrigid Kosgei, photo by

Farah_MoFHL-Pre17.jpgMo Farah, photo by

The Grreat North Run is part of an excellent weekend of athletics sponsored by the Great Run Company, headed by Paul Foster, son of Brendan Foster, founder of said company. They have several events across UK, as well as ownership of iconic media platform, Athletics Weekly. This is EME update on the GNR.

Katerina Stefanidi is one of the finest pole vaulters in the world and a global champion in the event. She's won Olympic, European and World Championship gold. Stefanidi trains in the US, near Akron, Ohio, at the Aspire Academy, with her coach husband. Stefanidi is always good for an interview and comment on the event that she loves, the pole vault.

Stefanidi_EkaterinaH-Monaco18.jpgEkaterina Stefanidi, photo by

A finely honed sense of humor, Katerina knows her event and is focused and competitive. She wanted one more competition prior to Doha, and she is looking forward to getting a good jump in on Monday night. Her pole vault competition begins at 19:00 local time on Monday night, 9 September 2019.

Guliyev_RamilPC-Rome19.jpgRamil Guiliyev, Lausanne, 5 July 2019, photo by

Ramil Guliyev may have surprised many of those in the Olympic stadium in London, when he won the 200 meters in the WC in 2017, but he will not have the element of surprise in 2019. In 2018, Ramil took the European Athletics Outdoor Championship. In 2019, he has been battling Noah Lyles, the prohibiive favorite in Doha 2019. Last weekend, Ramil ran 19.86, a season best, to Noah Lyles' 19.74!

How fit is Ramil Guliyev? Quite fit! He spoke with us on Sunday, 8 September 2019, about the Match, how he races and how ready he will be for Doha.

2019-504.pngThe Match will begin on Monday, 9 September. The facility is fantastic and the athletes are ready. EME News has posted the following updates:

Piotr Lisek is the Polish national record holder, which he set twice in one week. In Lausanne, on 5 July, Piotr went 6.01m. In Monaco, on July 12, Lisek went 6.02m. He has a great physical talent, and a focused pole vaulter, who enjoys battling Sam Kendricks and Mondo Duplantis each meeting. In Torun, Poland, last winter, Lisek and Kendricks reminded this writerr that pole vaulters do not battle each other, they battle the pole vault standard.

Lisek_PiotrR1-Lausanne19.jpgPiotr Lisek, Lausanne, July 5, 2019, photo by

As one of the Match ambassadors, Piotr kept me smiling during the interview. Piotr Lisek will compete on 10 September, at 19:03 local time.

Kamworor_GeoffreyPort1-IAAFgala18.jpgGeoffrey Kamworor, photo by

The Copenhagen WC Half was a huge hit in 2014, with 30,000 athletes, 3 times the previous numbers at Copenhagen Half and Marathon. No more. This event is hot, as EME News updates in the following post!

The long run is a key part of your running week. Get some friends together, find a fun place to run and take off!

IMG_4833.jpgEnjoy the long run, photo by NAZ Elite

Sunday, September 8, 2019: 85-90 minute long run

Brussels.jpgBrussels Diamond League, photo by IAAF Diamond League

The sixteen winners of the 2019 Brussels Diamond League were also given wild cards for the Doha World Championships, Sept 26-Oct 5.


Lomong_LopezFH-USAo19.JPGLopez Lomong, photo by

Kinkaid_Woody-USAout19.jpgWoody Kinkaid, photo by

Centrowitz_MatthewQSt-USAo19.JPGMatthew Centrowitz, photo by

The Bowerman Track Club is hosting a 5,000m race as men hunt for fast times. Check out the release below!

Geoffrey Koech.jpgGeoffrey Koech runs 27:02 at Birell Prague Grand Prix, photo by RunCzech

A very fast Birell Prague Grand Prix on the 7 September 2019. The release below is from the RunCzech meet organizers, where Geoffrey Koech ran 27:02 and two women broke under 30 minutes.

Geoffrey Koech.jpgGeoffrey Koech runs 27:02 at Birell Prague Grand Prix, photo by RunCzech

A very fast Birell Prague Grand Prix on the 7 September 2019. The release below is from the RunCzech meet organizers, where Geoffrey Koech ran 27:02 and two women broke under 30 minutes.

The final championship DL meeting of 2019 happened in Brussels on 6 September 2019. The final sixteen DL champions were named at the Memorial Van Damme.

The complete results are below. Thanks to the IAAF Meetings Results Services, who provide complete results within minutes of the meets ending. It means alot.

Daniel Stahl.jpgDaniel Stahl, photo by IAAF Diamond League

sifan hassan bdl .jpgSifan Hassan, photo by IAAF Diamond League

Dina Asher-Smith.jpgDina Asher-Smith, photo by IAAF Diamond League

Noah Lyles .jpgNoah Lyles, photo by IAAF Diamond League

The final meet of the Diamond League, the Brussels Diamond League is also known as the Memorial Van Damme. The final sixteen champions of the DL 2019 season were named. EME News provided the updates below.

Norman_400mt_ph_colombo.jpgMichael Norman takes the 400m over Fred Kerley, by IAAF Diamond League

Okay, okay. I told you Stuart Weir was doing five stories. but he decided to do one more. This is the sixth piece on the Brussels meet. Enjoy it!

My first cross country race was on 11 September 1972. It was my 14th birthday. I had gone fishing that morning, with my Dad at a pay fishing lake, called Rock Lake, where we had caught big catfish on prior occassions.

The race was two one mile loops around DeSmet Jesuit High campus. In the Varsity race, Paul Heck ran 10:10, I believe. Paul would go on to win the Missouri State title. In the frosh race, I would finish dead last, in 18:11, for two miles. I thought I was going to die.

Brown_CeAiraFHL-Martinez18.jpgTaking a Win, photo by Kevin Morris

I did not win my first cross country race until nine years later, in 1981, when I won a 5.8 mlle event at Almaden Quicksilver Park in San Jose, CA, while running for Santa Clara University. I had run somewhere over 350 races by then. I appreciated that win.

Enjoy your race today.

Saturday, September 7, 2019: 5k hilly race, get the first race in

Brits in Brussels


Katerina Johnson Thompson, picking a javelin, photo by Getty Images/ British Athletics

1169949644.jpgDina Asher-Smith, some big races, photo by Getty Images / British Athletics

In his final piece from lovely Brussels, Stuart Weir used his 5th piece to espouse the success of British athletes. Now, Stuart will take a well earned vacation, and we shall see him in Doha!

Williams_DanielleR-Oslo18.jpgDanielle Williams, photo by

In his 4th article from Brussels, Stuart Weir writes of the magnifiscent Danielle Williams, and how she put the author in his rightful place when he challenged her ( humorously) over 2 PBs in 90 minutes!

Ortega_OrlandoR-Lausanne19.jpgOrlando Ortega, photo by

This is article 3 from Brussels, from Stuart Weir, which is on the 110m hurdles.

CTaylo.jpgChristian Taylor, photo by JP Columbo for IAAF

In his second piece on the Brussels DL, Stuart Weir opines on the Triple Jump, an event rumored to be on the chopping block in the Diamond League.

The second of the DL Champ events was held in Brussels on 6 September, and Stuart Weir was there for RunBlogRun. This is his first piece on the Ivo Van Damme Memorial, always a fine event.

sifan hassan bdl .jpgSifan Hassan takes the 5000m DL, 6 September 2019, photo by Getty Images / IAAF

The Match is coming! On 9-10 September, 2019, the best athletes of Team Europe will battle Team USA in the Dinamo National Olympic Stadium. NBCN and NBC gold will cover the meet, LIVE and show it, 12 noon to 3 pm, Eastern time US, on both the 9th and 10th! The top ambassadors of Team Europe are spoken of on this podcast.

RunBlogRun will provide Live coverage of the event as well. at

1286923_G08_W01.jpgDinamo National Olympic Stadium, Minsk, Belarus

Thanks to Mike Deering on the production of this podcast and EAA on the content.

To learn more, go to www.

Hassan_SifanA-Zurich19.jpgSifan Hassan, photo by

Lyles_NoahFHL-Zurich19.jpgNoah Lyles, photo by

EME News did this preview of the final event of the 2019 Diamond League...

We are in week 10 of the 2019 buildup for Fall 2019 Cross Country. You are beginning to race now, and, with a few races under your belt, you will start getting your racing legs.

IMG_2691.jpgGetting in some miles, photo by

Friday, September 6, 2019 : 30-45 minute minute park run, relaxed

Kiptoo_Mark-Frankfurt18-2.JPGMark Kiptoo, photo by

Mark Kiptoo has been a player at the Mainova Frankfurt Marathon. His World Masters record of 2:07.50 in 2018 was amazing. Can he improve on that time? This release thinks so!

1289080_G08_W01.jpgFernando Caro, photo by Getty Images / European Athletics

This is one of the columns on the The Match (, 9-10 September in Minsk, Belarus.

2019-504.pngThe idea of European Athletics and USATF, the Match is a new version of sports team battles. Take the finest from Europe and the USA and put them in a two day event, seen live in US via NBCN and NBC Gold plus social media by RunBlogRun. The event will take place on 9-10 September 2019 in Minsk, Belarus. Here's the first of 3 podcasts from RunBlogRun and the Shoe Addicts on The Match.

For more info to to


Miller_Shaunae2174b-Zurich19.jpgShaunae Miller-Uibo, photo by

The Zurich meeting was spectacular, as Stuart Weir attests here, and we will look for his comments on Brussels on 6 September.

Thursday is our fartlek day. Fartlek is Swedish for 'speed play'. Truth is, one can get very fit with fartlek. The variety is amazing and the fitness peaks is amazing.

Brown_CeAiraLeds-Martinez18.jpgRacing the 800 meters, photo by Kevin Morris

Thursday: 80 minute fartlek, 10 x 2 minutes at 5k pace, 2 minute jog, 10 x 1 minute, 5k pace, 1 minute jog, 10 minute warmup up, 10 minute cool down

Farah_MoH-PreC16.jpgMo Farah, photo by

LaLova_IvetFL-Euro16.jpgIvet Lalova, photo by

Kolak_Sara-Lausanne19.jpgSara Kolak, photo by

Today is a relaxed day of running. You should be a little tired from your Tuesday workout. Hydrate, stretch, and alway check your shoes for wear. Easier to replace shoes than to sit out with injury, so run smart.

IMG_5275.jpgKellyn Taylor, out on a run, photo by NAZ Elite

Wednesday, September 4, 2019: 30-45 minute run, relaxed

The hilly mile repeats are a great way to get ready for racing!

IMG_5330.jpgTime for hilly miles, photo by NAZ Elite

Tuesday, September 2, 2019: 20 minute warm up run, 3 x mile, hilly, 1/2 mile jog, 8 x 160m stride outs, cooldown

Hassan.jpgSifan has taken the DL 1,500m, can she do the DL 5000m? photo by Getty Images / British Athletics

Some updates on the DL Champs part deux, in Brussels, on 6 September.

Spanovic_Ivana-Rome19.jpgIvana Spanovic, photo by

Ivana Spanovic, 2016 Olympic bronze medalist, two time Wold outdoor bronze medalist and owner of gold, silver and bronze medalsr in world indoor long jumps, has a possible season ending injury per report by EME News. The injury came at the famed ISTAF Berlin on 1 September at the Berlin Olympic stadium.

Spanovic_IvanaPort-IAAFgala18.jpgIvana Spanovic, photo by

Spanovic has been one of the most consistent competitorrs in the Long Jump on the global and European stages. My favorite recollection is Ms. Spanovics's stunning series in Belgrade (Beograd), Serbia on 5 March 2017. Her series of jumps was highlighted by a fine 7.24!

We wish Ivana Spanovic a speedy and full recovery. She is one of the true stars of European Athletics.

IMG-20190829-WA0023.jpgKarsten Warholm, photo by Zurich Weltklasse

Coleman_ChristianPC-Pre18.JPGChrisitan Coleman, photo by

RunBlogRun opines: Christian Coleman is one of the finest athletes in the world. He is a quiet young man, who lets his feet do his talking. And he is just at the cusp of stardom, a fine contract from Nike, which, if one uses past sprinters at his level as guidance, is making a nice mid six figures a year. He has a management team, who, should be managing things like USADA/WADA appearances. Somewhere there was a clusterf#ck. As Let'sRun's Jonathan Gault noted a few weeks ago, and Cathal Denehy said with no euphamisms, how does one miss 3 whereabout tests?

It is an embarrassment. It embarrasses the sport, USATF, the sponsor and most of all, the management team and the athlete. I have had to write about this before. It is not the same as getting a positve. It is, well, stupid.

The sad thing is, no matter what Christian Coleman does, some journalist will pull it up and note that Mr.Coleman screwed the proverbial pooch, to use the vernacular Midwest expression.

I like Christian. The problem is shit happens. The truth is somewhere in between gross negligence and genuine disregard. One hops that the management team makes sure that this does not happen again. Christian Coleman is a fine talent and I would hate to loose him on such a dumb issue.

Cheptegei_JoshuaFH1e-PreC19.jpgJoshua Cheptegai, photo by

One of the finest athletes on the global circuit will take a shot a the 10k WR on December 1, 2019. Details below...

VanNiekerk_WaydePC-Lausanne17.jpgWayde Van Niekerk, photo by

The beauty of our sport is constant. Watch an great athlete competing is life changing. In the 2016 Olympics, Wayde Van Niekerk was with LaShawn Merrit (2008 Olympic champion) and Kirani James (2012 Olympic champion). Over ther last 100m, Van Niekerk moved away from two grand masters of the full lap and set a new WR, 43.03! In 2017, Van Niekerk won the 400m in 43.98, taking the World title one year after the 400m WR.

VanNiekerk_Wayde1a-BosOut17.jpgWayde Van Niekerk, photo by

Van Niekerk injured himself in the fall of 2017 in a rugby match. The big question has been, if the finest 400m runner can regain his form. That is a conundrum. I recall speaking with Wilson Kipketer on his attempt to regain fitness after a bout of malaria. He told me that he rushed it. In the case of Wayde Van Niekerk, it looks like they are taking the cautious approach, and he will miss Doha.

2019 Zurich Diay: Brits in Zurich...


1169949644.jpgDina Asher-Smith, photo by Getty/ British Athletics

Stuart Weir wrote this piece on the Brits success in Zurich, plus the whys and wherefores....

The beginning of the week is always a challlenge. Mondays, especially vexed me. After a long run on Sunday, the run on Monday was all about getting some miles in, keeping it relaxed, and getting the muscle soreness out of the body.

Mondays suck, but today is Labor Day. Enjoy a good run, and maybe check out something on Netflix.

IMG_5000.jpgFind five things you can hear on a run, photo by NAZ Elite

Monday, September 2, 2019 : 55 - 60 minute park run

One of the exciting finds over the past few years in global athletics has been Marie-Jose Ta Lou. Truth is, Marie Jose has been on the scene since 2012, when she took 4th in the African Championships 100m (11.53), 3rd in the 200m (23.44) and 3rd on Ivorian 4x100m team (44.53), in Porto Novo, Benin. In 2019, Marie Jose Ta-Lou has emerged as a key player in the 100m and 200m, on the global stage.

Thanks to Rosa & Associati on their assistance.

TaLou_MarieSF-WORLDSi18.jpgMarie-Jose Ta Lou, photo by

Today is a long run day. Enjoy the run. Find a place that is fun, and get some friends. Remember to hydrate, and check your shoes!

IMG_5076.jpgKellyn Taylor, Grandma's Marathon course holder, photo by NAZ Elite

Sunday, September 1, 2019: 80-85 minute long run

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